Women’s Shoe Stretcher-How to Use and Where to Buy?



Things you must know about choosing the best women’s shoe stretcher! Despite knowing your proper foot width and shoe size, in spite of your best endeavors to insure a good fit and comfort, sometimes you may find that you have brought home a pair of shoes that are too close-fitting to provide comfort to your feet. Instead of tight-fitted shoes, a pair of well-fitted shoe is what your feet need. However in this era, when online stores have become the prevailing shopping destination it is hard to buy a well fitted pair of shoes, as we often do not enjoy the privilege of trying out the shoes in a shop before you buy them. In these circumstances you need something that can provide you with perfect-fitted shoes without the need for altering them. How to use and where to buy the best shoe stretcher? 

When can you use shoe stretchers?

However, instead of this one reason there are several good reasons to use a stretcher. Depending upon the material of the shoe, sometimes your shoes will shrink. Due to medical conditions your feet may swell. If you stay on your feet whole day then your foot may be swollen by the end of it, if you are gaining weight you may also get swollen foot.  Or perhaps you land between two different sizes and can’t find the exact fit. Bunions, corns, bulges and a few other foot imperfections are the reasons why that hurt your feet while wearing shoes and painful feet can make life pretty miserable. Happy feet mean a happy day, without the contentment of your feet it is hard to pass a peaceful day.

No one of wants to throw away our most expensive or our favorite pair of shoes; fortunately the shoe stretcher for bunions and corns can alleviate the situation and it also is a perfect remedy to ensure the comfort of your feet in spite of having some imperfections on your feet. The leather of the shoe needs to be conditioned regularly otherwise the leather may shrink. Actually, the stretcher can be used in expanding the length and width of your foot-wear. To get the best benefit you may settle on buying a two-way stretcher. Different types of stretchers are made for different shoes such as boots, high heels, flats and other certain kinds of footwear. Before buying ensure that the shoe stretcher is suitable to fulfill the job.

  • A 2-way high heel stretcher helps to stretch width and length
  • An instep stretcher helps in lifting certain a portion of the shoe that covers the top of the foot
  • Toe stretchers aid in lifting toe box giving more height to the toes.
  • You can also find boot stretchers that assist in stretching the shaft of boots to create more space for your foot.

All the stretchers listed here received 4 stars out of 5 or better in our tests and in our customers reviews, so you can shop with confidence.

Best Women Shoe Stretchers for 2017

Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

(Stretching for both width and length) For best results always use a spray/liquid stretcher aid with your device.

shoe stretcher example 88

If you have a wider foot, I definitely recommend you buying a 2-way stretcher. Also a spray stretcher can be used on most of your shoes and you won’t have to deal with the discomfort of too small shoes or have to find shoes in a wide width all the time. This is definitely the best two way stretcher on the market, 5 out of 5- stars for width, length and spot stretching.

Question: What size stretcher should I get if I wear size 10 1/2 men shoes?

Answer: The Footfitter stretcher is very well made – you won’t be sorry! Comes with directions – Men’s medium US size (9-11) Also good tip! You may also want to buy some brand of foot stretcher spray to use with it for best results. Good luck!


Women’s Professional 1-Way Shoe Stretcher

(Width only)   HOW TO STRETCH SHOES EXAMPLE 3 women's shoe stretcher

The Footfitter Premium Professional One-Way Stretcher transforms any pair of tight shoes for men or women into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes. No more breaking-in of new shoes. The FootFitter® Premium Professional One-Way Stretcher can help you with many foot problems and with foot pain caused by tight shoes. With the FootFitter® Premium Professional One-Way Stretcher you can widen the shoe in oppressive places. The FootFitter Premium Professional One-Way Stretcher can be used for the right and the left shoe. It is a simple and easy way to make tight or oppressive shoes for men and women fit comfortably.

  • Beech wood
  • Stretches Length & Width, 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Single Stretcher Only! Comes With Packet of 3 Bunion/Corn Plugs
  • Available in 4 Sizes for Men, 3 Sizes for Women, Can Be Used for Right & Left Shoes
  • Made of Premium Beech Wood, 14 Holes for Pressure Point Relief
  • Comprehensive Instructions, Made in Germany 

Women’s shoe stretcher

Footfitter Premium 3″- 6″ High Heel Stretcher

5 out of 5 stars for spot and width stretching

HIGH HEELS shoe stretcher example 21Look no further, there’s finally a high heel stretcher that will be able to fit high heels. The FootFitter Premium 3″- 6″ High Heel Stretcher is built to increase the width for 3″ – 6″ high heels. If your feet feel tight in the toe area, this is what you need. Wear your favorite high heel shoes and feel comfortable at the same time! NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN WIDE OR NARROW WIDTH SHOES. Compared to other High Heel Stretchers, this stretcher is perfectly made to fit into heels over 3 inches. The stretcher is made out of polished beech wood and stainless steel mechanics. Use the additional 3 bunion plugs for additional bunion and toe relief by inserting them into the premade holes at the front of the stretcher.

FootFitter Bunion Stretcher is the ideal shoe stretch solution for people with bunion problems. If your footwear needs to be stretched only in one particular spot this Bunion Stretcher is the ideal solution for you. This durable, heavy steel construction can even be clamped on over night.


high heel 2-way shoe stretcher example 3

Professional Adjustable Polyester and Metal Shoe  Tree, 2-Way Ladies High Heel – Stretches both width and length

4 1/2 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

With this professional shoe stretcher, High Heels length and width can be expended for less discomfort. It’s perfect for solving the problem of shoes that are too small, and helps in keeping your shoes in perfect shape when not in use. Material: Polyester + Metal.

