Stretch calf boots-Learn how!

Leather boots are something that girls love. However, it happens quite often that your calf don’t fit your boots well. You really feel angry at such times. However, now you do not have to worry. This article brings to you some of the amazing ways by which you can stretch calf boots. These methods are life-saving. You do not have to go through the dilemma of having to buy the expensive calf boots once again.

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stretch calf bootsThis happens to only a specific kind of boots

Not only calf boots with zipper undergo this problem. These shoes either require too much stretching, rolling, folding and sometimes even a trip to the professional shoe repair shop. Thus, if you want to get rid of problems such as these, you need to follow the tips given below.



  • The first method

In the first method, you will require a few things before you can stretch the calf boots. Therefore before you stretch calf boots, follow the instructions given below:

  • Paper towel or simple newspaper.
  • Wood dowel.
  • Leather stretching spray.
  • Cloth towels.
  • Plastic bags.

In the beginning, you need to spread a bit of the stretching liquid inside the boots. Check to see if the colour is affected or not. However, if the colour changes then make sure to buy another liquid of high quality or else if it works fine, then proceed with the following. Spraying this liquid loosens the fibre which in turn makes the stretching process easier.

After spraying roll the newspaper so that the roll is fat enough to strain the leather of the calf boots. An alternative to this method is to use a wooden dowel or just a simple piece of wood that is covered with a cloth towel. It should be big enough so that, it strains the leather of the calf boots.

Now, let your calf boots dry for a day maybe two. You need to repeat the process, each time with fatter rolls. However, if the boot has a shaped calf, you can just squeeze a wooden chunk in that particular area. However, remember to roll the wooden chunk in a cloth so that, it does not harm the leather or make a hole.

Next, once the boots are stretched a bit all you need to do is continuously wear your boots inside the house. This will help you to stretch the boots even further. Mae is sure that you wear nylon highs that have a slippery finish; this will help you to tuck the boots easily.

  • Second method to stretch calf boots

This method is called the freezing technique. This technique is considered to be one of the best among all other stretching methods. Thus follow the following steps to stretch calf boots successfully. However, make sure that you make no mistake because a single mistake can damage your boots thus, making you buy a new pair.

Fill the plastic bag with water

You need to get a plastic of reasonable size. The size should be such that you can easily squeeze that inside your boots. Now, fill the bag up to half or one-third. Just before sealing the bag, make sure to remove all the air room the bag. In order to do this, you need to seal most part of the bag, but leaving only a corner.

Now, squeeze the portion of the bag without air so that the plastic and air comes together. Now, seal that portion as well.

Tips on choosing the plastic bag to stretch calf boots

You need to choose only those plastic bags that are durable and do not easily break inside the freezer while freezing. Make sure that you have chosen the right size. If the toe area of your boots needs stretching, then make sure to put a quarter of water in that area as well.

Remember, not to put the water directly into contact with the leather.

Place the water bag inside to stretch calf boots

The entire procedure to stretch calf boots becomes easier if the problematic areas are the toe or heel area. However, you can also stretch the calf portion well. To do this, you will need crumbles of newspaper to fill up the portion of the calf boots that is lower than the area that needs to be stretched. Thus, place the newspaper in such a manner so that you can avoid the water bag from falling or receding downwards.

Moreover, you also need to figure out whether or not the water is evenly pressing against all the sides of the calf boots.

Freezing time

After you have done the above process, you can now place the boots inside the freezer. Let the boot sit there for around eight hours straight. As the water inside keeps on freezing, the leather of the boots keeps stretching.

Before, pulling the frozen water bag out of the calf boots, thaw the ice. This will take about twenty minutes. Therefore, let the boot sit idle at room temperature for about twenty minutes. This allows the ice to melt. The primary reason why you should do this is because you might damage the boots if you try to pull out the frozen water bags. Take all the precautions that are available.

Try the boots on check whether or not it fits properly. If the size is still not perfect, you can repeat the process several times until the calf boots fit you perfectly.

  • Third method to stretch calf boots

This method is also called the heating technique. You need two things for this method. First is a sock and the second is a blow dryer. If any chance you own a boot sick, then very well. However, instead of that, you can also wear thick house socks. You need to slip these on during the process of heating.

What can be done if you do not have thick socks?

