How to Stretch Boot Shaft without any Professional Knowledge?

If you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft, then you should try any easy guide which is available on the internet. You have to take the measurements before you start anything. It is always recommended to measure the upper calf and shaft prior to anything. After that, you can measure the distance between arch and outsole of the boots. There are many stretchers available on the internet, and you have to choose the right one according to the measurement.How to stretch boot shaft? boot calf stretcher and best boot shaft stretcher

Best Boot Calf Stretchers

Do you need any alcohol for stretching?

If you don’t have how to stretch boot shaft, then you may try the mixture of alcohol and water to stretch the leather. At first, you have to mix the same properly then you have to spray it lightly inside the boots. After that, you should allow it to expand. It is quite hard to find boots with the large shaft.

Usually, a shoemaker uses this mixture to stretch the leather boots with the help of alcohol and water mixture. It will take some time to expand the leather so you have to be patients. You can follow the same process to bring a nice stretch into the boots. You can easily wear your expensive boots after the stretching. The boots may not fit well which are bought more than 6 month age because of the small shaft.

  • At first, you have to measure the size of the boot properly after that you can use the right stretcher. You may use a tape to take the right measurement.
  • You have to lock the stretcher inside the boot and apply some stretch outside of the boot.
  • It will be better if you keep the boot like this overnight; this will give you best results.
  • There are many rain boots which are famous for large calves.
  • You should buy that stretcher which can be used for any sized boots.

How to stretch boot shaftHow to stretch boot shaft without any struggling?

If you are struggling to find large shaft boots, then you should ask for help in the social networking sites, or you can try the stretchers to make it big. There are no huge collections of boots in the online and offline retail store that is why it is hard. So you have only one way which is stretching. You may follow the alternative method will does not involve any kind of hard work.

  • At first, you should prepare the mixture by mixing alcohol and water.
  • After that, you can spray the mixture on the hard leather. It will make the hard portion of leather into a soft one.
  • When it is done, you can wear the same until it becomes dry.

There are many users who also claimed that there are some risks which might damage the leather, and it might become tighten after some days. However, there are no proofs so you can freely try the same. If you are fed up with this technique, then you should try to search the web by typing ‘how to stretch boot shaft’, or you can buy a new pair of boot.

How to stretch boot shaft without spending the extra money?

It might be very painful to wear tight boots; in the case of zippers, you may not able to fully cover the zippers. You may bring the boots to a cobbler to fix the boots, but it might be an expensive alternative. There are many ways to which you can stretch your boots without using any expensive alternative. You may consider the following factors before you buy any boot.

  • You should buy those shoes which have big calves and shaft.
  • It will be better if you buy those boots which do not have zips.
  • You might try ankle socks this can be very helpful.

How to stretch boot shaft which is made out of leather?

You should take some time to plan the stretching. The leather boots can be stretched easily while the non-leather boots may not be stretchable as good as the leather. If you apply some extra pressure or stretch, then it might damage the fabric. When you are going to stretch the leather for the first time, you have to wait for a long time because leather fabric takes very long time.

If you are searching for the answer on ‘how to stretch boot shaft’ then you might discover some alternative methods which are very useful. You can wear the boots along with the jeans after having a stretch on the shaft. A cobbler can easily make a comfortable size out of the uncomfortable size because he has the right tools. If you fail to find any store, then you can try online and local stores.

What are the alternative ways to stretch the boots when you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft?

  • It is not recommended to use the alcohol on the leather because it might wash out the colour. Sometimes the alcohol method is not that useful.
  • You can use a blower, hairdryer or any heating tools by which you can apply some heat to the leather. As soon as heat is applied, you can put something inside the boot to expand it.
  • The best way to expand the boot by using a boot stretcher. There is some advance spring loaded mechanism which is very handy when it comes to applying stretch.

If you already used the alcohol in the boots then you should keep the same in the ventilated area, you should avoid the direct sunlight or heat. The alcohol might bring some smells that are why you should keep it in the open space. The boots will take some time for the new shape while the alcohol will not take too much time to wipe.

When everything is done, you should remove the materials from the boots. After that you can try the boots if it does not fits properly then you have to repeat the same process for several times. However, it should work within three times otherwise you should not use this method.