  • Fits most women’s high heel shoes
  • Type: Two-Way
  • Essential for shoe shops or households
  • Shoe Tree

shoe keeper stretch and spray combo

Shoekeeper Stretcher & Spray Combo

I’ve read that some stretchers are shoddily made.  The Shoekeeper Stretcher & Spray is very sturdy; the mechanism works well.  I give it a 5 out of 5 for spot stretching. Even if you have hammer toe with a corn the pre-drilled holes are in the right spot.  You can drill another hole – but it’s not going to be easy because the stretcher is made of very solid material. Be aware also that this stretcher stretches shoes in width, but not in length.

Product Description

• Expand your shoes to the perfect fit • Stretch spray softens leather • Screw-driven stretcher expands leather to eliminate pinching • Metal plugs included for spot stretching • Kit includes one stretcher and one bottle of 4 oz. spray Sizes: S (fits Women’s shoe sizes 4-1/2 to 6) M (fits Women’s shoe sizes 6-1/2 to 8) L (fits Women’s shoe sizes 8-1/2 to 9-1/2) Women’s sizes 9-1/2 to 11. Please order men’s stretcher size (M) or a medium Men’s stretcher.

footfitter premium professional boot stretcher example 1

Best Boot Stretchers for 2017

FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher for Stretching Dress, Hiking and Work Boots

FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher has a superior quality beech wood foot piece that is specifically designed to fit into your regular (NOT Western Style) boots.

Best Instep Stretchers for Boots and Shoes

After you have worn your western boots or boots without a zipper, you have properly experienced tightness in the Vamp/instep. This device will relieve the pain from your tight boot. It features a universal jointed rod for use in even very high top boots. High quality wood stretcher. The one used by all professionals and in all Western Boot Shops.

boots stretchers


 Best Cowboy Boot Instep Stretcher 5 stars

Professional Western Boot Instep Stretcher Men and Women

Expandable instep raiser helps relieve painful tightness.

  • Available in 2 Sizes for Men, 2 Sizes for Women
  • Can Be Used for Right & Left Boot


instep raiser shoe stretcher 4Good value for the money and 4 1/2 stars

Star Professional Instep Raiser and Vamp Stretcher

The specially formed foot piece can be inserted deep into your shoes. The stretching mechanism of this Shoe Instep Stretcher or Vamp Raiser will stretch one of the most difficult to stretch parts of your shoe, your instep.

Professional stretcher for the height or vamp of shoes.

  • Made of durable hard wood
  • Helps shoes fit correctly for added comfort
  • Use on right or left shoe


instep raiser shoe stretcher 5Best Boot Instep Stretcher we could find, customers give this 4 1/2 stars

Vamp New Professional Boot Instep Stretcher

Vamp Stretcher for boots are equipped with a u-joint to fit down into the boot and adjust to stretch the instep area of the boot. The vamp raiser relieves pressure in the most difficult area to stretch-the instep. Universal shape fits both left and right shoes.

combination boot and shaft stretcher example 1

Foot Fitter Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher

The Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher is a professional device used to stretch the instep and shaft of your boots. It gradually stretches the boot shaft and instep to relieve tightness around the calf muscles.

This stretcher has a mechanism which allows for stretching the instep or the shaft of your boots. This heavy duty stretcher will last you through the years and will fit most boots.

  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Also works on Western, Work, and Riding boots
  • One size fits all (view measurements)
  • Stretches boot shaft and boot instep at the same time.

 When it comes to talk about the best stretcher for wide feet, naturally the name of Stretch Genie will come up, its stretching mechanism can customize the fittings of most shoes. With this you can get relief from discomfort, and it can provide immediate relief from the pain of wearing tight-fitted shoes. While choosing a stretcher for synthetic material, you must be very cautious about the ingredients of the stretcher, the oily part of the cream based stretcher or alcohol based stretcher may have different impacts upon the material.

Best Shoes for Running

New Balance Men's Vazee Pace Running Shoe EXAMPLE 1New Balance Men’s Vazee Pace Running Shoe

The REVlite midsole combined with a lightweight blown rubber outsole provide optimal speed and comfort as you strive towards your next personal best. The sneaker fits like a second skin, with a bootie construction and no-sew overlays to help reduce irritation against the foot. New for New Balance in 2015, the Vazee Collection embraces athlete’s inherent need for speed.


New Balance Women's Vazee Rush Running Shoe example 1New Balance Women’s Vazee Rush Running Shoe

From the gym to the road, the New Balance Vazee Rush was uniquely designed with a mid-foot support saddle to accommodate nimble directional changes. REVlite midsole cushioning provides impact absorption and energy return, while a multi-directional outsole design offers traction on the track or court.


adidas Performance Men's Adizero Boston Boost 5 M Running Shoe EXAMPLE 1adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Boston Boost 5 M Running Shoe

Great shoe for speed workouts or long runs. Everything adidas does is built on the passion to make athletes better, faster and stronger.

This shoe is meant for experienced runners who do not need extra support. Cool ventilation, lower heel to support mid-foot stride. Light weight yet firm.


Nike Air Zoom OdysseyNike Air Zoom Odyssey

Reach the next level of your training in the comfort of the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Women’s Running Shoe. Three foam densities in the midsole help slow your rate of pronation, while the upper delivers locked-down stability with updated Flywire technology for an ultra-smooth ride, this is one of the best running shoes for flat feet.


Best Shoes for Zumba

RYKA Women's Moxie Cross-Training ShoeRYKA Women’s Moxie Cross-Training Shoe

Whether training indoors or out, this flexible Ryka shoe allows you to turn and cut on a dime.

