The sexual energy: learn about its origin and importance

It is quite necessary to learn how to control your sexual energy that flows through the vagina. A male body is deeply connected to his sexual energy via his physical strength, his competence, his capability, his emotional and spiritual assets etc. A woman can use a Yoni egg to make this happened.sexual energy

How to control the sexual energy with the three finger method?

This three finger method is almost five years old and was first originated in China. It is quite easy and anyone can learn to do it in no time. With the help of this technique, you can stop the decrement of your sperm count by applying pressure with your three fingers at the perfect point.

A few moments before you start ejaculating pull out your penis from your partner’s vagina and apply pressure at the point between your anus and penis with the right hand with three long fingers. By doing this you stop the possibility of ejaculation for the time being and thereby saving the sexual energy that flows through the vagina.

At first, you need to find the correct spot. Locate the exact spot between anus and scrotum to save the sexual energy flow within your body.

Next, after locating the spot, you have to apply the right amount of force, not too hard, not too light.

Lastly, use three long fingers viz. index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to stop the ejaculation. Only one finger won’t be sufficient to perform this technique.

When is the right time to perform this three finger method in order to control the sexual energy that flows through the vagina?

The moment you feel like you are about to ejaculate while having sex, you need to pull out your penis and perform this technique. If you are a bit late to do this blocking technique, then you mere pressure of fingers won’t be enough to stop the flow of the fluid and you will start ejaculating.

Following are some tips regarding the sexual energy flow control:

  • It is better not to overdo the method of fluid blocking way too much. Twice or thrice a week will be enough.
  • After performing these techniques, you might get heated up. Stay in a cool environment and drink more water to cool yourself down.
  • After performing this method of controlling sexual energy flow for a few months, you will notice that your sexual ability will increase even more. You will have erections more than you used to have and it will also last longer.
  • The trick is to apply the right amount of pressure to your penis and anus. You might not be able to figure this out at the few tries, so for that, you should practice this more often.
  • While trying this method, you might feel tired after having sex because of putting a bit more effort on blocking your ejaculation. This is quite normal.
  • But if you keep this practicing this method of blocking continuously you will see the tiredness has gone and you have gained a new sexual energy that flows through the vagina that you can control at your will.