The three different types of a shoe fitter

The use of a shoe fitter is something that has proven to be useful for everyone at one point in time in their lives or the other. They are incredibly easy to run and use and helps you to get the job done efficiently. This is of course if you can follow the instructions given to you carefully.

Before getting to the actual stretching itself, you must select the type of fitter which fits your shoes the best. Each of them is unique and is used for stretching particular areas of the shoes. So without further ado, here are some of the main types of stretchers for your shoe.shoe fitter

Types of a shoe fitter? Professional Shoe Stretcher

  • Two-Way Stretcher

When people think about a stretcher for their shoes, they first type of shoe fitter that they think of is the 2-way stretcher. If you are unaware of what this does, it is exactly as the name suggests. The reason it is called a 2-way stretcher is because of the fact that you can change both the length as well as the width of your shoe with it.

Do keep in mind that different shoes have different lengths and as such, there are 2-way stretchers of various sizes, each fitting a shoe of a different duration and width. It is also needless to say that this is far superior to a one-way stretcher simply because of the fact that it can stretch the shoes in both dimensions as opposed to a one-way stretcher.

  • Vamp/Inset

This is another type of shoe stretcher that can help increase the space inside your shoe. The way this one works is that it simply raises the areas above where the foot is placed inside to a certain degree. This makes sure that there is more flexibility to the shoe when walking, as far as the wearer is concerned.

Every time you walk a step, the shoe you are wearing will come down on the top side of your foot. This is important because there needs to be a minimum amount of space above your foot inside the shoe so that there is no ‘smashing’ inside. A comfortable walk depends heavily on this aspect, and a vamp provides that factor.

  • Toe Stretcher


Last but not the least, there is the toe stretcher. Basically, this is a type of shoe fitter which is used for lifting the areas inside the shoe above your toes. Sometimes, there are specific shoe types which just do not allow any sort of space above your toes. It is pretty similar to the vamp in the sense that it is used for providing space above your foot.

As already mentioned above, you will find that there are different sized shoe stretchers of the various sized shoes. It also depends on a lot on the gender for which the shoes are made. Do some research before making a full purchase? So keeping all of that in mind, do make sure that you have chosen the best option for your shoe fitter.