Synthetic and mesh upper in a low-impact dance studio sneaker.

Lace-up front, padded tongue and collar.

Direct-Fuse and Flex Foil materials provide support. 


Nike Women's Flex 2014 Rn Running Shoe example 1Nike Women’s Flex 2014 Running Shoe

The Nike Flex Run 2014 Women’s Running Shoe is made with lightweight mesh and a midfoot webbing system that integrates with the laces for lightweight breathability and an adaptive, supportive fit. Soft cushioning and articulated flex grooves offer plush comfort and natural range of motion.

ryka-womens-dynamic-2-cross-training-shoe example 1RYKA Women’s Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoe

Building on the original Ryka Classic, the dynamic 2 is the perfect workout shoe for all her training needs. The layered mesh provides breathability, while allowing the dynamic fit system to provide desired level of support for her feet.

Buying shoes that fit seems to be good advice, as long as you don’t have deformed feet. Most elderly people have serious problems with the standard brands sold.  Your best bet is to use a stretcher to get your favorite shoes to where its most comfortable. Caution: do not use excessive heat (or hot water) on your shoes as it will weaken the glue bonds. Be careful of alcohol, it could dissolve the glue. It’s not a bad idea to apply a cream to your soaked shoes. It retards vaporization which results in a longer drying time of your shoes, so they can adapt better. The problem is that most shoes consist of limited amounts of leather (expensive) and a lot of synthetic materials (cheap). Therefore, a cream in the oily part will have different results with different brands. There’s nothing more comfortable than custom-fitted boots/shoes & nothing more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting pair, a stretcher can help provide relief to those who suffer from painful bunions, corns and hammertoes or just shoes that are a little too small. Use the removable pressure relief pod to spot stretch needed areas.

How to stretch with rubbing alcohol?

  Grab a spray bottle and fill it up with some rubbing alcohol. Spray the inside of your shoes until they are slightly damp and pop them on your bare feet. Strut around in them until the alcohol dries. Repeat if your shoes are still a bit snug as many times as needed.

Hairdryer/Socks Method  

Put on one or two pair of thick socks (or as thick as will fit!) and slip on your shoes. Aim a hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds while wiggling your toes and and bending your feet inside the shoe, run around and squat down while the shoe is still warm. Keep the shoes on while they cool. If you need more room, repeat the process again.

  lexol best leather conditioner example 3An extra tip for those with shoes where the leather is thicker- apply a little leather conditioner while the leather is still warm – but do not heat the leather after you put the conditioner on as you’ll ruin the shoe.  The conditioner helps to relax the fibers in the leather/material and mold it to your foot.  Lexol Leather Conditioner – You can get it at Amazon just  natural supplements for depression and anxiety example 2

Recognized by Cobblers, Auto Restorers and detailing professionals as “the best”

Extends the life of leather by restoring the oils used in the tanning process

An odorless non-greasy aqueous emulsion, Lexol contains no chemical solvents

Not for use on napped leathers, suede or glove leather

For Auto interiors, Shoes, Handbags, Sporting goods, Luggage and many other items

Can wearing your shoes at home help it to stretch?

  YES.. This is the easiest option: if your shoes are not so tight as to be completely unwearable, simply put them on and wear them around the house, until they have adjusted to your feet. This might take a couple days, but it’s so natural, it’s practically organic!

Advantage of using Spray Stretcher

This shoe spray is made of alcohol which dries relatively quicker in comparison to other stuff.  Furthermore it relaxes the boot shoe stretcher example 101 and leather, which aids in stretching boot and/or leather easily. It also keeps the material of the shoe flexible and soft. While you are in hurry, you can use a stretcher spray to save time. You just need to spray it over the particular areas a few minutes before stepping into it. By killing the bacteria it also ensures a longer lifespan for the shoe. The alcohol present into this spray helps to kill bacteria and other germs.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars in customer reviews

Professional Boot & Shoe Leather Stretch – Stretch Tight Fitting Leather, Suede and Vinyl Shoes or Boots – 4 oz.

Here is another good shoe spray stretcher  4 star rating.


Stretch Genie Spray and Stretcher

The miracle stretching system that will customize the fit of your shoes. Shoes and gloves fit better- magically! Stretch shoes for ultimate comfort. Get the custom fit you have been wishing for. Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort of tight-fitting shoes with the miracle stretching system that will customize the fit of your shoes. The Spray Stretch Genie Solution penetrates leather to relax and soften fibers. Expanders have adjustable contoured knobs that reach narrow, tight-fitting areas. Specially designed expanders gently expand your foot-wear’s toe box width and heel. Two easy ways to customize the fit of your shoes: Spray Stretch Genie Solution and go! Or spray and use expanders for maximum results. Repeat as needed to achieve desired results. Features: It provides immediate relief from wearing ill-fitting shoes, eliminates the need to “break-in” shoes relieves discomfort from common foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, misshapen hammertoes, and uneven foot sizes. Product includes the Stretch Genie solution (4 fl oz), spray pump, and expander x 2.

If you think that by pulling your shoes from both sides you can make it bigger and wider and fit it into your leg rather than frankly saying that you will get nothing but a broken shoe or that this method won’t make the shoe bigger. The Wooden shoe is a reliable name in the domain of stretchers that are designed by expert professionals and cannot be made at home. Actually, they are designed to treat a particular area of the shoe without weakening the material. All you need to do is to find the best stretcher for your wide feet to gain the best outcome.

Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch example 1Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch (1) 7oz

Kiwi Select shoe stretch has been developed to permanently stretch shoes and gloves made of leather, suede, nubuck, or reptile skins. Not recommended for use on man-made materials. 

