How can you use a shoe widener to get a good fit?

Would you like to know how a shoe widener tool can help you?  Have you ever tried wearing your favorite pair of shoes and suddenly realized that it is not fitting you? Your feet may be too broad like the Cinderella sisters and the shoe may be a little bit dainty. So how do you tackle the problem? It is not always simple to find a correct shoe that would fit absolutely well. This is the right instance when you would need a shoes widener for your shoe. In usual circumstances, you would always find that the shoe that you like would never fit you correctly.

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Your shoes would always be comfortable with a shoes widener

There are times when you would die to buy a shoe that you would love to wear. However, it is the time of the day when your feet somehow, give away and your favorite shoe refuses to fit you. This is the best time when you would require a shoes expander tool to widen up the shoes a bit so that they can easily fit you accurately and comfortably. The shoes stretcher helps your shoes to fit you comfortably without any kind of pinch in the toes or corns at the back of the ankle. A shoes stretching tool can help you with an assortment of reasons. But then you may be not comfortable of how to do it properly, well in such cases the best way would be to make sure you have a good idea on this from various online search as there are many sites that will help you to know all about shoes widener and how to use it like a pro. So such small things can be really helpful in order to use it effectively.

Why does your shoe tend to be inappropriate for your feet?

  • Your shoe can be inappropriate for your feet for a number of reasons.
  • It may be that as you have grown up, the size of your foot has grown and the shoes are now no more comfortable for you.
  • It may also happen that the shoes have shrunk because of the leather and they no longer are appropriate for your feet. Though your shoes were a perfect fit while buying them, it is no more the same after a couple of years.
  • There are times when you tend to have corns, protruded toes, bunions and other problems in your feet that might make your feet imperfect and thus it may hurt if you try wearing the shoes that fitted you perfectly some years back.
  • With the shoe widener, you would not have to face any of these problems and you would be able to wear your favourite shoe without any kind of discomfort. A shoe widener would offer you a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear whole day long

Purchasing a shoes widener is the best idea

A shoes widener will help to ease out all your problems and offer you a pair of well-designed shoes that would fit you comfortably and appropriately. It helps to increase both the length and width of your shoes. It would also give you a couple of advantages. Purchasing a shoes widener is a great idea, especially if you love wearing comfortable shoes and you need to walk for long periods of time in them. There are two kinds of shoe stretchers that you can also use at home. One of the shoes widener can help widen the toe part of the shoe while the other helps to widen the vamp of the shoe. In case of love wearing high heel shoes, then you need to purchase two kinds of stretchers or shoes widener for your left shoe and you’re right. The widener would help to widen the areas, which are really sensitive for your feet.

How does a shoes widener help you?

Now you might be wondering why a shoes widener is really important for you

  • A Shoes widener is really simple to use
  • It can be also used at home
  • A good shoes widener would help you to widen your shoes appropriately so that they may fit you really well.
  • A shoes widener is for shoes, which are made of leather, suede and synthetic materials. They can help to stretch your shoe by a great deal, however the extent to which your shoe can be stretched depends on the material that your shoe is made up of. Synthetic materials cannot be stretched to a great extent. They can be stretched, but again tend to return to the previous size and thus are not comfortable enough to wear. In case the synthetic shrinks back to the previous size, you need to stretch it once again.

Shoes widener can also help to also break in your shoe

Shoes widener not only helps to stretch or widen your shoe, but it can also help to break your new shoes and expand them to the accurate size. It is, however, impertinent to say that a shoes widener cannot help to extend your shoes to great lengths. It only helps to extend your shoe by 1 or two sizes and not more. If your shoes are really small for you, then go ahead and buy a new shoe altogether! Well as you can see you have to be really careful while using it as it can actually make or break your shoes but then if you can use it properly then it will be really helpful for you.

What are the different kinds of shoes widener that are available?

