Tips for Stretching your Boots with a Footfitter Boot Calf Stretcher!

If you have bought a new pair of boots and the calf area or instep fitting a little tight, you should read these simple tips. We will show you a must have device for big calf.  You can try some of these stretching techniques or just buy the best stretcher for the shaft  area- Footfitter boot calf stretcher for a sure winning outlet. This article shows you a few tips on stretching that will increase your knowledge on stretching. It happens quite often that over time, your trustworthy boots shrunk. However, you can now stretch them to its original condition. You can use a calf boot stretcher, or you can even use some of the tips given below.boot calf stretcher

FootFitter Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher

A #1 MUST-HAVE for wide calf, The Footfitter Instep and Shaft Stretcher is a professional device used to stretch the instep and the calf area of your boots. It gradually stretches the boot shaft and instep to relieve tightness around the calf area of the boot. The Footfitter Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Stretcher has a mechanism which allows for gentle stretching the instep or the shaft of your boots. It also works on Western, Work, and Riding boots, This heavy duty stretcher will last you through the years and will fit most boots.

Commercial boot stretch spray

We recommend using a boot stretch spray along with your device for fast but gentle stretching. This is another way to help stretching your shoes. Remember, to buy an appropriate spray for the job. Make sure to read the label well. Certain stretching sprays are not suitable for all leathers. Thus, use specific sprays only. Follow the instructions well before you use it on your boot.

The next step would be to test the spray. Test it on a thick portion of your boot. For example, the bottom or the top of the leather. Performing this test might save your shoe from getting a huge stain. Now, if everything seems right then apply it to the calf region, rub the area with a soft cloth. Let the material absorb the liquid for around 30 seconds. After doing this, put on the shoe as fast as possible. This will maximize the boots to the greatest extent.

How to stretch boot shaft with boot calf stretcher? 

Having your shoes too tight indefinitely has been the major issue in today’s era. Thus come let’s tell you how you could save your shoes with these boot calf stretcher. After seeing this, it would be your first question to rise that what exactly the term calf stretcher describes. Basically, a boot stretcher is a form of the device meant for restoring the shape of your shoes at times when required. Thus eventually it has been the best way to protect your boots from the development of any crease. Now let’s go through and watch how this happens!

In today’s era technology has eventually made various techniques of making your works easier. So are these work of making your boots stretched been introduced. Basically, this has been a self-oriented work that can be done without any external source of the idea. At times usually, people remain unaware of their actions and how to retain their boots quality. Thus at this time stretchers of boot cab be very helpful for them at their own home. So now explore what this term describes in further detailed!

Describe the boot calf stretcher:

Today large sized boots are a part of style and contemporary world. Thus a regular usage of boots may eventually reduce Today large sized boots are a part of style and the modern world. Thus a proper usage of boots may ultimately lessen the occurrence of the crease over your favorite pair of boots. Materials being used for the manufacturing of boots are typically rigid and so crease being formed over them are quite stiff, and it may get difficult for you to clear them off. In order to help you out in the best possible way, an individual device has been launched. Probably this device has been a boot calf stretcher for supporting you. It genuinely keeps your boots intact overnight and leaves them as they were when bought.

But the thing is that you need to use various techniques of stretching your boots to get the desired results. You just need to keep your boots intact in that stretcher overnight and then after that your desired results will flash early in the morning with satisfying results for you. So if you haven’t tried them out then do it today to get the results to the fullest! But today officially the designs of boots have been widened over time. Thus maintain such boots with typical designs would be a difficult job.

Also in such a model the risk of crease increases as you use them. Thus this requires a considerable attention. But certainly, this could be possible only when you use the best ways of doing so.

How could you stretch your boots?

Probably for stretching your boots there are quite a number of ways to be followed, but only a few of them may eventually prove to be beneficial at times. You might be thinking what are those steps? So now let’s have a glance at them:

  • Go visit any store to get your boots being stretched. It’s easier to reach smaller sized boots at home, but probably larger sized boots would be difficult to extend thus at such time you might require a store for help. Store based boot stretchers are quite relevant to use. Stores people take care of your boots with all deeds and produces the results suitably without giving any harm to them.
  • You might even go for a cobbler or any boot repairing shops. Usually, cobblers are quite experienced for such work, and so they perform quality of work for you, and you get what you desire. Cobblers may use the varied form of stretchings like heating effect, a spray method, or stretcher used for stretching boots.
  • Sometimes you could even make use of DIY for your stretchers and make them work out even in a better way. In this type of method suitably a liquid form of boot stretcher is used along with the support of a thick pair of socks. This will loosen up the area of your boots calf’s and make them free.
  • Put those boot shaft stretcher on your boots and leave them overnights for quietly reshaping of your shoes.
  • You can even ask a professional people to help your boots regain their suitable structure by neglecting the creases. They just keep your boots intact overnight and later it automatically reforms to its original.
  • You can even make usage of boot bands this would provide an additional zip structure to your boots and will make them suitably widened with extra space in order to make them properly carry while you walk and prevent your calf’s crease.

