Anatomy of the Foot-What is special about It?

anatomy of the footIf you want to know more about the human feet, then you should study the anatomy of the foot. There you can find detail information about the bones and structure of the foot. It also shares the process of bones and how it works. It was also found that there is a natural balance keeping system that prevents a human from misbalancing. Human feet are one of the complex machines that help you to walk and run.

Why should you know the structure of the feet?

The human feet are very flexible that is why people can run, walk and do many things. Many complex joints help to do such work without any problem. There is a flexible structure of bones, muscles, joints of the bones and soft tissues that bind everything. If you are a medical student, then you should know more about the feet. In that case, the anatomy of the foot is very helpful.

How many parts are there in the foot?

When it comes to the division of the foot, you may know that there are three sections in the foot. Apart from that, there are total 28 bones and 30 joints that keep everything in the place. There are more than 100 muscles and soft tissues including ligaments and tendons to provide extra support for the foot. These tissues, ligaments and tendons help the human to balance. You may look at the main structure of the foot.

How does the footwork for games?

There are many games such as football, running, high jumps and more that involves direct interaction with the foot. There are excellent joints and muscles that keep the bone in the place and also supply the strength to the player. You can achieve high speed because of the bones that are why you should know about the structure of the bones in the foot. The anatomy of the foot shows you all the bones inside the foot.

How to find the foot by showing the body and the anatomy of the Foot?

It is quite easy to find the foot all you need to look at the end of the legs. It may look simple from outside however it is quite complex from inside because of the complex structure of the bones. The structure consists 28 bones and more than 30 joints along with muscles and ligaments. If you are going to explore the anatomy, then you can find the same.

  • You can easily divide the foot into three parts; one is fore-foot another is mid-foot and last one is hind-foot.
  • There are five toes in the forefoot; it may look like the fingers from inside of the hands. These bones are also known as the ‘Phalanges’.
  • There are five long proximal bones in the Forefoot.
  • All of these bones form metatarsus.

When it comes to the mid-foot, there are five bones from the arch of the foot.  The best part is that it is connected with the hind-foot as well as the forefoot by strong muscles and Plantar Fascia. There are two bones that connect the lower leg and tibia as well as fibula. The tibia and fibula are connected on the top of the ankle.

There are cartilages on the surface of the bones; it helps the bones to functions properly without any problem. It also helps the bones to glide smoothly on the top of another bone. There is fibrous capsule there to provide smooth functions between bones. It also works as lubricate the joints of the bones. There are many curves at the bones that help you to walk and run properly.

How do you know more about the anatomy of the Foot?

The anatomy of the human foot has helped a lot to the medical students and doctors. If you want to know more about the same, then you have to study anatomy. The soft tissues and structures help you to perform the normal functions such as jumping, running and walking without any problem. The best part is that the both the foot is used with co-operation to produce motion and stability as well as balance.

How does the tendon help?

As you already know that there are more than 100 tendons along with muscles and ligaments that are why it can carry the weight of the human without any problem. The structure of the foot quite resembles with the structure of the hand. However, the foot structure is very efficient because it has to take care of the weight of the body. If you follow the anatomy of the hand and foot, then you shall see the difference.

The bones are organized properly that is why it gives the person strengths to run and walk. It is organized into the rows which are also known as tarsal bones phalanges ad metatarsal bones. It creates a large surface on the toes as well as a broad section in the foot. Many bones create ankle by connecting the bones. These bones help you to keep the balance with the support.

  • Cuneiforms
  • Tibia
  • Navicular
  • Talus
  • Fibula
  • Cuboid

How many bones are there in the foot?

anatomy of the footIf you don’t know about the bones in the foot, then you may rely on the anatomy of the foot. There are more than 25 bones and 33 joints in the foot.  If you are going to count the feet, then you shall find that there are more than 52 bones.

The feet are in 25% of the leg that provides adequate support for the people. If there is any injury, then the anatomy is very helpful. When it comes to longer movement, then there might be tiredness in the muscles that is why you may not able to walk anymore. There are many webs of muscles inside the feet along with bones that help you to maintain the flex as well as balance while standing and walking.

There are two tarsal bones in the hind-foot. The bones are made of calcium that is why it is stronger than the metal.  If there is any injury, then it may lead you towards pain or injury. If you follow the anatomy of the Foot, then you shall know that there are three different parts of the foot.


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