Like the stretchers shoe sprays also execute the task of making the width and length of the shoe wider and larger respectively. Buying the 2-way stretcher of FootFitter Professional Kit can facilitate your shoe stretching immensely if you have wider feet. This kit is consisted of both spray and tool. The material of the stretcher is sturdy but it works only to widen your foot sole not enlarge it.

If you are looking for a quality stretcher to last you for years to come never buy one that’s mostly made up of plastic materials, more than 90% of the best stretchers – we listed here are made of quality hard wood and steel. They all received 4 1/2 or more stars in our customer’s reviews. You’ll notice the difference between plastic and wooden shoe stretchers, we guarantee it.



What makes footfitter the best stretcher on the market?


What is footfitter?

Footfitter can be defined as one of the best shoe stretching company, with tools which is used to make a shoe longer or at times wider. The shoe stretcher is basically used for the reduction and elimination of a large chunk of discomfort in various areas on the shoe while you wear it. It is the safest and traditional method combined with modern technologies to give you a great result in terms fitting the shoe in the best way possible,

Best methods

The shoe stretching techniques use some of the most modern methods to transform your uncomfortable and misfit shoe into a perfect and comfortable shoe. This footfitter is one of the cheapest and most convenient methods of stretching your shoe in a fine and fluent manner. This device is highly effective in giving you positive results on putting pressure on different sections of the shoe to match it to your perfect foot size.


The shoe stretcher is one of the most helpful devices which are perfect in giving you a nice fit; the stretcher comes along with a stretch spray which can be really useful in softening the leather portions of yours shoes. Then the screw driven device which is the shoe stretcher could be applied in your shoe to eliminate a large chunk of the tight portion and pinching part of your shoe. This device also has metal plugs which could be very vital in spot stretching of your shoe the best way possible.

The rod handle and the two halves of the device which may be made up of wood or may be made up of plastic are an integral part of the device and can help in integrating the expansion and stretching procedure of the shoe. This mechanism makes it one of the perfect options for toes and can be highly useful for your bunion stretches.


The device provides you with various features and options in your footfitter, and it helps in giving you the best possible help for stretching your shoe:

  • It is a professional kit with width and shoe stretch spray
  • It uses a modern mechanism device
  • It’s new technology helps in stretching shoe the best way possible
  • Provides adequate amount of comfort
  • The kit is at times accompanied by corn pieces and bunion
  • Useful for both left and right shoe
  • Uses the best materials

Nice material

The stretcher device is one of the finest materials which can help you wear your favourite shoes without getting any blisters or pain in your foot. The footfitter can be the ultimate option to help you loosen up your shoes in a fine and easy manner. The materials used in the manufacturing of the footfitter is wooden and even plastic, this device would help in stretching the shoes the best way possible, and these stretchers have a steel bar which comes with a rod handle connected with the wooden foot or the plastic foot to stretch the shoe in the right proportions and amounts.

Unisex device

This device is meant for both men and women and can be very effective in lending the right shape, stretch and size to your shoes. This device is very useful in maintaining the right position and posture for your shoe both the left and the right one, and this can be really helpful in giving you a comfortable feeling. It is equally effective for both men and women and the materials used in this device makes it very much one of the best to give you the best possible shape in your shoe.

Different variety

The footfitter can provide you with various types of shoe stretching devices which may be in different qualities, materials and different forms and all these devices include the likes of:

  1. One way shoe stretching device: This device is one of the best when it comes to stretching the width of the shoe and is very effective in stretching from the left side of the shoe to the right side of the shoe which may be ranging between your toe regions to your arch region.
  2. The two-way shoe stretcher device: This is a device which is very much similar to a one-way shoe stretching device but it also has the ability to stretch both the width and the length of your shoe.
  3. Vamp: This device helps in stretching the vamp of a shoe which is mainly related to stretching the top area of the shoe by height.
  4. Toe Raiser: it helps in stretching the toe box of the shoe
  5. The ball and ring bunion stretcher: This device relates to the stretching of pressure points which are very much related to toe region and the bunion of your shoe.
  6. Shoe stretch spray: This spray is an important part of the shoe stretching procedure which helps in loosening of the shoe fibres to allow the stretching process to work in a more efficient and easy manner.

Online help

Footfitter provides you with the highest quality in terms of materials. They have the best online services which are provided by some of the best professionals who are very handy in helping you tackle al sort of shoe fitting problem. You can get shoe fitting device at good and healthy rates which could be very useful in helping you find a nice deal and the online delivery is very straight and simple which allows you to get your products at your door steps in the shortest possible time.

Footfitter is the best

Footfitter provides you with products which are professionally designed and are very high on style quotient. They give you some of the best and most modern devices which can help you find the most comfortable fit and their shoe stretcher devices are excellent in all of their features which make it very useful in reducing a large chunk of pain without having to use any sort of effort in getting the best results.

Let’s understand the difference between the shoe trees versus stretchers before buying


What are shoe trees?

A shoe stretcher is a shoe accessory that helps to maintain the original size and the shape of the shoes. Everyone has a different shape and the size of the leg ankle and the toe, and that’s why the different shape and the size of the shoe are required for all. But for the companies to take the order according to the actual shape of the leg and prepare the shoe is bit difficult. That is why they prepare a general size and the shape of the shoes. They use the shoe trees to act as the shoe stretcher, and then they sell them.

