How to stretch your shoes with kiwi shoe stretcher spray?

Many people have gone through this situation where they have found a great pair of shoes and tried them on; however, on getting back home and trying the same shoes again, they have realized that it does not fit them well. This is where you require kiwi shoe stretcher spray and shoe wideners. Where to buy liquid shoe stretcher spray? kiwi shoe stretcher

Kiwi Shoe Stretcher is the #1 MUST-HAVE Spray

Don’t worry if your shoe seems a bit too tight

Another thing that might happen is that the pair of shoes you had tried on at the store is tight and does not fit with a different pair of socks. However, don’t panic. Don’t feel guilty about having spent a fortune on the pair of shoes. There is no reason why you will have to throw them out. There are quite several methods that can be used to stretch your shoes and get them to fit just in a similar way as they did at the store.

Do you know what a shoe stretcher is? Well, this particular object is found in different sizes based on the size of the feet of the wearer. This object is inserted into a shoe that was initially becoming very tight for the person for the sole purpose of stretching it and making it comfortable for the user to wear it.

How spray shoe stretcher spray speeds up the process of shoe stretching?

If you wish to speed up the stretching process, then you should make use of kiwi shoe stretcher spray for better effect and result. Thus these stretchers are the most useful for stretching that pair of your favorite leather shoe or boots which you were unable to wear because it was too tight.

You need to make sure that the shoe which needs to be stretched is not completely out of size for your feet. For example, if the pump is a size six and your feet are a size 8, and then neither the shoe widener nor the spray can do anything to make the shoe big enough for your feet. In such a case, you will have to purchase a new pair of shoes which are closer to your size.

Kiwi women’s shoe stretcher spray and shoe wideners can save a lot of your money

Thus if your shoe is only a bit tight, then these stretchers can very quickly help stretch it and save you quite a lot of money as it would then prevent you from throwing away all your favorite and expensive pairs only because they are a bit out of shape.

Getting your shoes stretched professionally is expensive

However, one thing which many people try instead of opting for the inexpensive shoe stretcher is to get it stretched professionally. This method will charge you quite a bit of your money, and hence the wisest thing to do is to buy for yourself a shoe widener and make use of it for your entire shoe throughout your lifetime.

Categories of kiwi shoe stretcher spray and shoe stretcher

You will find that they can be broadly classified into two different types. The first one has been made out of plastic, and the second one is made out of wood. You will be able to buy the plastic stretchers at quite a low price concerning the wooden stretchers. But it is always suggested that you buy for yourself a wooden stretcher.

Are wooden stretchers are better than plastic ones?

Yes, This is because of the plastic stretchers, although come at a low price cannot absorb moisture. But if you have purchased a wooden stretcher, it can very easily absorb moisture, more of it if the stretcher is made up of cedar.

Benefits of the wooden stretcher along with kiwi stretcher spray

  • Apart from this particular characteristic, a wood made widener can last for a long time and can function or operate in a much better and efficient manner in comparison to the stretchers made up of plastic. Thus spent a little more money and purchased the device made up of wood as it has several benefits and better quality.
  • It might so happen that you have not worn a particular pair of shoes for a long time. You suddenly try them out and realize that they are unreasonably tight and uncomfortable. This mainly happens due to reason.

Will your shoes get tight when not worn for a long time?

Yes, It has been seen that if you have not worn a particular pair of shoes for quite some period, say, a few months, or a few years, that specific shoe tends to shrink and grow smaller in size. Thus if you suddenly decide to wear them once again, you will find that they are very tight. Therefore you are not able to walk in them.

This is where a shoe sprays and a stretcher comes into place. All you have to do is use the spray on the stretcher or your feet directly. Insert the stretcher into the shoes and keep them in for a day or two. The next time when you will wear it, you will find that the shoe is being perfectly fit and suitable for your feet, and you can once again walk in it with comfort and ease.

You will find that expensive and beautiful dress shoes tend to possess the habit of shrinking if not appropriately worn for quite some period. But with the help of your own set of stretcher and spray, you will be able to stretch the shoe to the correct size and wear them again. All you will need is 48 hours for the shoe to be stretched enough.

Another great use of these stretchers is that they are used to hold your shoes steadily in position while you are polishing them. This is highly important because while you are cleaning your pair of shoes, they tend to move around quite a bit, thus making it difficult for you to polish them.

