How do you stretch shoes using home remedies?

If your favorite shoe is hurting you? Then you must find out some way of How do you stretch shoes. It is quite simple, and can be done on any type of shoes. There are home remedies as well as professional techniques to stretch out your do you stretch shoes

How to stretch shoes using home remedies?

There are different reasons of why you should stretch your shoes. The first case is that it is very painful to wear a tight pair of shoe. This can hurt you in different ways. There can be scars and blisters on the side of your feet or on the back of your toes. These scars and blisters are very painful and may go worse with time.

If the length of the shoe is smaller than your feet, then you will have to curve your feet inward. This can put stress on your ligaments. Thousands of people get a severe leg pain when they wake up in the morning. This is very common for girls, who regularly wears the poor quality high heels every day.

Other than these, a branded leather shoe can cost your one month earning. You just can’t throw away the shoe because they are smaller than your feet. Leather have an inherent property to shrink. Simple tricks can make your shoe new. When you know How to stretch shoes, you can save a lot of bucks.

How do you stretch shoes from home?

It really hurts you when you find your favourite pair of shoe is getting smaller. But don’t worry, once you learn How do you stretch shoes you can fit your feet in any type of shoe. Some of the commonly used techniques are discussed below

  • If you have a new pair of shoe, you can wear it all-time in your home so as to fit the shoe according to your size. Wear shocks, or ankle guard so that the new shoe doesn’t hurt you.
  • If you have leather boots, then you can expand it using your hair dryer. All you have to do is to find out the thickest pair of your shocks and wear it. Then put on the shoe and blow hot air to those parts where you find it tight. Then cool it down for about half an hour. Once it is cooled, repeat the process again with thinner socks or stockings. Then apply some leather conditioner, so as to moisturize it. This process works a miracle on leather shoes.
  • The other thing which you can do is that stress your shoes using your shocks. Collect some shocks and roll them into balls, then stuff the balls into your shoe, make sure it is totally full. You will surely find some difference next morning.
  • You can freeze your shoes to expand it. Just find two zipper bag and half fill it with water. Then put your shoes into the freezer. Let the water freeze, or you can keep it overnight. Then take out the shoes in the morning and keep it like that for 15 to 20 minutes. When you wear the shoe next time, you will definitely find it larger. But, don’t apply this process for expensive shoes.
  • You can wet some newspaper or your shocks and stuff it in your shoe. Just leave the shoes overnight or maybe longer, until they are dry. When you remove the paper, you will find more room for your feet’s. This process is best for running to stretch shoes
  • How to stretch shoes using other method, Another age old technique of how to stretch shoes is to stuff potato. Just peel a big potato and stuff it inside your shoe for overnight.


How to stretch shoes using shoe stretcher?

One of the traditional methods of stretching shoes is to use a shoe stretcher or shoe tree. If you are having a lot of leather shoe or expensive shoes, then these home remedies can destroy it. Leather have a shrinking property, so the best solution is to use a shoe stretcher. They are available online as well as in stores. Not only leather they can be utilized for any kind of shoe. You will just have to insert the shoe tree for overnight and the next morning you will find the difference.

The shoe stretcher can be adjusted according to the size of your feet. You will find some shoe stretcher have many holes all over its body. There are buttons which can be attached into these holes. These buttons can stress certain point of your shoe where it is hurting you the most. Using shoe stretching spray with the shoe stretcher can produce the maximum benefit.

What are the types of shoe stretcher?

There are different types of shoe stretcher. Based on the material, they are of three kinds, wood, plastic and metallic. All of them are made for the sole purpose of maintaining the shape of your shoe. The wooden or cedar shoe tree is very popular. They can absorb the foul smell, which occurs in your shoes due to perspiration of your feet. The plastic ones are cheaper excellent for traveling purpose. The metallic shoe stretcher is single units that mean one shoe stretcher can be used for both pairs of shoes.

The metallic shoe stretcher comes in different varieties. Some are boot stretcher; some are wedge stretcher and much more. They can be used to increase length breadth and height of your to stretch shoes

how to stretch shoes, Conclusion

All the above process can be tried out with no difficulty. But if it fails you can take it to a cobbler or the shop where you purchased the shoe to stress it out. There are different types of chemicals which claim to confirm your shoes. When you buy shoes, ask the shopkeeper whether you can use those chemicals or not. If the brand doesn’t allow to use those, then just find out the correct size of your feet by trial while buying. All these methods of How do you stretch shoes will definitely help you in the day to day life.