Thus all such steps would pleasantly help you out to make your uncomfortable boots fit in your legs properly and enhance your fashion. But you might be thinking that whether this would be costly or not! But properly it might depend on upon the type that you choose to make your boots stretched. Overall using these techniques is reasonable and can be afforded by one.

Features of boot calf stretcher:

Basically for buying a best suitable boot calf stretcher it’s important for you to have a look through its extensive features that has been enhancing customers over years. So here are some of them for you!

  1. Basically, the construction of this boot stretcher has been done with the cast aluminum both from inside and outside. Thus it gives your boots a protection and helps them to be stiff.
  2. It produces tightness to your boots both from inside and outer shafts.
  3. The most interesting feature of this boot stretcher is that it works suitably over any type of boots is it a western boot, working boots or even a riding boots. This depends on upon which you are using them.
  4. There is no such measurement for any particular boots rather it works for any type of boots being used by the user. Thus its designing is made widely suitable for any types.

Thus if you really want them to be used suitably by you at times and help you by your side then do get your own personal boot stretchers today. Boot stretchers, though, on the one hand, may benefit you with the suitable high-quality services and also can be used for the cowboy boots. Usually, the leather of your boots is being stretched out to give them shape from heel up to the toes.

Apart from these even some boot stretchers exists which allows the boots to be stretched only from the front side stretching towards the back side. If certainly, you would require some more space in your shoes then this method cannot be adapted to get that stretch which you desired to have. Eventually, for a better-stretched way of boots, you can just adjust ways of doing the spray method for your boots. This has been a best effective way till date being sued over a broad scale. Such features have eventually been talked of to make you aware of its benefits and how to use them when they are needed.

Use the heat and steam method:

Basically, this has been another method used for stretching the cowboy boots at times. Thus you might be thinking how they work. Then let’s take a look. Probably in this type of technique eventually the stretching technique is followed using a heating effect. Firstly the boots are being heated and then users are made to walk wearing those heated shoes in order to give them shape and remove creases from them. Often people think this to be risky for the leather. But trust it’s going to be less dangerous but quite fruitful for your boots.

But remember this could turn out to be the higher effect if you bring the heat source enough closer to your boots. Try heating them but maintaining a certain distance. At this stage of heating effect, the moist surface of heat makes the leather quite lose, and they start taking whatever shape you provide them with.

Probably this method at times could even be used at home too. You can just place your pair of boots over a suitable pot containing the boiling water. But be careful such that your boots do not get wet. Thus following all such heat-related effects may eventually make your shoes stretched out and attain suitable form. Thus use your own way that suits you the best!

Which method is recommended more suitable?

Let’s help you out with your issue of boot calf stretcher with just a few steps ahead! Come start your walk today! Wear your boots and walk today to make your boots stretched out naturally as whenever you take a twist and turn. Walking in your new cowboy boots would suitably help them stretch with the steaming effect produced naturally by your walking. Thus this has been used as a very effective way of making your boots stretched.

It may happen that some people may eventually feel discomfort in their boots even after being stretched. This happens genuinely because of the wrong size pair of boots being worn by them. Thus watch before you purchase your boots and get the right choice for yourself. Thus everything depends upon your selection of boots so make them suitable! Try a different pair of boots and see which fits in with a comfort and which distracts you. Then this will let you wear the best calf boots, and also you should take care at times in order to avoid crease occurrence.

See how cowboy boots fit you:

Today eventually a broad group of such boots companies has been opened across. Thus they have even produced their suitable forms and designs of boots for their customers. But making a choice from among those groups usually, gets complicated for people. But probably the productions of such boots have remained a mystery for years. This cannot be understood in an unusual manner. The size of feet’s for all people is different. Thus you should choose that boot which fits in your feet’s easily without any extra pressure.

Eventually, at some time even the weather might also affect this issue of size for people. The leather finally goes on contracting and relaxing in this month of rain or winters. Thus season to change the boots shapes. So try out and see whether it’s for weather or for your size. Thus this will reduce the effect of the crease. A best fitting boot is one that restricts the smooth motion of your feet inside the shafts of your boots and makes you feel relaxed. Eventually, the boot may also contain heels, so it depends on you how you carry them out.

