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For using a few features of our company website, you have to first create an account on our site. You have to provide all the current and accurate personal information to create the account which will be asked in the registration process. You cannot use the entity of any other person for opening the account. As the confidentiality of the account will be your sole responsibility, you need to contact our company as soon as possible if you find the account hacked.

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If you are more than thirteen years or if you are less than thirteen but have the permission of one of your guardian for posting content, you will be able to post content on our website. Once you post it, we will be able to use the same in other media. You can post text, videos, audios, and photographs as your content. You can only post materials created by you. If you want to use the contents created by any other person, then you must have the permission of that person.

Prohibited activities:

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In case anyone found doing any of the prohibited activities our company will have the right to investigate regarding the same and take the required legal action against that person.

We can also remove any of the contents which are disruptive, illegal or abusive. We can even terminate the access of the user to any of the services if the user does any breach to these terms and conditions.


If you make any request, we will have to right to refuse or cancel that order with or without providing any reason to you. If in case of any of the products wrong price list is updated, then also the order can be canceled even your order is confirmed. However, in both these cases if you already do the payment we will surely credit a refund for this.


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