In 1965 Michaeli founded Mephisto brand with the sole intention and his deep-rooted ambition to produce the world’s best shoes. With his savings in the time he spent in the united states, Martin Michaeli sets his firm in France and creates the Mephisto foot-wear.

MEPHISTO handmade-1
MEPHISTO handmade

The Mephisto Brand

The very first exclusive shop opens in Aix-la-Chapel / Germany. The shoe company exports 85 percent of its production. Martin Michaeli receives from the French state the”Oscar de l’Exportation” for the outstanding dynamism of his export business.

The moccasin becomes the spearhead of the brand. Its supply starts in Germany, Austria, Belgium as well as in Switzerland and spreads from there over the whole of Europe.

How Mephisto got started

In 1973 Martin applied for his first patent about a special and unique footwear manufacturing method. MEPHISTO is well known all over the globe and is among the most recognized comfort brands in the city and casual foot-wear. It has also been awarded some achievement awards.

The designs are sold at over 18,000 retail locations, over 800 MEPHISTO Shops, in 86 nations. The SOFT-AIR midsole, within each style of shoes and sandals, lessens the shock resulting from walking. This protects the back, the joints, and ligaments.

Their shoes are distinguished by unparalleled walking comfort and the maximum level of quality. Inspired by Master Shoemakers, these unique shoes combine modern design with superior fit.

They offer an assortment of 600 versions, and this through 18.000 points of sale – one of the 350 stores in 50 countries of the world. The launching of Mobils by Mephisto, the extreme-comfort brand for its technical shoe- and orthopedic retail.

Traditional Hand Making Methods

All the fashions of the worldwide collection, for women and men, are handmade according to the customs of master shoemakers. This approach ensures the special comfort in addition to perfect fit and unsurpassed quality.