Especially in the formal shoes, it looks very much odd if the shoe gets a wrong shape after wearing. This is the reason the shoe trees are used to maintain the actual shape and the size of the shoes when it gets stretched. It is made of the plastic or the wooden dome attached to the spiral spring. It is a very simplistic tool used in the tool. It prevents the shoes from the cracking and gets wear. It has special characteristics it can absorb a good amount of moisture from the liner and keep the feet in good condition and dry. This prevents the diseases.

What is a shoe stretcher?

A shoe stretcher is also a type of accessories that is used to maintain the size and the shape of the shoe when it is worn. It does not let you and the viewer understand that the shoe got stretched. Else if it does not get stretched uniformly, it will give a very odd shape to the viewers. The dressing and the fashion of the person wearing the shoes would get spoiled. It also absorbs the moisture and keeps the feet dry. The design of the stretcher is very complicated.

It is interwoven with a variety of linen which is mixed with leather. The shoe stretcher gives the ultimate shape of the shoe when it is worn else it would give a very bad dull shape of the shoes. It would look as if the leg of the person worn the shoe has a bad shape. If you follow the earlier shoes, especially the formal ones have a very bad shape and do not go well with the dress. If spoils the total fashion of the shoe wearer.

Why we must know the difference in the shoe tree and the shoe stretcher?

The shoe stretcher and the shoe trees have almost the same type of the function with a very little difference in them. But it must be clearly known the difference before buying the shoes and not get puzzled in the shop. It would be embarrassing if we ask the shopkeeper to make us understand what is shoe stretcher? And what is shoe tree? Being educated, we must know the smallest of the smallest things to be an all-round learner. We must also know the difference to buy the actual thing that we intend to buy. We must not be puzzled during the buy. Moreover, the shopkeeper may cheat us saying that both the things are same you can take the either things. So you will face a bit problem because both are exactly not the same. There is a very minute difference is there but we must know the thing very well to get confused, puzzled and cheated.

The difference between the shoe trees and the shoe stretcher

There is a slight change in the design only between the two shoe accessories that is the shoe tree and the shoe stretcher. Though both of them do the same function, but they operate in a bit a different way as the material, and the design is different in both the cases. The design of the shoe tree is very simple. The design of the stretcher is bit complicated. In the shoe tree, a very basic plastic or the wooden dome is attached to the shoe leather with the simple spiral spring whereas the design of the stretcher consists of the much more elaborated with the huge capability of stretching along the length and the breadthwise.

And in all the direction the stretcher can stretch much more than the shoe tree. The shoe stretcher has holes in it. This is based on a lot of research and the trial and the reviews. In the holes, the plug can be inserted, and the shoe can easily stretch at the specific points in which the respected owner may suffer from the foot corns and any disorder or the health issues in the feet. It helps in keeping the feet much more comfortable than the shoe tree. There is also a difference in the cost of the shoe accessories. Both of them are very much costly. But of the both shoe tree and the shoe stretcher, the latter is bit more costly because of its more function.


Both of them are very sophisticated shoe accessories and must be used for the comfort of the wearer and the strong sense of the modern fashion. It should be compulsorily used by the persons who have a feet disorder or the problems in the leg. If you wear the ordinary shoes, the disorder may get worse, and you may become lame forever. There is a single life for all of us and in the life, we must live very comfortably.

Can you imagine how miserable your life would be if you become lame? Throughout the life, you have to depend on others for the support. To avoid such hazard and the bad conditions of the life, you must use the shoe tree or the shoe stretcher shoes if you have any problems or the discomfort in the leg. You will get the products in the respective stores. Or else you can order the products online to get very easily.

Other great ways how to stretch boots


Isn’t it a real pain in the behind when the you buy yourself the perfect pair of boots or shoes and then go on to discover that the shoes you bought for yourself just don’t fit in. And it’s not because of their size or anything. You did a lot of research and bought shoes of the correct size and yet, they don’t seem to fit in perfectly. So what is the problem and how can you fix it? You can always return it but you probably wouldn’t want to if the shoes is that great, would you? So if you can’t return the shoes, what are the other possibilities?

  • Getting a cobbler.
  • Practicing walking around with the shoes on.
  • Using tools for stretching.
  • Using the method of freezing.
  • Using the method of expansion by heating.

Hiring a Cobbler

If you are willing to lose a couple of bucks, then you are always welcomed to go to a professional cobbler for help regarding your boots or shoes. Professional cobblers have great knowledge regarding things like these and if anyone can help you in this regard, then this is them. They can help stretch out your shoes in accordance to your liking with the help of their tools and other resources. You might not find such a cobbler in your neighbourhood itself. So look around and ask people about such a person.

But the thing about going to a cobbler to fix your shoes is that it requires a hell lot of time and effort as well. Because the cobbler will probably be using some tools to do his work, it will take a lot of time to stretch every part of the shoe evenly. Even if he succeeds, you might find yourself unsatisfied with the final result. So that is something that poses a problem.

Walking around wearing them

Another thing that you can do from your end to get the shoe to fit is by trying them on and wearing them around in the house. While this may be a painful experience, the more you wear the shoe or boot, the more you will find it taking the correct shape and size with respect to your foot. So, the best thing you can do is get as comfortable as you possibly can in those pair of boots. Doing so will eventually stretch them out even if it is little by little. Once they begin to hurt, take them off and try again after some time. You can also use a pair of really thick socks to get your foot to hurt less.

Stretching Tools

This is pretty much a straight forward alternative to visiting the cobbler. If you have any stretching tools lying around somewhere in your house, then make full use of them and get to work on those boots. Another thing you can do is to find alternatives to putting in the shoe to stretch them, instead of your feet. You can use socks, newspapers or just get a shoe-stretcher from the market in order to get your job done. Using a stretcher, you can adjust all the dimensions of the shoe. You just have to make sure that you don’t make the shoe too loose for wearing. While they are effective, they can cost your around $20.


