Few characteristic of a metal shoe horn!

It happens quite often that while putting on your shoe, the back of the shoe crunches and wearing the shoe becomes highly involved. Make these things easier; that’s why metal shoe horn was established. This device just extends the life of your shoe. It prevents the shoe from crushing and breaking. However, what one wants is to wear their without any difficulty and this device delivers just this. Leather shoes show earlier signs of breakage. The material is such that it shows crack earlier than most other shoes.metal shoe horn

Long Reach Handled Shoe Horn

Description of a metal shoe horn

If you want effortless putting on of a shoe, then you should use this device. One of the primary reasons why is because, it prevents the back of your shoe from crushing, which in turn extends the shoe life to a great extent.

One of the sides is concave. However, the other side is convex along with an easy hole to place your finger. The device is made of stainless steel or may be any metal. This comes in handy while you get on the tight dress shoes with minimum damage to the footwear.

Advantages of a metallic shoe horn

The benefits are quite simple.

  • Due to its metallic construction, the durability and life of the device are quite long.
  • For easy usage, one side is made concave whereas the other side is made convex.
  • You can hold it properly with the help of a natural hole.

Directions for use

At times this device is often called as a shoespooner. It is a tool that allows the users to put on a shoe with ease. The next thing that you should know is how it works.

It keeps the mouth of the shoe open thus, allowing a smooth ramp for the heel to fall into the shoes. A hard one is the best since it is much more durable and efficient as well. Wooden ones are also available, but it is better if you go for the steel ones.

The portion that runs around the back of the shoe is kept intact. Therefore, it is not crushed. Thus, acting just like a lever of first class.

Various sizes available

You might find a lot of sizes of a metal shoe horn. However, the basic design is just the same, excepting the handle. In the recent models, you will see a lot of shoe horns with a long handle; this makes it even easier to manage, and you do not have to sit to wear the shoe. You can do the same just by standing and that too without harming the shoe.


One of the significant facts is that, by correctly inserting your foot inside the shoe, you can avoid joint pains that can appear for a long term. If you buy the long handle shoe horn, then you get to avoid bending. This is a plus point for the elderly people who already has joint and muscle pain. Therefore, there is no need of staining your legs if you have a long metal shoe horn by your side to give you company.