Why a cobbler cannot fix the zippers boots?

The cobbler cannot help for the boots which do have zip. If you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft, then you can take the same to the cobbler. One the experts can extend the zipped boots. A cobbler may use the advanced stretching tools to bring a nice stretch. A cobbler cannot fix those boots which are older than six years. However, he can make additional 2-inch space in the boots with the help of the boot calf stretchers.

If you want to stretch the boots, then you should try the same with toe stretcher because it is the right equipment by which you can apply the right amount of stretch in the boot. However, you should be careful when you are going to apply stretch using a boot stretcher. Extra pressure might damage the boot. The pressure is determined by the size of the boot. You can easily stretch your boot by 0.5 inches.

How to stretch boot shaft by adding a panel for best fitting?

If you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft then you can ask the salesman or shoemaker, he will suggest you get a panel in the boot by doing this you can have the best fit. However, this can be possible when you have large boots in the case of the small one you have to stretch the boots.

A cobbler might charge you additional 30 to 50 dollars for the stretching process per pair of boots. It will be better if you buy the right equipment by which you can easily stretch many shoes without any problem. There are many websites where you can buy the stretchers to extend the shaft of the boots. The boot shaft stretchers are available for 70 dollars in the online store. You should consider the following things before you buy the stretcher.

  • The M stands for medium size. Those shaft stretchers which are coming with M sticker can be used on medium sized boots.
  • The W stands for Wide Width foot.
  • In the case of WW, it refers Extra Wide Width foots.
  • There are some stretchers which are suitable for the all sized boots.
  • You should buy those boots which have an 18-inch diameter.

How to stretch boot shaft from a cobbler?

There are many clobbers that do not have the right equipment for the boots that is why you have to experience the stiffness even after the stretching. You may ask your friends or try a decent Google search to find the reputed local cobbler. It is quite hard to find the right cobber with right equipment; however, you can read the reviews of the customers to get an idea.

Those boots which are made out of leather, but there are some plastic coating you cannot expand the same because the pressure might damage the fabric of the leather as well as plastic coating. If there is any crack during the stretching, then it might look very bad. That is why you should use the right amount of stretch to avoid such damage.

Do you want to use the alternative method when you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft?

There is a conventional method by which you can stretch the shaft easily. You need a bathtub for that. You have to put on the boots tightly without breaking anything. After that you can add some warm water into the tub then you have to lie down for some time. When the socks soak the warm water, then you should come out of the water. You may follow the following steps to get the best results.

  • You should stand up and roam around by the boots for the entire day.
  • You should tighten the laces when necessary.
  • The warm water will make the leather soft, and your leg will prevent the soft leather to get the previous size.
  • To get the best results, you should use elastic laces instead of normal laces.

What does the expert suggest when you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft?

Cesar is known as Shoemaker since 1976 that is why they have the best knowledge about the boots. The company has become an icon in the New York for breaking the record of the shoes for more than 38 years. You may visit the store to collect some suggestion regarding the shaft. They might give you some traditional suggestion as well as new suggestions which are extremely handy.

If you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft, then you should try to mold the leather in the boots. You can mould the leather by using the bathtub method. When it becomes dry, the leather will take the new shape. The stretcher equipment does not come with any instruction or manual. The stretcher is the best way by which you can easily expand the size of the boots to make it comfortable.

How to stretch boot shaft with a new stretcher?

The stretcher machines are made with cast Aluminum that is why it lasts for a long time. You have to rotate the handle clockwise and anti-clockwise this will help you to adjust the stretch in the leather. It is a professional device so you have to be serious with that. You can stretch the shaft gradually so it will reduce the tightness in the calf area. The heavy duty stretches will last long without any damage.

  • You can easily use the same on the Western and Ridding Boots to make its comfortable size.
  • The Universal size will fit for anything.
  • It will increase the stretch the shaft of the boots along with the calf.
  • It is recommended for the high heel boots for women.

There is some advanced equipment which also comes with 3 level of an adjustable button which can be used to adjust the level stretch. The machines are made of cast aluminium which is known for super durability. The stretchers can be used to get a maximum stretch of 2 inches in the shaft.  If you don’t know how to stretch boot shaft, then you should try the same without any boot to practice.