Boot Shaft Stretcher-How to Choose the Best One?


It’s unusual for me to be this enthusiastic about a purchase, but this combination boot Instep and shaft stretcher does wonders for people with wide calves. boot shaft stretcher And at a time when so many products are cheaply made, this boot shaft stretcher is all metal-The Best-(cast aluminum and steel) and if used as instructed should last for many, many, many years to come.  For some reason they do not include instructions except for a sticker on the side that tells you to turn the bottom screw twice for every five upper turns.  I Googled it and watched both the instruction/info. video on the web site and on YouTube and Amazon.


Best Boot Shaft Stretcher

Once you see how it works it’s VERY easy to use 🙂 Like many other people I have larger than ‘average’ calves and have always had to watch others wear beautiful tall boots that I could only wish for.  I seldom find a boot that I can pull all the way up and in a style I want.  I love Frye boots for the quality and style, but could NEVER find tall styles that fit around the calf.  I just purchased three pair that I couldn’t have worn if not for the boot stretcher.  A suggestion: measure your calf and then after inserting the stretcher into the shaft of the boot measure around it’s circumference and you’ll come pretty close to knowing how much you need to expand the top part of the stretcher.  I spray the stretcher liquid on the inside of the shaft (put several paper towels in the foot to keep the insole dry), let it soak in for a few minutes before inserting the stretcher and make your final adjustments top and bottom.  …..and it Work great! I know it’s expensive, but honestly, you get what you pay for in an item like this.  Cheap plastic stretchers just won’t do the job.  This one is worth the cost as it will last for years and you can loan it to family and friends.  If they are careful! 😉  Before purchasing this boot shaft stretcher I called all the shoe repair shops in my area and could not find one that could stretch boot shafts.  One even told me a professional model would cost $1700! and they weren’t interested in investing that much, etc.

Well, now you don’t need the repair shop to do what you can easily do at home in just a few hours. And we recommend that you should always use a shoe stretch spray along with your stretching device. This combination boot shaft stretcher is on back order at ebay but Amazon have a few left and they have the best price I can find on the internet…. happy shopping.

Here is another great shoe stretcher

FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher- Stretches Length and Width Best 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

This Premium Shoe Stretcher is made to stretch both length and width. The contoured heel block protects the structured back of the shoe while extending the overall length of the shoe.

Beech Wood

  • 2-WAY STRETCHER: Efficiently Stretches Length & Width of Shoes!
  • SINGLE STRETCHER: Single Stretcher Only! Can Be Used for Right & Left Shoes!
  • BEECH WOOD: Beautifully Polished German Harvested Beech Wood.
  • SPOT RELIEF: Includes 3 Bunion/Corn Plugs and 14 Holes for Customizable Relief!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Includes Comprehensive Shoe Stretching User Manual


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