Summary of boot calf stretcher:

Thus this might be quite clear for you that what exactly a boot stretcher means. Inexact term, it has been a form of device used for helping people in correcting their issues of boots deformations. Distortion occurs usually when people wear the different size of boots and at various times. Eventually, these boot calf stretcher have overflown the markets with their great deeds and has also acted as professional stretchers that usually cannot be found by some other usual techniques.

At the beginning though the price may look a bit high to you if you are a new user. But as the times passes it will be the same for you to enjoy their benefits. Certainly, the price may not harm you much. Thus do get this pair of boot’s stretchers with the solid metal designing today!

Basically, such boots are used by the riders, or rather say, cowboys. Thus their shapes differ from the standard boots with shafts and with no lacing. If you really have your boots and want those to look right just like when they were bought then do buy boot stretchers. Thus this classically styled boots needs a lot of maintenance at times. So make use of boot calf stretcher today to make your boots retain their shapes.

Boot Freezing technique

Take a plastic of reasonable size and fill it in half. Seal the plastic, make sure to remove the air from plastic before sealing. The easiest place to keep the plastic would be in the toe region. However, if you need to enlarge the calf portion of your boot then place a few balls or crumble of newspaper and then gently put the plastic with water in the calf area. The paper makes sure that the bag does not slip down to the foot.

Make sure that it stretches the sided consistently. Now, keep the system in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Over time, the water will expand and so will the leather of your shoe. Make sure that before you pull out the plastic bag, you thaw the ice.

The heating technique

For this technique, you will have to pit on the thickest socks, but if you do not have thick socks, just put on three to four socks on. Now, put on the boots. It might be a bit uncomfortable. However if it is too uneasy, you can always use the boot calf stretcher. Use the hair dryer to heat the calf portion for 30 seconds at least. All this heating will stretch out the leather. You will have to keep on the boots until it cools down. Or else it will shrink all over again.

The alcohol technique

Rub alcohol on the boots. Try not to use a high concentration alcohol on the boots because it might harm the shoes. Slip your boots on and let the leather soak the alcohol. Remember to continue rubbing the same as you spray it. Keep the boots on your feet for a few hours. Remove them slowly. Keep the boots undisturbed for few hours. By then you will see that your boots have remarkably stretched.

Efficient ways of Boot calf stretcher

This is one of the most effective means of stretching boots. The stretcher is designed in such a manner so that it stretches the shoe evenly throughout. You need a boot stretcher to stretch out the foot portion the boots and a calf stretcher that will stretch the calf portion.

Is a boot calf stretcher similar to a boot stretcher?

If you think that a boot shalf stretcher and a shoe stretcher is same, then you are completely wrong. The difference is that the boot stretcher has a log handle that allows the stretching mechanism quite simple in long boots. However, if the boots are of ankle length, then you can easily stretch it with the help of a boot stretcher.

Steps for using a boot calf stretcher

Position the wooden wedge of the boot stretcher I the foot portion of the foot. Just make sure that the long handle stretches out so that you can reach it and turn it without having any difficulty. The second step would be to open the wedge. For doing this, you have to convert the handle so that it opens up. The screw should push the wedge to open; this will eventually expand the toe are. The key to stretch is that you will have to let the leather sit for a few minutes before removing the stretcher.

For the calf portion

The next step would be to stretch the calf area. All you have to do is, slip your boots onto the calf stretcher so that the entire calf portion sits on it. Stop inserting the stretcher just above the ankles. Turn the wedge to open it up. Make sure that you do not affect the foot area of your boot. Open up the device as far as possible. However, do not make it too loose which might make it uncomfortable to wear.

Benefits of stretching

Some people might think that stretching shoes are useless. However, for some people, a particular pair of shoes might be too favorite of theirs. Thus, for them fitting into those shoes is crucial. Stretching increases the flexibility of boots. This, in turn, improves the athletic posture. It even reduces the risk of injury due to the movement of muscles. Moreover, it improves the blood flow in some areas very well.

Safe stretch

However, pulling the boots incorrectly can have several adverse effects as well. Therefore, you must do it properly. Overstretching can cause harm to your toes.

Therefore you should never wear shoes that are too tight for you. Do implement the above tips for your boots and you will be amazed at the results. Therefore, the best decision would be to use a boot calf stretcher which is designed to stretch those boots until you are comfortable.