Making your shoes comfortable with a Shoe Expander​

The Shoe Expander has time and again proved to be one of essential tools for a person who is she enthusiast. After all, how many times has it happened that you bought a pair of shoes for yourself only to find that it doesn’t fit you properly? When such a thing happens, you are left with no choice other than getting it exchanged. But that is not always possible. As such, a shoe stretcher or expander is what you need at your disposal.shoe expander

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What is a Shoe Expander?

It is basically a device that can be used for stretching a part of the shoe or its entire length depending on what your needs is.

Depending on the type, you can increase either the length or the width of the shoe. Such an expander is termed as a one-way expander.

Alternatively, there is also a kind of expander which allows you to stretch in both directions. As per the naming system, it is known as a two-way expander.

Do understand however that there is a limit to how much you can expand the shoe. You obviously cannot take a size 6 shoe to a size 8. It can only be used for making minor adjustments here and there, so be aware of that fact.


Now, there have to be some limitations regarding which materials a Shoe Expander can work on right? There are some materials with which an expander works best with while there are some which are best avoided if possible. Obviously, an expander works best with all kinds of natural materials like leather, suede and so on. Vinyl does not do well with an expander because there isn’t enough meat in the material in order to differ the outcome.

Shoe Types

Another thing that you should be aware of is the fact that there are different kinds of expanders out there in the market. And some of them work with only particular types of shoes. For instance, a boot expander is something that will only stretch boots. Also, there are different types of expanders for men as well as women. This is mainly due to the variety in the type of footwear there is for the two sexes.

Shoe Expander for High Heels

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Shoe Expander for Boots


Tips for using

Using an expander is pretty simple in nature. However, there are some tips that everyone can follow in order to make it work more efficiently.

  • Always make sure that the expander you are buying is at least a size smaller than the shoe you are trying to expand. Otherwise, it may damage the product.
  • Adjust the screw of the expander very slowly and timidly. Do not make sudden changes; otherwise, it may cause your shoes to get damaged.
  • Try to use an expanding spray along with this device in order to make things more efficient. Using a spray beforehand definitely, helps things out.

So the next time you are in need of a Shoe Expander for you high heels, boots etc. make sure that you know the above mentioned things. After all, having prior knowledge is never a bad thing for anyone.