These are not at all a problem if you do not have thick socks then just wear two or four layers of normal socks. Having thicker layers will speed up the process to stretch your calf boots.

However, the process of slipping on might not seem easy. Thus, first force your toes then force the entire leg inside the boots. You might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. However, this kind of feeling is short term and is going to bring long term comfort to your legs. However, if you find it impossible to slip on your boots, then try removing one layer of the sock. This might help solve lots of problems.

Heat using a blow dryer to stretch calf boots

In the next step, you need to heat the tight areas of the boots using a blow dryer. Any place in the boots that might feel a bit tight can be heated using a blow dryer. Set the blow dryer to high heat and keep on blowing for about thirty seconds.

As you heat your calf boots, keep on flexing and stretching your feet inside, this allows stretching the leather of the boots even further. Moreover, the most important fact is that you should heat each and every problematic area or the area that seems tight, for at least thirty seconds straight. This helps to stretch the boots to a great extent.

Before you take off your boots, you should let it cool down to room temperature. The reason why you should do this is because otherwise the boots will shrink down to normal condition and there will be no progress at all. Once they have cooled down considerably, strip down your socks and check whether or not it fits you properly. However, if the still feel tight then make sure to repeat the several times until and unless they are absolutely comfortable on your feet.

During the entire heating process, you excellent leather boots might have lost some of its natural moisture. However, you can replenish it back by rubbing a shoe cream or polish over the leather of the calf boots once it is done. This is how you stretch calf boots.

  • Fourth method to stretch calf boots

This method is also called rubbing alcohol. In this particular method, you need to pour 70% alcohol into a spray bottle. Once you have filled the spray bottle, make sure that you tighten the cap in order to prevent any kinds of leaks.

Tips while choosing the alcohol to stretch calf boots

It is highly recommended that you do not use high concentration alcohol to stretch the leather of calf boots. Doing this might harm the leather. Therefore, it is best if you do a test on the old leather shoe so that you get an idea regarding the concentration.

Once this is done, generously spray alcohol on the boots. Make sure that you are applying alcohol on the area that needs stretching. Rub the alcohol while spraying and make sure that you let the alcohol soak for at least twenty to thirty seconds before you start applying again.

To get best results in this technique, make sure to keep the boots just as they are even after drying. This will give best results. Slip on your boots and check if it fits you properly now. Just the above processes, repeat the process several times if it does not feel great.

  • The fifth method to stretch calf boots

The late method is to use a calf boot stretcher. This is one of the most effective techniques useful to stretch calf boots. You need two things to stretch a calf boot stretcher. First is the normal shoe stretcher to stretch out the toe area and the second is the calf area. This helps to extend the calf area of the boots.

However, these two comes in one stretcher only, and this is called a boot stretcher. The only difference between this and a normal one is that it has a long handle that sticks out of the boot that allows you to rotate the handle as swiftly as possible. However, if the boots are up to the ankle lengths, then you probably do not need a boot stretcher; it can be done with the help of a simple shoe stretcher only.

How to use boot stretcher to stretch calf boots?

Insert the boot stretcher full length inside the boots. Once this is done, turn the handle and open up the wedge. Keep the system in this manner for quite some time before taking out the stretcher.

Now, slip the calf stretcher inside the boots to stretch the calf portion. Stop inserting just above the ankle portion. This assures that you do not distort the toes area as well. Turn the handle to crank open the wedge. Just like the previous one, you need to keep the system in this manner so that you it does not shrink back to the same position.

However, if you are not at all sure about these stretching techniques, you can take your boot to a professional shoe repair shop. Here you can get it done in the best possible manner. However, to b honest, there is no need of spending money on stretching calf boots. The techniques mentioned above are proven and gives best results.

To stretch calf boots, buy the calf boot stretcher properly

You need to have the right size of calf boot stretcher before you can stretch your boots carefully and nicely. Take a look at the tips online before doing so. Calf boots are quite expensive, and you should do everything you can do save that money. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and also follow the tips properly. These tips help to stretch calf boots to the best possible extent and in the best manner. You do not have to worry about damaging the leather of your boots.

The shrinking of calf boots is a common phenomenon and people have tried many techniques, and they have been successful for a number of times. Hence, do not worry too much regarding how to stretch calf boots.