Polishing your shoe becomes more accessible with a shoe stretcher

But with the help of a shoe stretcher, holding the shoe for you, it will get no place for flushing or moving around. Thus you will be able to polish them without the generation of any form of creases on its surface.

The easiest and most convenient way in which you can get your shoes to fit is if you buy for yourself a kiwi shoe stretcher spray and a shoe widener from the various shopping websites which are available online.

However, you need to make sure that you do not spend a lot of money on these wideners and go for the inexpensive and simple one, which is made out of wood. You will find that these shoe wideners do not cost much and are either equivalent to 30 dollars or even less. The shoe widener set that you will get will be of the same size as that of your feet.

This means that the widener that you will be purchasing will serve you throughout your lifetime, and you can even make use of this set for all of your shoes. Thus make sure that the shoe widener is designed for your foot size before you go ahead and purchase it.

This is important as otherwise you will end up with a pair of wideners which you will be unable to use with any of your shoes and you will not be able to extract any use out of it.

Mechanisms of a  shoe stretcher kiwi spray

Do you know how these kiwi shoe stretcher spray and shoe stretchers which are carved out of wood actually work? All you will have to do is insert this particular stretcher into your shoes and leave it for a couple of days in such a manner.

After a few days, while trying on the shoes, you will realize that they are of the proper and perfect size for your feet. The widener actually does a great job of stretching your shoes. Although it takes time for the deed and it does not happen overnight.

Thus you can once again enjoy wearing your new and favorite pair of shoes, and you will not have to throw them away. In fact, they will be more comfortable than ever.

Remember not to overstretch your shoe with shoe stretcher spray from Kiwi

One thing that you will have to keep in mind and make sure that you have not overstretched your shoes with the use of a kiwi shoe stretcher spray and a shoe widener. The problem of over-stretching mainly happens in the case of that particular pair of shoes, which are made up of leather. This is mainly because these leather made shoes are extremely and very much pliable. They do not tend to get back to their original shape once they have been stretched. Thus if you overstretch leather, you will end up with a pair of shoes that are too big for your feet. You might wonder how you will realize whether you have overstretched your shoes or not?

Well, the easiest and the obvious way which will give you an indication of the amount by which you will need to stretch your shoes is the difficulty that you might have experienced while you were in the process of inserting the widener inside the shoes. If you find it easy and smooth to insert the stretcher into your shoes, then you will automatically realize that the shoe does not need to be stretched much.

The primary ingredient of the Kiwi shoe stretcher spray

  • Another way that you can use for the purpose of stretching your shoes is to make use of kiwi shoe stretcher spray in addition to using wood made shoe widener. You will easily get these sprays from any of the stores available both online as well as offline. These sprays are composed of alcohol, which dries fast and quick.
  • This spray basically acts as a catalyst, and if you spray it on your widener while inserting it into your required shoes, the entire process of stretching your shoes will speed up, and you will get your shoes stretched appropriately within a very short time.
  • Another way in which you can speed up the entire stretching process is if you spray it on your feet instead of on the widener. The spray fastens the speeding process as it loosens the material of your shoe.
  • It is always advisable to make use of kiwi shoe stretcher spray with respect to water. This is mainly because the spray is composed of alcohol, which will never change or reduce the color of your shoe, something which using water may lead to.
  • Also, alcohol spray will not take much time and will dry fast. Thus you will get your shoes stretched at a much faster rate, and you will be able to wear them sooner than it would have been if you had not used the spray.

Kiwi Men’s Shoe stretcher spray works on affected areas of your feet

These sprays basically target only those areas or parts of your shoe that make your feet feel uncomfortable as they are a bit too tight and are pressing against your feet. They can even focus on almost the entire region of your feet if the shoe you have purchased tends to make your entire feet uncomfortable and tight. With the help of this spray, your shoe will no longer press against your feet, and instead, your feet will get proper breathing space inside the shoe.

Kiwi shoe stretcher spray is easily available and inexpensive

You might feel that these sprays could be highly expensive. But this is where you are wrong. You can purchase these sprays for quite an affordable price from any of the online websites available. You will find that these sprays are basically available in small or tiny containers, as these containers can be easily shipped from one place to another.

Thus, if you wish to get the best and maximum use out of your shoe, use a shoe widener along with a kiwi shoe stretcher spray as it speeds up the entire process and also makes the shoe highly convenient for your feet.