Berluti Dress Shoes Reviews

Berluti Dress ShoesShoes are something that every one of us requires. It is not something that we can eliminate from our attire. However, what you can do is buy the best quality shoes that will last almost a lifetime. This is the primary reason why Berluti Dress shoes were introduced. This brand created havoc in the shoe industry. This brand was founded in the year of 1895 in Italy, by a boot maker. It was owned by the group called LVMH since the year of 1993.

Which is Berluti Best Dress Shoes?

Berluti Brown Crocodile Print Leather Loafers Shoes

Berluti Espirit De La Couture Black Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

Berluti Andy Brown Suede Leather Penny Loafers Dress Shoes

Berluti Sport Dark Brown Leather Lace-up Oxford Dress Shoes

After owning this brand, it soon got the reputation of fashion specialized in menswear. However, not just any fashion, it is very well blended with all the modern designs and tradition. Thus, the output of the hard work that the workers put Berluti Dress Shoesinto it is comfortable shoes for men that look extremely stylish and elegant.

There is common saying that “you cannot be elegant if you are not comfortable and well shod.” This brand well established this saying with their collection and designs. Initially, the designs were customized. However, it was only late that the ready to wear section was introduced. Slowly, it began to grow and became one of the most popular shoe brands. The shoes were given a good contemporary twist as well.

Leather shoes

Berluti is very famous for its leather shoes and other variety of shoes. However, the leather shoe catches the eye of most men. The leather loafers of Berluti are hand stitched around the top; the flat heel is stacked, and it is apron toe in the front. It has leather lining in all shoes and a rubber outsole.

Leather sneaker

This brand has a wide range of leather sneakers as well. These are growing in demand nowadays, and the best fact about it is the little details that it holds. Playtime Perforated Leather Sneaker is one of a kind.

The round toe has been reinforced in this shoe to bring a new and modern look to it; at the front, there is lace to tie the shoe. The consoles as well lining both are leather, and it has a rubber sole. People have loved this type of shoe and are craving for more.

New Berluti Black Crocodile Leather Lace-Up Boots Shoes 

These are a new obsession of most men. If you are up for a more rugged look, then you should definitely try this one. There is nothing short of amazed that you will become after seeing this. Brunico Leather Hiker Boots are fabulous, and it gives you are rough and tough feel once you wear them. The specialty of Berluti is in making this sort of shoes that bring out the best personality in you.

In the front, these shoes have lace and buckle strap right around the vamp. The best part about these shoes is that these are hand polish at the end to give it a mottled finish. The ankles are lightly padded to give the most comfortable feeling while walking or running. The console as well as lining both is made from leather.

Berluti dress shoesLoafers

Leather shoes are not the only thing this brand is famous for all sorts. It is also well known for the different types of shoes it has. For instance, the suede loafer is a fantastic shoe with a flat heel and almond toe. This shoe is the lip in style. The lining is made of leather.

Berluti dress shoe – leather skate sneaker

The best fact about this brand is the variety they bring into the shoe fashion is tremendous and beautiful. They think of concepts nobody ever can. It has a flat heel; the toe is round, and the top line is cushioned. The feeling you get after wearing this shoe is very different. The elegant shoes can make a difference in what you are wearing.

There is a common saying that you know a man by the kind of shoe he wears. However, if you ever wear this shoe, then you will only be getting positive comments and praise about your looks. The vibe that your entire outfit gives away changes just because of this shoe.

Perforated Debry shoes

The Berluti dress shoes have a wide range of variety. With every different variety come new surprises. The details of this shoe are impeccable. There is lace up front and also cap toe along with detailed perforated design. Moreover, the lining is made from leather as well as the sole too.

Therefore, if you ever wear a Berluti Dress Shoe, then you are not just dressed in a shoe; instead, you are wearing a whole new personality which you have to showcase nicely. These shoes are made to be worn in formal and important occasions only. You just cannot wear these shoes regularly or else; you will wear out the quality.

Look elegant in Berluti dress shoes

If you have an important meeting coming up, and you do not have any shoe to go with your suit then hurry and buy a Berluti Dress shoes. If you think that by buying the shoe of this brand you are wasting your money, then you are wrong. These shoes are like an investment. Make sure to take good care of them by polishing them when required.

The reason why you should take good care of them is because even the best of leathers start to become extremely dry, and you can soon see it developing cracks. These are never a good sign; therefore, do take precaution before it becomes too late. Thus, increase the longevity of Berluti dress shoes by cleaning it regularly. All you need to do is follow the simple steps to keep it clean.

Shoe cleaning technique

Firstly, you need to dust off all the dirty particles off your shoe with the help of the dry cloth. The second step is to polish the same with a high-quality shoe polish. Make sure; you use the right kind of polish. These shoes are delicate and do not like to disturbed too often. Lastly, you need to condition them.

Therefore, in a nutshell, the Berluti dress shoes are one of a kind, and you should have one to see how comfortable they are!