Shoe Laces

flat shoe lace example 1Flat Shoelaces 5/16″” Wide Solid Colors Several Lengths For Sneakers and Shoes

19 colors to choose from Pair of shoelaces that are 5/16″ wide and come in four different lenghts. Perfect for adding some flair to your shoes. Great for all types of shoe.



One Pair Per Order

Bright Color/Solid Quality

Flat Classic Style 


doo hickies shoelace replacements example 1DOOHICKIES Shoelace Replacements

10 great colors to choose from Elastic

Made with memory fit material which allows for constant expansion and retraction while maintaining a snug and comfortable fit

Slip on; slip off while maintaining a snug & comfortable fit

Never tie, fasten, or connect HICKIES after the first time

Customize your fit with a variety of lacing techniques – regular, loose, tight or a combination of techniques to pinpoint certain areas of the sneaker to get the perfect fit for your foot

Each pack includes 14 units, more than enough for a pair of sneakers. Works on any adult shoe with eyelets or loops.