How to Stretch Your Leather Boot by Boot Shaft Stretcher?

You should consider the metal boot calf stretcher to get the best stretching result in the calf or shaft. The metal stretcher is beneficial when your boots become too tight. You can easily increase and decrease the stretching pressure inside the boot. The metal shaft stretchers are very strong, durable, and more effective than the wood stretchers. After using the device, you will notice the changes immediately.

Best Boot Calf Stretcher for 2020

What are the benefits of stretching your leather boots?

After using the boot stretcher, you will have a new experience when you can fully cover the zip of your boot. The calf stretcher is very effective when it comes to stretching the calf part of your boot; if you want to stretch the whole boot, then you have to use the boot stretcher. You can wear your old expensive and designer boots in the parties without any trouble. You don’t have to buy new boots.

Boot Tree: What not to use while trying to stretch your boots

dont use this to -stretch-leather-boot-calves-at-home

These boot trees are not for stretching your boot shaft area. They are fantastic for keeping boots upright, holding the shape, and maintaining boots lined up neatly in the cupboard. The Boot Trees are simple to fit and remove with the handle, you press and squeeze at the top. It makes the boot tree thinner so that it easily inserts into your boots with a single hand. Release the handle, and the boot tree opens to the size of your boot and holds it in shape all the way into the only: no more wrinkled or misshapen ankles or cracks in the leather. Press on the handle, and the boot tree is easy to remove if you need to wear your boots.

What makes you feel good?

There are a dress, boot, and clothes which make you feel good, that is why you don’t want to leave those boots. After a few years, those boots and clothes will not fit; that is why you need the same thing in a bigger size, which is very hard to find. If you have a calf boot stretcher, then you can easily stretch the calf of the boot to wear years after year without any problem.

Now you can wear what you want no matter if it is a five years old boot. There is a calf boot stretcher which prevents from shrinking rather than stretching everything up. It will help you to live bold and courageous. The boot stretchers have the following qualities.

  • The premium boot/calf stretcher is made of cast aluminum, which will increase the quality and durability of the boots.
  • You can use the stretcher in western, riding, leather, designer, and expensive boots without any incompatibility issue.
  • The premium boot stretcher can stretch the whole boot simultaneously, which includes a shaft, calf, and toe.
  • It has 18” diameter, which also has a universal fit.

The boot calf stretcher is a professional device that ensures damage-free stretching. You can use the metal stretcher for a long time; it will stretch out the tightness of the calf part so you can wear the same without any pain and problem. If you have bought a heavy-duty stretcher, then you can use it for every boot. If you don’t have large calves, but it is challenging to wear knee-high boots, then you should use the stretcher.

The calf stretcher can give you relief from the muscle pain apart from that it will give you unlimited comfort with the old boots. The boots stretchers are not expensive; you can buy the same from the online retail store. You don’t have to visit the store of the shoemaker and clobber. The best part is that you can stretch any boot/shoe you want because of the universal fit.

Follow the guide of the calf boot stretcher to make it bigger

There are several guides on the internet, which can be helpful if you want to stretch your boot instantly. After a gentle stretch in the boot, you can feel the comfort in the calf area of the boot; apart from that, it will supply you energy. It will be better if you purchase a stretcher rather than going to the shoemaker again and again. The stretching process can take huge time, so you have to be careful.

Boot calf stretcher contains two different parts, which create pressure inside the boot to make it bigger. It is specially designed to stretch the vamp area and the calf area, just like the professional shoe stretcher. The boot stretchers are made out of wood and metal or just metal only; the price depends on the build quality of the material. However, the handle and rod are made out of metal so that it will last long.

Follow the finest cobblers

Many cobblers have more than 25 years of experience, so you can expect professional quality from them when it comes to repairing. You may take your boot the finest cobblers who can repair the same within 24 hours. Apart from that, they will solve the major issues from the boot, including zipping and leather. They used to maintain hand stitching techniques, so there will be no problem with stretching in the future.

The stretching depends on the material of the boot. The leather can be stretched easily without any problem, but if you put high pressure, then it can damage the material, so you should be careful about that. There is a different technique you may follow to stretch your boot. You may use the professional stretchers, or you can follow the convenient freezer technique.

  • You should fill a plastic bag with water and put the same into the boot.
  • You have to remove the air from the plastic bag before you seal the container with water.
  • A gentle squeeze can resolve all the air bubbles from the plastic bag.
  • It will be better if you use the sturdy freezer bags so there will be no problem with leakage.
  • You may put more than one bag into the boot, depending on the size of the boot.
  • You may use the freezer gel packs instead of water.
  • After that, you have to put the same into the freezer for 8 hours

When the water becomes ice, it will expand, so there will be an out force that will reshape the boot. That was the home technique. It may not work on all the boots, but you can take it to the professional mechanic. They will stretch out each part of your boot. You have to pay an additional charge for the stretching that increases the cost of the boot.