As you probably know, water on freezing expands. This phenomenon is termed as the anomalous expansion of water. You can make use of this anomaly to stretch out your shoes. Pour a volume of water into a plastic bag and put it inside the shoes and allow them to freeze. On doing so, the water will expand in volume thus stretching your shoes in all the different directions.

If you find that it did not work during the first time, you are welcomed to try it again. It might just work out in your favour during the second time of trying. The tricky thing about this method is that you will somehow need to make sure that no amount of water can leak out of the bag and into the shoe. This is not too much of a problem for shoes that are made of waterproof material. But for shoes that can get wet, this is an issue and something that you will need to be aware of. But if you can play it right, you will hopefully get the job done.

Using Heat

You have just read that you can use the properties of water and use the phenomena of freezing to get your shoe to expand to the dimensions you want them to be in. Well, the opposite it just as possible also. Yes, that implies you can use the phenomena of heat to your advantage as well. You can heat the shoe in order to expand it and get it stretch in the parts where it is too tight for wearing. And for this, you will need a hairdryer or any other source of low but constant heat.

The way you do this is by using the hairdryer mentioned above. Make sure that it is put on high heating mode. After that, use it on the portions of the shoe where the material is extremely tight and uncomfortable for wear. Then put your feet inside the shoe and move it around. This will cause the shoe to stretch out in places where it is too tight. And while it does not sound like a comfortable method of doing things, it is definitely effective in nature. Both this and the freezing method are extremely effective in getting the job done.

So these are some other great ways how to stretch boots that you can put to use at any point in time. All of them work great, some less and some more. It depends on your preference and the kind of tools that you have access to. So pull out all those boots and shoes which you threw away in the cupboard, deeming them to be too tight for wearing and get working on the right now.

A women’s shoe stretcher is a very helpful device which keeps the feet at ease! 

Our feet spends most of its time its shoes. Therefore, it becomes our duty to wear comfortable shoes to keep our feet warm and cozy. It is a fact that the feet are considered to be one of the most important parts of our body. Thus, it is important to keep it at comfort. However, it happens quite some times that, the shoes are a bit tight which in turn hurts our feet. To avoid this problem, we should be using shoe stretcher which helps to stretch the shoes and thus, providing comfort to our feet. Statistics show that women’s feet are more likely to get harmed than men’s. The reason being women’s feet are tenderer and more susceptible to injury.Where is a shoe stretcher store?

How does it work?

There are various ways of stretching a shoe. But, the easiest of all would be using a shoe stretching device. This machine helps to stretch the shoes very easily and efficiently. You must be thinking how this particular device works. The mechanics of the machine you are concerned with is very easy. Normally the device is made out of plastic or fit and shaped in such a manner so that it easily fits inside your shoe. The device has a rod attached to it, and whenever the same is turned when it is inside the shoe, the device expands thus, stretching the shoe and making it comfortable for you to wear.

Numerous devices available, look for it on the internet

You can keep track of what extent you want the shoe to be stretched. Whatever that might be, the instrument is able to achieve your desired extent. Basically, what this machine does is remove the binding which is the prime factor for causing discomfort. A women’s shoe stretching device is better because women’s feet’s shape vary very widely as compared to men’s. Thus finding a perfect machine for stretching the shoe for women is very important. If you look thoroughly on the internet, you will see that there are a number of devices available. You can choose any one of them which suits your need. But make it a point to learn more about it.

What to do and how to use the shoe stretcher device?

Now you must be thinking that how would you use the device. Here are a few steps which might help you to understand the functioning of it:

  • Determine the area of discomfort in your shoe, or find out which part of the shoe is causing you more problem.
  • Insert the apparatus inside the shoe in such a manner so that, the part of the device which normally expands is in touch with the area of uneasiness.
  • Once the device and that particular shoe are in contact, turn the rod.
  • Slowly, the device expands and stretches the shoe.

You must ensure that the rod does not turn too much. Or else there is a potential risk of tearing the leather or the material from which the shoe is made.

What should be done after you have successfully stretched the shoe?

There are many who does not know what should be done after the shoe has been successfully stretched. Here comes the most important part. After you have turned the rod and stretched the particular area in the shoe you wanted to stretch; you must keep the device in the same fashion for about an hour more. Most of the people take the device out soon after stretching the shoe. But, the fact is if you do this, the effect of stretching will soon wear out and it would become the same uncomfortable shoe just like before. Also, another important fact is that you turn the rod present in the stretcher as slow as possible. Or else, any kind of sudden act will result in cracked leather, or you might just overdo it. The result will be loose shoes which are even more uncomfortable. And this is irreversible, there is no device to shrink the shoes. Thus, be very careful.

Shoe stretcher can be found anywhere on the market or internet

For your kind information, this device is very common ad can be found anywhere in the market or on the internet. All you need to do is look thoroughly. Be very careful, because devices of this kind for women is different from men. Also, there are different pairs of shoe stretcher available for both left as well as right feet. Keep the orientation in mind because if you insert the wrong pair of equipment inside the shoe, it normally leads to great harm. Thus, you have to be alert and very careful as well.

The cost of the shoe stretcher must be the last thing to worry about

Now, the next most important thing that people are worried about is the price. Normally, this device does not cost too much. But, if you see that the price of the machine is too less, you should understand that the product is not genuine. Always make it a point to use genuine devices. Your feet must be taken very good care of. If you buy a device of a very good brand, it is quite obvious that it would cost more than any other devices. But to be on the safe side, you must always buy a top quality shoe stretching device. Buying a good stretching device means efficient and smooth stretching of shoes. Some of the devices come with the protrusion to stretch areas like the toe part of the shoe.

