Which are the 10 best shoe stretchers in Canada, USA and the UK?

Best Shoe Stretcher Canada- In North America and United Kingdom many folks are looking for the best shoe stretchers to make their shoes super comfy. There are plenty of good stretchers on the market today. In fact, its shoe market is one of the richest in the world. As such, you will find plenty of quality shoe stretchers in Canada and here in the USA as well. And among all of them, here listed are the 10 best ones and also a link to the best prices on the internet. We did all the work so you don’t have to, So Buy One Now!

All the best shoe stretchers Canada, USA and the UK have to offer!

rp_best-shoe-stretching-site-in-Jacksonville-Florida-150x150.jpgProfessional 2 Way Shoe Stretcher – For Men and Women

If you have a full pair of feet, then this is one stretcher that you must get for yourself. One of the best aspects of this stretcher is the fact that it has 3 plugs for the bunion areas. Another good thing is the fact that it can be used for stretching both the right and the left shoe. On top of that, it is a 2-way stretcher, meaning it can stretch the shoe both lengthwise as well as breadth-wise.

TheBest shoe stretching site in Seattle Washington EXAMPLE 3 Shopkeeper Stretcher ( Spray Combo) Width Only – For Men and Women

This one can be used for both men’s as well as women’s shoes. As you have already noticed, it comes in a combo pack along with a spray. This is great because using the spray beforehand allows for better stretching of the shoe overall. It works best with leather and other soft materials. Not only that, you can use this shoe stretcher on both the right and left shoe. Also available in men’s shoes sizes 12-14.

Women’s Premium Stretchers

Pair of Large 3 to 6 Inches Footfitter High Heel Shoe StretchersPremium High Heel Shoe Stretcher

This is pretty similar to the one mentioned just above. However, this is the high heel variant and is thus used for stretching out high heels for women. This is best used for those who want to stretch out the toes portions of their heels. It is a perfect fit for heels that are within the range of 3 to 6 inches. Using a liquid stretcher alongside is also highly recommended.

footfitter 1.5 inches to 4 inches high heels shoe stretcher example 21Best Medium High Heel Shoe Stretcher

Another one of the best shoe stretcher is the Foot-Fitter Medium. It is entirely made of hardwood and thus has a high durability. As far as sizing is concerned, it is best suited for heels that are sized in between 1.5 to 4 inches. The great thing about this product is that it can be used for either pair along with the fact that it has 2 relief plugs for pressure.

These stretchers are for the ladies out there. They can be used for dress shoes, heels, sneakers, flats and pretty much anything you want. Made completely of high quality wood. These stretchers helps maintain the shape of the shoe and make it more comfortable. Because of its material, it naturally deals with any foul odor inside the shoe.

boot calf stretcherCast Boot Shaft, Instep and Vamp Stretcher

If you have any boots which are extremely tight fitting, then this stretcher is pretty much perfect for you. Because it is made of aluminum, it can stretch even the most un-stretchable parts of the shoe with relative ease. It also features some screw mechanisms to allow you to apply just the correct pressure on the boots.

The women’s boot stretcherProfessional Western Cowboy Instep Stretcher

Another exquisite shoe stretcher is the Professional Cowboy Instep Stretcher. While cowboy boots are more of a western thing than something prevalent in the US, this stretcher is still excellent due to all of the qualities it possesses. It helps relieve pain in the tightest areas of the boot and is available for both men as well as women.

The Best Shoe Stretcher for Men and Women

Just like the product mentioned above, this one is also made out of wood. As such, it keeps the shoe in great shape in terms of smell. It comes with a slider plate that has a split toe design which is also adjustable in nature. As such, it is perfect for those who have wider feet than normal. However, it is sold in pairs and available for men only.

footfitter premium professional boot stretcher example 1 Premium Boot Stretcher for Men and Women Shoes

If you like wearing dress boots or the ones used for hiking or just everyday work boots, then this is the boot stretcher for you. Wearing tight boots can and will make your feet numb over time. As such, it is mandatory that you stretch them out from time to time. Using a liquid stretcher spray alongside this product is also highly recommended.

which boot stretchers work better on steel toe work boots ex 1Men’s Mallory Toe Stretcher, best for Men’s Boots and Steel Toe Shoes

This is one those metal stretchers in the market that you have probably heard of so often. If you have any steel toed shoes which do not fit you correctly, then this is definitely the product for you. Unfortunately, this product is available only for men. Because of its aluminium-made nature, it is very durable and is very efficient in terms of performance.

tofl-toe-box-raiserThe Toe Box Lifter – For Men’s and Women’s Shoes

It is specially designed to make sure that you get more room in your shoe in the toe regions. Made completely out of heavy duty metal, it also features a locking mechanism which allows for even better stretching. Not only that, it is capable of lifting as much as 2 inches as well.

tofl-shoe-instep-raiserThe Vamp Premium Instep Stretcher for Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Last but not the least; you have the Vamp Instep Stretcher. This is best used for shoes and sneakers for both men as well as women. This stretcher is most suitable for those who have high arches since getting the top part of the shoe stretched is very easy using this product. No wonder it is one of the best shoe stretchers on the market.

Have you selected the best shoe stretcher  Canada to make your shoe comfy?

Here you go. This is a MUST-HAVE list of the best shoe stretcher Canada, which are highest of quality  that you can buy on the market today. However, do make sure you buy a shoe stretcher spray along with your shoe stretching tool to get fast but gentle stretching. Buy One Now! shoe stretcher canada