The Shoe Anatomy Explained

shoe anatomyAnatomy of a Shoe

Shoes are the common word which is used by us in our language as well as in our daily lives. Shoe anatomy is something which we are not aware about. The entire part of the shoe is divided into different parts and each one is named differently on the basis of their functions.

It is really strange to see that the shoe is a small thing but it contains number of shoe anatomy. There are some of the terms which are listed below that describe the parts. There are some terms which apply to all kinds of shoes like sole but there are certain terms which are applicable to only some types of shoes.


The part which is forward facing of the heel and is under the arch is known as the breast. It is under the arch of the sole and it is named due to its functions. It is sharp and shaped like breasts. There is a stiff piece which is positioned between the lining and upper art of the shoe.

Counter of Shoe

The spoof material piece is at the heel of the shoe and it is well known as the counter of the shoe. The counter is the part of the shoe which is important as it helps in maintaining the shape of the shoe. The counter is the part which strengthens the rear part of the shoe.


Have you ever imagined that feather can also be a part of shoe anatomy? It is in real. Feather is the part of the shoe where the sole and the upper edge meet. Heel is the obvious and common anatomy of shoe which might have been heard by everyone.


Heel is the sole part of the shoe which is used to raise the rear part so that it can be in relation with the front of the shoe.

Heel Seat

The heal seat means the top of the heal which touches the upper part and is usually shaped so that it can match the form of the upper part. The part of the heel which usually comes in the contact with the ground is known as the top piece. There are any purpose and functions of the heel of shoe. It is used to make a balance of the front and rear parts of shoes. In some cases the heel of the shoe is higher which is to give a fashionable look.

Sole of the Shoe

Sole is the most common part o shoe which is present in all the types of shoes. The entire part of the shoe which sits below the foot is called as the sole. The upper part of shoe and sole of shoe make a complete shoe. The purpose of sole is to provide comfort to the wearer.


Insole is again a common anatomy heard about the shoe. The insole is the layer of material which is inside the shoe and it is sued to create the layer between the sole and the feet of the wearer. Insole functions to provide comfort to the wearer as it hides the join between the upper. Linings are also found commonly in all types of shoes ad it is inside the shoe. It is situated around the quarter and the vamp. The linings provide the comfort to wearer and also increase the lifespan of the shoe. A good quality lining is useful to sustain your shoes for longer time.


Similar to insole, another shoe anatomy is outsole. Outsole is the exposed part of sole which is in contact with the ground. The different parts of shoes are made up of different materials which help in increasing durability and quality. In the same way the outsoles are also made up of different variety of materials. The outsole needs the durability, grip and water resistance. Thus while buying shoe you need to make it clear about the materials used in different parts of the shoes. This shoe anatomy is to provide you knowledge about the parts of the shoes.


Puff is again a part of the shoe which is inside the upper part and it reinforces the upper part that allows giving the proper support and shape to the toe. Usually the functionality of the puff is similar to that of toe cap.

Shoe Quarter

Shoe quarter is the part of shoe which covers a good area of shoe. It is the rear and the sides of the upper part covering the heel which is at the back of vamp. The heel section of quarter is strengthened with the stiffener and it allows getting support to the rear of the foot. There are some of the shoe designs which use the continuous piece for the vamp and quarter. In normal cases the leather material is used in shoes.


Seats are not only in cars but they are also in shoes. The shoe seat is where the heel sits in the shoe. It matches with the shape of the heal for proving better support and comfort. Shank is a unique piece of the shoe anatomy and it is the piece of metal which is inserted between the insole against the foot arch and the sole of the shoe.


Your shoes also have throat. Throat is the front part of the vamp which is next to the toe cap. The shoes where the quarter and the camp are one piece, the throat is the eye stay.


The entire part of the shoe which covers the foot is called the upper part of the shoe. Vamp is the section of the upper which covers the foot front.


The strip of the material which joins the upper and the sole is called as the welt of the shoe. The shoes can have the toe cap in the front upper part of the shoe.

Toe Cap

The toe caps are of different forms and they can be used as the extra layer of the shoe. The solid toe caps are used for protection like the steel toe caps. These are the shoe anatomy covering the different parts of a shoe.       

shoe anatomy

Shoe Anatomy

So, there you go. Now you should have a better idea about the Anatomy of a shoe.


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