How to know about the best Women’s Shoe Stretchers?

When buying shoes for you, the best scenario that can take place is that they fit perfectly. But that does not always happen because no matter how perfectly you choose your size and shape, sometimes the design of the shoes itself is flawed and you end up not being able to wear them properly. Sometimes your toes will begin to hurt or your sole starts having aches. Whatever it may be, in short, the shoe does not fit like you would want it to and hence it poses a problem.

Why is it important?

Now there may have been numerous occasions when you have faced such a scenario, and you just went on to wear the shoes anyway, with no regard for anything. After all, it’s just slightly off the pace right? While that is true, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind as well. Taking care of your feet is one of the many things that you should be concerned of. Wearing shoes that don’t fit can cause a lot of damage to the shape and overall health of your feet. It can cause a lot of health related issues that you are probably not even aware of.

What you can do?

But is there nothing you can do to fix the problem? Obviously, there is. What you can do is make use of a special tool called a shoe stretcher that enables you to refit the shoe to the size you want to. They can be used for most shoe models in the market. There is no need to make separate stretchers for separate shoes. The same goes for both men’s and women’s shoes. Most stretchers work with both of them, and there is no need for anything specific.

What they work best with?

As mentioned before, shoe stretchers can be used with a variety of shoe models, irrespective of which they are made for or how they look like. But there are certain materials with which they work best. This is not to say that they are ineffective with materials other than these, but they definitely work better with these. Some of these materials are listed below:

  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Rubber
  • Any natural and stretchy material.

Similarly, there are also a lot of materials out there which just don’t go well with a shoe stretcher. A really good example of such material is vinyl. The reason why that is so is because it does not succumb easily to pressure and is not as stretchable as other materials. To put it simply, it does not have too much ‘give’.

And it’s not just limited to materials used. You will find that shoe stretchers work best with shoes that barely do not fit you and are extremely close to being a perfect size. Don’t expect to buy a shoe that is 2 sizes less than the size of your foot and stretch it to the size of your choice. That’s not how it works. If that is what you want to do, then you probably need a new pair of shoes.

Different stretcher types

When it comes to stretchers, you will find quite a lot of variety in them. Each type of stretcher does the same thing, but in a different manner. As such, they have a lot of application and are used for different types of shoe models. It is vital that you make use of the right kind of such a device to stretch the right kind of shoe. Typically, there are 3 main types:

  • Two-way stretchers: This is the most commonly used shoe stretcher. As the name suggests, a two-way stretcher is something that can stretch a shoe both lengthwise as well as breadth-wise. This makes sure that the total area your foot has the freedom of covering increases by a lot. Your movement becomes much more comfortable in this way.
  • Vamp/Inset: This is a type of stretcher that is used for providing more protection to the top side of your foot. What an inset does is that it lifts the area above the top of your foot in order to provide more flexibility when walking. When you take a step, it makes sure that the top side does not come crashing down on your foot.
  • Toe stretcher: The last kind of such a stretcher that you will find in the market is known as a toe stretcher. As obvious from the name, using this stretcher helps lift the portion of the shoe above your toes. Thus, it gives your toes more breathing room and hence makes them more comfortable. This is one of the best types available because your toe can get bruised if it comes into contact with your shoe too many times.

How to use them?

Using a shoe stretcher itself is pretty simple and easy to be fair. But there are a few things you need to do before you can start using it. The very first thing you need to do is to get a shoe stretching spray and apply it to the portion of the shoe which you want to stretch out. This spray helps saturate the material allowing the shoes stretcher to be more effective in function. You will be able to get the best out of your stretcher by following this method. Each product has a different method of using it, so read the instructions carefully.

You have to first put the stretchers into the shoe itself making sure that the shoes are as expanded as possible. When you have finished setting then it up, turn the knob around in


Surf the internet to know more

However before making any kind of fast decisions, you must always make it a point to know more about the device which you have decided to buy. You can do the same from the internet. There are various websites available over the web from which you can learn more about the shoe stretching device. You should have a complete idea of each and every specification of the device. Doing this will help you in the long run as it is very helpful and informative.

Why do we need best foot arch support for walking? 

Sometimes people suffer pain in their legs due to jumping or other unusual activities. We all have different shapes and size of our feet. Some have flat feet, and some have normal, low or high foot arches. Some people also have weak foot arches. The foot arch has to bear the load and stress of the body while walking, running, and other activities like jumping.

The foot arch absorbs pressure, shock and maintains proper balance to keep your body stand on it. The height of the foot arch is a factor to stand straight and to balance your body. The height of foot arch changes from person to person and from age to age. A child’s arch will have a different shape and when he becomes young it will change accordingly.

When you are walking on sand and mud, it has less impact on your foot arch. If you are walking or running on hard surfaces like concrete roads, then the impact on foot arch increases up to 5 times. It sometimes hampers the alignment of the bones, and you feel pain. The tarsal and metatarsal bones must be alignment in order to support the body in the erect posture.

The proper alignment of the foot skeleton is needed to absorb the shock and pressure. If the alignment is not in shape, then you can have pain on knees, ankles, lower back, hips and feet. The toes will also suffer from this. The person with a flat foot often has to face these types of problems. The pregnant women may find that their arches are becoming flattened. It is because of the increase in their body weight which adds the pressure on their foot arches.