You can choose from an assortment of shoes widener. A single shoes widener can be used to stretch both your left shoe and your right shoe; however, it is not possible at the same time. Shoes widener can be custom made and they are made for different kinds of shoe styles such as boots, palm shoes, high-heeled shoes, flats, sandals and other kinds of footwear. It is important that if you have a particular show then you need to buy a shoes widener that would match with the style of your shoe. A shoes widener is the best tool that can stretch the various parts of your feet. The most useful stretcher is the two-way two stretchers that you can use for stretching both the length as well as the width of the feet. The vamp stretcher can also be used to stretch the top part of the shoe that covers your feet. The vamp or instep stretcher helps in stretching the shoes that are too tight for your feet. If you feel that your toes are a little bit more cranked up, then try out the toe stretcher that would help stretch the part of the toe. Shoes widener is also found in the form of boot stretchers that helps to expand the boot shaft so that the boot comfortably fits on your legs.

Benefits of using a shoes widener

There are various benefits of using a shoes widener.

  • A Shoes widener can help stretch the length and width of your shoes
  • It helps to shape your shoe in the best possible way so that it fits you accurately

Too much wearing of the shoes can create moisture because of the soles of the shoe. This moisture is not comfortable, especially when you are wearing the shoe. This would require to be removed. The shoes widener helps to stretch the shoe so that the shoe is durable and also helps to prevent a bad odor and foul smell inside the shoe. The best thing about a shoe stretcher is that, a shoe stretcher never gets damaged. It is very durable and made of a product that can last for a long time. A shoes widener can be used for a long period of time.

What is a shoes widener made of?

A Shoes widener is made of wood and plastic and thus this makes it really long lasting. The plastic widener is cheaper than the wooden ones and absorbs less moisture. The wooden shoes widener is made of cedar and can last longer and also function better .You should definitely buy a shoes widener to help you extend your shoes so that they can be worn for a long period of time.

Why should you use a shoes/boot widener?

  • A boot widener is definitely a simple and low cost solution to the best kind of problems like sore feet, sore toes, and shoes that are not fitting properly. A boot widener can help to expand the size of the boot so that you can wear on a regular basis. You can also wear your favorite pair of boot conveniently by extending the shoes. By length and width. A boot widener can save a great deal of money by preventing us to throw away new shoes that are smaller than the feet and are a little too tight.
  • A tight pair of boot needs to be given to a cobbler for repairing. It needs to be professional stretched so that you can wear it well. A boot stretcher helps you to stretch the shoes so that it can be worn for a long period of time. It is more economical and easier for you to stretch the boot at home and it can be used for a number of times. A boot widener will help to stretch out the old boot that you have not worn for a long period of time. Shoes that are usually not worn for a long period of time tend to shrink and it makes walking on roads really painful and uncomfortable. The boot stretcher will help you to wear your favorite new boot and you can expand them well once again after they shrink after six months or so.
  • A boot widener can help your boot to be straight while they are being polished. This is really important, as the polishing would not be as good if the boot are not fixed. Boot widener is really useful for stretching out new boot as well as old boot and shoes that you think would need to be discarded. A quality wooden boot widener can last for a lifetime and can also help in saving a great deal of money as well as getting corns and blisters on your feet that usually happens in new boots.

What are the different kinds of shoes widener?

Various assortments of shoes are available in the market and you would need different kinds of shoes widener for different kinds of shoes. You can find different shoes widener for tennis shoes, high-heeled shoes, palm shoes, boots, sandals, and similar kind of shoes. They are found, for infant shoes, adult shoes, ladies shoes and gent’s shoes.

Where can you buy a shoes widener tool?

Various shoes wideners can be found from different online sites as well as retail stores. A large number of shoes widener can also be seen at different shoe departments and they are sold according to the size of the shoe and the style of the shoe. Before purchasing the shoes widener, pay attention to the different specifications that are noted on the product. This will help you to get the best product as per your specification. Also remember that do not stretch your shoes more than required or it would be really uncomfortable to wear them. The process of stretching your shoes would be done with care and ease. Also test your shoes, once after wearing them. Keep on testing the shoes and once you are comfortable stop using the boot widener.

Though a shoes widener is really reliable and efficient for increasing the length and width of the shoe, it cannot be used if you need to increase the length of the shoe to a great extent.


Here are all that you would need to know about a shoe widener tool. They are reliable, hassle free and easy to use. Try it out and you would simply love them.