What are the different types of shoe jewelry?

shoe jewelry


There are different types of shoe jewelry found in the market these days. The old days are gone where people would wear a dress, makeup, and a right shoe to go with it. Nowadays, the shoes are becoming the focal point of your entire attire, thus make it a point to highlight your feet as much as possible. You so know the famous saying “You know a man by the shoe he wears.” However, the same saying goes for a woman as well. Take a look at some of the fantastic shoe jewelry that would go very nicely with your shoes.

Shoe clips

These tiny accessories to go with your stilettoes are fantastic. Once you put them on your shoes, it is just going to feel like a part of the shoe, however, it is not. It enhances the beauty of the shoe and makes it a prime focus of your apparel.

One of the best shoe clips are the turquoise blue ones. This goes perfectly well with golden stilettoes.

Here are its specifications:

  • It is a metal clip.
  • Made from rhinestones.
  • It is a hundred percent homemade clip.
  • Handwork, as well as the craft, is beautiful.

This clip suits all the styles. You can wear it with your everyday clothes and goes very well with party dresses. You can even wear this to the office or an evening party.

Anklets or shoe chain as shoe jewelry

This has recently become a trendy item among the girls. The chain goes very well peep toes and stilettoes. The chain gets the upper portion of your feet to rest on. Thus, the various long design is perfect as your shoe chain. Here are the specifications.

  • You can get this in metal as well as plastic.
  • Designed primarily for women.
  • Silver plates shoe jewelry.

Boot shoe chain

The boot itself is a majestic type of shoe. You might be thinking that there is no way you can enhance this product. However, the present generation is so efficient that it does the impossible. The One Boot Shoe Chain jewelry has become a massive hit among the women. Just drape the chain over your boot and you are ready to go. It is better if the boot is plain but the chain is bling. This will heighten your shoe to the next level.

You can either wear this on one boot or both the boots, whatever be the case your boots will get a new and different look.

Jewelry is an integral part of every woman

Women are obsessed with jewelry. Thus, if you are female, you must also be very interested in jewelry. First of all, jewelry can be for all parts of your body. But shoe jewelry is an interesting topic these days. You see, in the earlier days, it was not so famous, however, now people are looking for ways to make an attractive appeal with the shoes.


This is one of the most traditional and old jewelry. However, people, these days are making it an attractive piece of jewelry by making several changes. These are worn to enhance the beauty of your feet. For women, their feet is something that is special for them.

Chunky anklets go with simple shoes. In this case, the shoes do not have too much of design on them. Thus, the chunky jewelry adds to the simplicity in such a manner so that it becomes a shoe jewelry.

Pearl Anklets is an unusual form of shoe jewelry

The piece of jewel attracts attention to your feet. Pair it with traditional stilettoes. The best thing about these is that you can even wear without the shoes, this is what makes these so trendy and fashionable. It enhances your feet to such an extent that nobody can see their eyes off your shoe or rather off your feet.

Barefoot sandals

This is a perfect addition to your wedding. This adorable and lovable piece of jewelry is something you want that will reflect the uniqueness of the bride. You might ask what this is.

This is an all in one toe ring, foot thing, and anklet. This is an elegant and stylish way to embellish your feet. Moreover, this even gives you the freedom of going barefoot. You can wear it with or without shoes as well.

Shoe rings

Rings are an excellent piece of jewelry, but when you pair it with your shoes, it gives you an exciting and stylish feeling. For instance, a ballet shoe ring is a beautiful customized piece of jewelry that will bring out the dancer in you. Instead of ballerina shoes, it might be booted. Different types of shoes can be embedded with a ring to make it a shoe jewelry.

Shoe Earrings

If you are mad about shoes, then why not show it? Fashionable rings topped with a variety of shoe is the best way to portray your love for shoes. High heels are a charm for the girls. For instance, if you can find a gold plated shoe earring that is topped with pale green glass then consider yourself very lucky. This is a perfect accessory for all the shoe fetish people.

Swirl shoe clip

It happens quite often that you do not want to buy new shoes. However, your old shoes are getting annoying. You can add a charm to them by just adding a little shine. A silver plated swirl wire shoe clip will do the work for you. Thus, you get to watch something turn new by giving it a fun addition.

Flip flop shoe necklace

This is a thong necklace with a shoe locket. This is an excellent beach jewelry. Nothing can be better than just a simple chain that is topped with a pump. You can find both golds as well as silver plated ones.

For women, the shoe is an important part of their attire. Thus, you should do everything you can to enhance it. Even jewelry like earrings and necklaces can be customized in such a manner so that shoes become a part of it. For instance, various kinds of boot rings make a beautiful shoe jewelry.