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Shoe Care Guide

This article has been written for both novices DIY and the specialists. Our guides walk you through the journey of learning how to shine shoes correctly, Maintaining them ensuring that they will gracefully age for decades. Rediscover the sacred ritual of shining your shoes as well as the joys of working with the best polish in the world, Saphir Medaille d’Or. Containing no artificial or petroleum-based products, they guarantee that your shoes breathe, are nourished, and stay soft and supple.

Shoe Care Guide
Best Shoe Care

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are without question the most natural shoes to maintain. With proper care, a good pair of shoes made out of high-quality suede ought to be able to look great for decades. The problem most experience with suede is difficulty locating quality suede care products.

Most individuals discard their suede shoes, not due to any real damage, but just as they have become dirty. But with appropriate care and maintenance, you can keep your suede shoes looking great for years!
This tutorial provides an overview on simple daily secrets to keep your suede shoes looking great!

Best Shoe Polish

An exclusive premium line by French-manufacturer AVEL, Medaille d’Or is suitable for those seeking to take the highest possible care of fine shoes and leather accessories. The line traces its roots back to the 1925 Paris International Fair, where the lineup won a gold alloy. Its hallmark is a complete dedication to using only the highest-quality ingredients available from the focused, time-honored formulations in its products.

Most of all, the Saphir cream polishes and Saphir wax polishes do not contain any of the harmful silicone or gasoline products commonly found in standard shoe polishes.
Complimenting this selection of shoe polish is Saphir’s Beaute du Cuir lineup, which can be more extensive and contains many free products not offered from the Medaille d’Or collection. However these products aren’t inferior to the Medaille d’Or collection; but due to the technical formulations, they don’t qualify to wear the Medaille d’Or tag.

How to Use Suede Eraser

Saphir’s Gommadin Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is used to remove stains, watermarks and to soil from suede, nubuck, and velvet shoes to revive your shoe’s unique finish and texture.

Step 1

Saphir’s Gommadin Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is used to eliminate shallow, dry stains from along with suede sneakers to restore the original finish and feel. Using the Saphir Gommadin Suede eraser is much like using a pencil eraser: spot the dry blot you’re trying to eliminate, then take the eraser and rub it into the stain using a medium to firm pressure.

Step 2

You won’t see how successful the suede eraser is without then taking a suede cleaning brush and brushing off the white residue the eraser leaves behind. Brushing will complete the process of eliminating the dry blot and fluff the heap, leaving you with fresh looking suede shoes. But erasing and brushing the suede won’t have the ability to get rid of any oil based or color based stains for that, you’ll want to use the Saphir Omni’Nettoyant Suede Shampoo or the Saphir Hussard Oil Stain Remover.

How to Clean Patent Leather Shoes

Learning how to clean patent leather shoes is easy, but they need to be cared for differently than regular calfskin shoes. The leather is also treated with a polyurethane and acrylic solution to give it its reflective surface. Most commonly black, patent leather has been the material of choice for formal dress and dancing shoes. However, an individual can now also find little leather accessories, like purses and wallets, made out of leather.

The Way to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes

Saphir Cream Polish is terrific for repairing and hiding most superficial damage to sneakers. Minor scuffing or scratching may typically be fixed with a couple of additional coats of Saphir Cream Polish. But, occasionally shoe polish is insufficient to repair or hide deep gouges or scratches.

The formulation is straightforward: resin and pigment. When it dries, it won’t ever rub off on clothing or upholstery. Saphir Cream Polish is Offered in 15 plus colors; it’s easy to discover a match for many standard types of leather.

Shoe Care Products (Wax Vs. Cream Polish)

Using Cream Polish

The goal of this shoe care guide is to clarify the differences between cream and wax polishes, and how to use both to maintain the very best care of your leather dress shoes. The fundamental difference between cream and wax glaze is a cream polish is more for nourishment and recoloring, and a wax polish is mostly for supplying those hard waxes to create high shine. Wax has a higher concentration of hard waxes, which provides a barrier to the shoe which protects it from any sort of water, light scuffs, and scratches. You want to be cautious about applying too much wax into the regions of the shoe which bend, such as the vamp, because after those hard waxes dry, if you bend the shoe, the waxes will crack and provide or make a white material across that area. To start, if your shoes are not too cluttered, simply buff them off with a horsehair brush to remove surface dirt.

First, use the cream polish. Now the important point to remember with color matching is you only need to get close, as it is almost impossible to get an exact match. Use enough polish to cover the surface of the whole shoe, but you do not need so much that you see visible build-up. You can allow the cream polish dry for as long as you need, even overnight. When you have let the cream gloss to absorb in the leather, then choose a horsehair shoe shine brush, and you would like to buff that gloss off the shoe.

Using Wax Polish

Your shoe should have a reasonably beautiful glow, but if you would like a higher gloss glow, then that is when you’d come on top with a wax polish. Among the most significant things that distinguish this wax polish from different beams is out there is that it employs a natural pine foundation turpentine, versus petroleum products other polishes use that may damage your shoes. The other issue is that it utilizes a high concentration of beeswax, which generates that beautiful, hard wax finish that is likely to give your boots a gorgeous shine.

Place enough wax polish onto your chamois, so it’s not gunky, and then begin applying the Saphir Medaille D’Or Pate De Luxe Wax Polish precisely the identical manner you did use the cream polish. The first a couple of coats you can take across the whole shoe, but beyond a couple of layers, you want to prevent the vamp because after that wax dries, and you go outside, and you start walking on your shoe, you may see those hard waxes break and create a modest white buildup.