Shoe horn for boots and its advantages!

Till now you were only aware of those small shoe horns. However, to make things even easier, you can now find shoe horns for boots. You might ask how different it is from the previous kind of shoehorn. However, in this one you do not have to bend thus, allowing a very natural fit for your feet in the shoes without having to bend.

Advantages of shoe horns for boots

shoe horns for bootsThis proves to be highly beneficial for people who have back problems. Guys like them cannot afford to turn due to their back problems. Thus, the long handle makes it a lot easier for people such as them to just hold the handle and place their feet inside those shoes nicely and quickly.

This is beneficial for boots as well. The primary reason being, boots have long calves and with a shoe like that, you cannot use a little shoehorn in any way. It would be nice if you have a shoe for a horn for boots. These have long handles that are more than the length of the calf of the boots. Thus, the handle would stick out. All you have to do is place the heel on the horns and let it slide till it reaches the shoe.

The device does not snag the stocking or the sock which you are wearing. Moreover, it is very light. Thus it is very easy to use and handle. Therefore, do not get misguided by its long shape.

Directions to use a shoe horns for boots

This device is very easy to use. Use is very similar to those short shoe horns. Take a look at the steps required using a shoe horns for boots.

  • At the back of your shoes, place the long blade of the shoe horn.
  • Point the tip of your feet inside the shoe.
  • Start inserting it slowly inside the shoe.
  • Slide the heel onto the base of the shoe horn.
  • Once the majority part of your feet is inside the shoe, excepting your heel,
  • Slide out the long metal shoe horn.

This will ensure that the back side of the shoe does not crumble which makes it less durable, and the shoes tear easily within few days of buying.

Metal Shoe Horn

You should also know that shoe horn is found both wooden as well as in metal. Wooden shoe horns were out first only then it was improved upon. Now, you also have the metal shoe horn which is long lasting and more durable than the wooden ones.

Metals like nickel, copper, stainless alloys are used for this. The weight of the device is also not too much. Therefore, it is easy to handle. This also comes with a loophole which makes it simpler to hold as well as the handle.

Various types of shoe horn are available

Your shoes are very precious to you. Thus, you should try not to damage it to the greatest extent you can. Make sure to wear it nicely with the help of shoe horn. This will ensure that the back of the shoe does not crumble. This happens very often with leather shoes.

Leather shoes are very delicate and must be used as delicately as possible. Professional shoe horns are made from steel that is of high quality. The smoothness is so high that your feet easily slides down the entire length and into your shoe. Moreover, the professional ones have round edges; the smooth round curves prevent the boot from getting damaged and allows continuous removal of the shoe horn once you have inserted your foot.

History of shoe horn

It first appeared during the middle Ages. It was Elizabeth 1 who first bought these devices from her blacksmith. You will find several geometric designs of these shoe horns some are sort whereas some are long. The long ones are presumably for long boots, to restrain the users from staining their back and inserting their feet inside the delicate shoes.

The reason why it is called “shoe horn” is because the most sensitive and expensive ones are made from the real horn of animals.

Wearing the shoes correctly

The thing is, it is very nice to buy a perfect new pair of shoe. But as many have noticed, it is equally difficult to put these on. Thus, to prevent these delicate shoes from getting damaged the shoe horns were established. If you use this device correctly, you will soon realize the benefit of them.

With this, you can gently put the feet inside the shoe without having to pull the shoe. Therefore, the back part of the shoe is out of danger.

Buy the exact kind of shoe horn

Do not buy just any shoe horn. There is a variety of these available. Purchase the kind you need and the kind you want. Not all of them serve for the same type of shoe.

Construction of a shoe horn for boots

The modern type of shoe horn comprises of three parts.

  • The horn – a curved piece of wood metal fitted to the heel of the performer.
  • The handle – this is the main reason why you could have a grip on the device.
  • The leading ­- this is an attachment that connects the handle and the horn.

The design is so good that it allows the user to leverage the heel effectively to increase the area of both the foot as well as the sole. The primary shoe horn has measurements typically around fifteen to twenty centimeters, but the handle is expanded to suit the needs of many individuals, for instance, shoe horn for boots have long handles.

Where to buy it?

You will find this device anywhere. For instance, any shoe accessory shop or even on the internet. The internet is the best place where you can find these. At a stretch, you can get a variety of different kinds of shoe horns for boots.