What Is a Boot Length Stretcher and Factors to Consider Before Buying One?

So, you have bought yourself a new pair of boots, but it is a tad small for your feet. What are you going to do now? Replace your new pair of boots perhaps or gift them to somebody. While you can always replace them and order a new pair of boots, the idea of using a boot length stretcher is a good idea.

The shoe length stretcher is not a new concept, unlike what you might think. It has been around for almost a century now or perhaps longer. Ancestors when they found that their pair of boots or shoes are not fitting properly, tend to make use of these boot length stretchers to get them to the right size for their feet.

Why make use of boot length stretchers?

The makers of the boots or shoes have done a reasonable task and if it is not fitting you properly then there are other reasons including swelling of your feet, boots or shoes sometimes shrink in size when got wet in rain, and sometimes your feet size might be between two sizes. Bunions and other foot problems make your boot or shoes hurt when wearing them.

You certainly cannot walk comfortably with them and it will definitely hurt your feet. It can then make your life very miserable. The boot length stretcher can help in removing these problems and give you a shoe that is very convenient footwear. These boot stretchers help you to expand the length and width of your boots or shoes. The best shoe length expander for low cut boots and shoes HOUNDSBAY Bulldog Heavy-Duty Shoe Stretcher Loosens Tight Shoes with Strong Wood & Metal Construction


Our #1 Pick for the best length stretcher for your shoes or boots is the HOUNDSBAY Heavy-Duty Professional Shoes and Boot Stretcher | Loosen Dress, Hiking Boots & Work Boots With Ease.

THE Best Shoe and Boot Length Stretcher the HOUNDSBAY Boxer Heavy-Duty Professional StretcheMain_2048xWhat are the materials to use boot length stretchers?

The best boot length stretcher works fine on materials like leather, suede, and other natural materials. These materials are normally used for used when producing boots and shoes and hence the stretcher has to be able to work fine on them. Apart from leather and suede other materials are not commonly used or found.

However, they will not work fine on materials like vinyl as the material will not work as well as other materials do, hence it is best not to use it. The boot or shoe stretchers are ideal for breaking inside shoes like reading before, which are extremely tight. However, when you want to stretch a new boot or shoe from size 7 to size 12, then you should know that you need to order a new pair of boots shoes and not boot length stretchers because it is not going to help you in such cases.

You are only going to ruin the shoes. When the shoes are expensive then you will want to think about it.

Different types of boot length stretchers

There are many kinds of boot or shoe length stretchers. However, only a few are actually used by the public and other shoe factories. The most used boot length stretcher is singles and they are able to stretch both the sides of the boot and shoe simultaneously. The need to stretch one side and then work on the other side is not there, which means you are saving time.

Several boot length stretchers are used for different kinds of footwear including high heels, flats, sandals, boots, and other kinds of footwear. That is why it is important you purchase the right kind of boot length stretchers for your footwear. They are usually sold in size ranges for both women and men.

For women, normal sizes are 6-12 and for men, it is 7-14. You will also want to beware of the fact that there are different areas of the boot or shoe that can be used to be stretched by the shoe stretcher. The two-way boot length stretcher can stretch the length and width of the boot or shoe. There is also an instep stretcher that can lift the shoe which is on the top of your foot.

You have also toe stretchers that help to lift the toe box in the boot or shoe that offers ample space for your toes to fit inside the boot or shoe. You have shoe stretchers that can help to stretch the shaft that helps in having more room inside. Overall, they come in many types and depending on your usage, you will want to purchase them.

How to make use of boot length stretchers?

The boot length stretcher can be used with a shoe stretching liquid. What it does, it helps in saturating the material. This then allows the stretcher to perform better. However, the product comes with instructions and their might slight differences in some of them in using. The procedure is simple as you need to insert the boot or shoe stretcher into your boots or shoes.

When you have inserted, you can then ensure that they get expanded as much as the shoe allows them. This helps it to become comfortable for you to put your feet inside. Then you will need to turn the knob which helps in stretching the boot or shoe. You have to leave it in the same position at least for a night.

In some cases, when the boot or shoe is very tight, then you can consider leaving it with the boot stretcher for 48 hours. The longer you leave it like that, the loser becomes. So, first, try it for a short time and if you find it is still tight, then leave it for some more time. You certainly cannot use your boots or shoes again if they become too loose.

Where to purchase booth length stretchers?


You can purchase the boot stretcher for length from online stores. There are many online stores that sell these products for a reasonable rate. It is not that they are expensive, but using an online store can help you get the product delivered to your doorstep when you are a working professional or student with hardly any time on hand.

You need to just place the order and then it is delivered in a day or two. Not to mention you can browse from the wide range of collections that are present in the online store. However, if you insist on visiting a store nearby in your city and purchase, then you can try a local shoe store or a shoe repair shop for boot or shoe stretchers and the stretching fluid.

Whether you are buying the boot length stretcher from a store or online store you will want to make sure that you get an original product.