You can place the bag of water in the calf instead of the shaft when you need a stretch in the calf. That method is helpful when you need a high level of pressure in the toe or shaft portion. You may put some newspaper roll in the shaft, followed by the water bag, to prevent the water bag from slip inside the boot. You have to ensure that the water bag is tight in the calf.

It is better to buy a calf boot stretcher machines instead of paying the nominal charges for the calf, shaft, and another part. The best part is that you can stretch the boot anytime you want without any restriction. You may follow the newspaper technique when you need a tiny stretch. You have to stuff the calf with the towel or newspaper.

Can be the socks alternative of the Calf boot stretcher?

If you don’t want to use the professional stretcher in your leather boot, then you can wear leather boots along with a pair of thick socks. You have to keep the same until it becomes loose in your leg. It is very useful when it comes to short calf boots; it ensures the best fit because there is no excess force. There is some stiff leather that cannot be stretched properly.

Do what the professionals do

Many professionals use the stretchers along with professional stretching spray to get the best result from the combination. You may follow the technique; you have to mix an equal portion of water and rubbing alcohol to create a mixture. After that, you have to apply the same when it is done you have to wear the boot until it becomes dry.

You can spray some mixture inside the boot, and you may have to repeat the process until it feels comfortable in your leg. The shoemaker uses the professional stretching spray to make the leather bigger than its actual size. You may buy that spray to avoid alcohol, but you have to be careful about the spray because it may lighten the color of the leather.

Why you need the calf boot stretcher?

Professional calf stretcher is the best idea to stretch the calf part of the boot; it is more effective than the other techniques. By using the calf stretcher, you can quickly get relief from the tightness of the calf muscles. There is a mechanism that allows you to control the level of stretch in the calf so you can get the optimum result. The calf stretchers are available online as well as offline stores.

  • You should consider that stretcher, which is made of cast aluminum; it ensures durability and stability.
  • You have to ensure that the boots can work with western as well as ride boots without any problem.
  • The best part is that it comes with the universal fit so you can easily use the stretcher in any boot. That means you don’t have to buy another stretcher for big boots.

When you are going to stretch out the calf, then you need something which can have a perfect fit in the boot apart from that. It should create perfect pressure in the boot for stretching. After purchasing a professional stretcher, your shoes will become comfortable to wear, so there will be no more pain than the calf area. Now you can wear those boots which used to have tight calf and shaft. There is a user manual to operate the stretcher.

You may follow the guide, manual, or instruction to operate the Calf boot stretcher without any problem. You should not over force the calf; it might damage the leather. By using the stretcher, you can easily wear the stretcher on your jeans. The real leather won’t create any problem when it comes to stretching. In the case of synthetic leather, you have to repeat the process several times to make it permanent.

How much can you increase by using a calf boot stretcher?

If you stretch out regularly, then you can increase the size by 1/4 inch. If you maintain the stretch for four days, then you may not be able to retain the stretch in synthetic leather. The calf stretcher can solve the issue with the rose boots. You can easily stretch out up to 2 inches without any problem. Many people have stretched up to 17” from 15” without damaging the materials.

You have to purchase a cast aluminum calf stretcher to make your boot bigger within two days. You can spray the professional stretching spray in the boot and put the calf stretcher inside of the boot for more than 48 hours. It will work. You have to repeat the process for more than one time, or you can keep the stretcher inside of the boot for more stretch.

boot calf stretcher Where to Buy the Best Boot Calf Stretcher?

This metal stretcher is available online as well as in stores; you have to ensure the quality before you buy any stretcher device. The extender will help you to make every boot comfortable size. The vendors also offer a discount on the stretcher, or you can apply some coupons to obtain such a discount.

You have to ensure the following factors before you buy any stretcher.

  • Make sure that you should buy a brand new stretcher.
  • Color depends on your choice.
  • Make sure that the materials used in the stretcher are of high quality. If there is a cheap material, then it will not last long.
  • The height of the handle should be more than 12.5 inches.
  • The extension range should be within 5.5 inches, and it should start from 2.4 inches.
  • There must be two stretchers for two boots.

Choosing the right stretcher

When it comes to choosing the right stretcher, you should remember that any stretcher can be fitted into boots if that stretcher has a diameter of 18.5 inches. You may follow the different types of guide to buying a suitable boot calf stretcher for your boots. You don’t have to worry about the size of the boots when you have a stretcher in your home so you can freely choose any size boot.

