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The shoe tree is a must-have at home if you want your shoes keeping good shape. They fit any shoes and are used to adjust and maintain shoes from creases and wrinkles to extend your shoes’ life. These shoe tree listed here are of top quality and best reviews. Even if you only own one pair of shoe tree/shaper it will reduce moisture and odor to help keep your shoes fresh.

Household Essentials Cedar Fresh Boot Shapers, 2 pairs 

4 1/2 stars in customer reviews

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Lightweight and flexible for easy handling, You get four shapers to support 2 pairs of boots. These sturdy, flexible plastic shapers roll and fit inside ankle, calf, and knee-boots. They measure 17.2 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 0.1 inches deep.

Household Essentials Cedar Fresh Boot Shapers protect your footwear investment by keeping every boot in ideal strutting shape.

  • Versatile boot shaper that fits any size and style of boot to reduce cracking and sagging
  • Customizable for ankle, calf, and knee-high boots
  • Flexible frame fills boot leg, supporting its natural shape to reduce bends, cracks, and collapse
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy handling
  • 17.2 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 0.1 inches deep; 4 single shapers for 2 pairs of boots

Wood Shoe Trees for Women (Set of 2)

  • For ladies
  • Made of wood

Question: What is the size range for these wooden shoe trees?

Answer: Size range for these wooden trees is between 6-12. With a larger size the spring won’t have as much tension on it, but it should still work well. With smaller sizes I think they would be fine as long as you are not below a 5, since the toe pieces might be too large.

4 1/2 stars in customer reviews

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