How to manage the synthetic leather for stretching?

The stretching depends on the material as well as the technique of the stretching process. There are many synthetic types of leather, decor, and more, which look like real leather but feel cheap. When it comes to stretching, the synthetic leather cannot tolerate the high pressure of the stretch from the boot stretchers. If you try to stretch it out, then it might break from the stitching area, which is the weak point of the synthetic leather.

However, the synthetic leather and decor can be stretched but not that much of the natural leather. You have to apply a high level of professional stretching spray to loosen. If you apply too much pressure, then the chemical bonds in the leather will be relaxed, so there will be visible damage. You should use the stretcher carefully in the calf area.

How to stretch the foot of the boot?

When it comes to stretching of the toe or heel of the boot, then you need the right equipment for that. If you don’t have the equipment, then you should bring the boot to a cobbler who has the experience and proper equipment to apply the correct amount of pressure. A cobbler can maintain the right amount of pressure with the width. However, the stretching depends on the width of the boots. So you cannot stretch more than that. You can easily stretch the boots to 10.5 inches from the 10 inches.

  • You have to ensure that the long handles are visible from the outside so you can operate easily. Make sure that you can increase and decrease the pressure without any obstruction.
  • You have to open the wedge to put the stretcher inside the boot. You have to spin the handle anti-clockwise to make it small so you can easily put the boot calf stretcher in the calf part of the boot.
  • You have to put the calf stretcher entirely so you can stretch the calf portion.
  • After that, you have to spin the handle clockwise make sure that the leather sits entirely on the stretcher. After that, you have to increase the pressure slowly.
  • When the boot reaches an extreme level, then you have to stop the pressure.
  • You should keep the stretcher inside the boot and let it be permanent.
  • You can repeat the process several times.

If the boots are made out of leather, then a cobbler can easily stretch the calf and shaft of the boot without any problem. You can see a growth up to 1 cm in the calf apart from that you can see an overall increase in the entire size of the boot. The shaft can be stretched by 1.3 cm by using specialized equipment. The stretching depends on the leather, even genuine leather used to stretch differently.

If you see that your boots are not fitting correctly, then you have to make it wet and wear the same until it becomes dry in your leg. So you don’t have to tear the boot to stretch the same. You may use some elastic to make the calf friendlier. It is always recommended to visit a shoemaker stall to stretch the shoes without any damage.

How to find the best boot Shaft stretcher in the market?

There are several calves stretches in the market, so you have chosen the right one from the market. Make sure that the stretcher belongs to a brand; alternatively, you may read out the review of the customer and decide to buy or not depending on that review. You may take the stretcher to the nearest shoe repair shop to know its usage.

Cobblers can stretch any calves, shafts, and toe without leaving any mistakes in the boot. If you are worried about your expensive boots, then you should take them to a cobbler. The leather may not be stretchable when it reaches the maximum point. If there is a zipper boot, then it is quite hard to stretch the same. There are alternative ways to which you can extend your zipper’s boots.

What is the best alternative to the calf boot stretcher?

If you are searching for the alternative of the boot calf stretcher, then it is quite hard to find the same because boot stretcher is the ultimate alternative to every technique. There are different types of stretchers in the market; you may choose the wide one for better usability. You have to adjust the stretcher properly to put the same into the boot. A long stretch can take up to 12 hours so you should have patients.

It is always recommended to use the boot stretcher for overnight to get the best result. If you want big calves around 2 inches, then you have to use the calf stretchers for more than 12 hours to obtain the best result. If you have muscular calves, then you need stretching in your old boots. You may buy one stretcher to stretch the calves without any problem, or you can visit the nearest shoemaker.

The professional used to follow the wet and dry stretch depending on the boot. The professionals also use shoe stretching spray to make the leather weaker. The shoe stretching fluid can damage the color of the shoes, which is hard to repair. You cannot overstretch the calf if you do the same, then you will hear the pop sound from the stitching point.

  • There are new calf stretchers in the market that are in original condition; you should read out the manual before stretching.
  • The stretcher will keep your boot in perfect condition so you can wear the same year after year.
  • The stretchers come with the universal fit, so you will never have any problem in the future.
  • You can always adjust the size and fittings of the boot.
  • There are two types of the stretcher in the market one is with a plastic head, and another is with a metalhead.

The stretcher will help you to stay in style apart from that you don’t have to buy new shoes when your old shoe becomes tight. You can easily adjust the size of the shoe. The boot shaft stretcher is recommended for those boots that do not have any zippers. You can use the calf boot stretcher regularly to prevent the shrink of the shoes.