The misalignment of the bones may cause some serious issues like pronation. Pronation is of two types, overpronation and underpronation. The person with a low arch may tend to overpronation because the foot rotates inward in each step. The person with high arch may tend to underpronation because of the foot rotates outward in each step.

The overpronation often occurs due to long running. An athlete may develop overpronation during their running career. The underpronation occurs due to rough running or walking. The foot arch does not fall on the ground properly, and people have to suffer from this problem.

These movements are painful, and the person has to suffer from knee pain, thigh pain and back pain. If these foot rotations are too excessive, then it can cause other effects like ankle injuries, heel pain, bunions, lower back and hip pain. It also injures the lower feet muscles.

How to avoid pronation?

The shoes and other foot-wears are essential to wear to avoid these types of situations. It is taught in various medical schools and aerobics centers how to choose their foot-wears and how to wear them comfortably. They aware the people about pronation and provide proper guidelines to the people how to protect from arising this situation.

The gyms and other physical fitness camps also help people to understand the pronation and other foot arch problems. They guide them to choose the best foot arch support if necessary.

Some people suffer from bunions due to their wrong way of walking. A choose of foot-wear is also a factor. If a person wears tight shoes, then the problem of bunions and other feet problems are often developed. People must have proper knowledge and information about the use of any product before buying.

You can support your own feet and the muscles by doing some physical steps like:

  • Stand straight with both feet parallel pointing your toes forward.
  • Press your foot arches against the floor, you may feel pain if you have developed pronation.
  • Instead of being tilted your feet, you will be able to compress your leg muscles and tissues flat.
  • Try to do these steps on a regular basis to avoid from feet problems and pains.

You can also use the best foot arch support for your feet. The foot arch supports are the products that support your feet and help you to relieve pain. The foot arch supports release the pressure of walking or running and hold your foot in a comfortable position. It will exert pressure on the ground. The foot arch support will absorb the external shock and spread it on the feet to have a neutral stand.

It helps you while walking, running and jumping. It helps in returning your feet to the normal position quickly. The arch supports to hold the weight of the body and help you to stand stable and in an erect position. Pregnant women can prefer best foot arch support to endure their increase in weight and stable their walking. It will also help them to relieve from legs pain.

If you choose a foot-wear along with foot arch support, then a person can recover from foot pain quickly. The best foot arch support accommodates in the shoes comfortably. It provides a proper alignment of the bones and keeps your feet flat on the ground. The foot arch supports are categorized based on shape, gender, weight and age of a person. It also reduces the risk of any further injuries. If you are suffered from bunions, then foot arch support and foot arch bandage will help you to recover from it quickly. It creates a small space between your feet and your shoes so that it will fit on your feet comfortably without hampering your bunions.

How to choose the best foot arch support?

All you want is that the foot arch support must work as per its features. To choose a foot arch support is mush easy if you have a general idea about the product. PediFix Arch Support is one of the popular products which people prefers first.

The PediFix Arch product features:

  • Help in relieve from foot pain.
  • Relieve pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.
  • Reduces pressure on bunions.
  • Support weak, flat, high and low arches.
  • Makes shoes to wear more comfortably.
  • Helps soothe pain from neuromas.

You can choose any of the products from the market, but you must be careful about its performances.


Take a close look at men’s shoe stretcher and know how helpful it is! 

Are you a big fan of shoes? There are many people who go wild just by seeing a pair of shoes. But if you claim to love shoes, you must probably also know the dark side of shoes. When you first buy the shoes, everything seems perfect in the first few weeks. But, if the quality of the shoe is not good enough, it starts showing various problems like the shoe might get tight at various places, it might hurt your feet because as the days passed by, the shoe started shrinking.

If you are a shoe lover and still do not know about the remedy to this solution, you must start looking for one now. For your kind information, shoe stretcher happens to be the remedy for this particular problem. This article gives you a detailed idea about the stretching mechanism of the device.

Available in different ranges

There are many who buy a shoe of smaller size right from the start, hoping that it would stretch in time. However, it does not happen like that always. But then again, it becomes too hard for you to not wear those again.

This is where a shoe stretcher comes into play. This happens to stretch the shoe in such a manner so that it does not break or tear. Mainly people use this equipment to maintain the originality of the shoe. This device does not hamper the shape of the shoe or does not even hamper the quality of the shoe. It only alters the size a bit to make it fit better on your feet.

You will be surprised to know that the shoe stretching device is present in a variety of range. The reason being, there are different kinds of shoes all over the world. A device of the same kind will not be able to cater to the problems of the various kinds of shoe available.

Shoe trees might also help

You might be thinking what can be done to prevent the shoes from shrinking? The solution would be using a shoe tree. If you do not wear a particular shoe for quite some time, then normally the shoes shrink in size. In order to prevent this from happening, you can just insert a shoe tree inside to prevent shrinking.

Just for your information, shoe trees come in wood as well as plastic. Both of them work in the same fashion. However, the latter one is much cheaper than the previous one. Try it and see whether a shoe tree actually works or not.

Enlarge the length and width of the shoes

The shoe tree mentioned previously only prevents the shoe from shrinking. But what happens if the shoe has already shrunk and it is too late now to use a shoe tree? It is simple; you just use a shoe stretcher. This device can expand both lengths as well as the width of the shoe which you want to wear.

It is very important that you take a very close look at the kind of shoe stretcher you want to buy. The best decision would be to buy the one which best suits your need. However, it will not harm to buy the one which has more functionality in it. But, if you decide on buying the one which has lesser number of functionality, then you are in a big problem.

Buy the two-way stretcher

To be on the safe side, you can opt to buy a two-way stretcher. This helps to expand the width as well as the length of the shoe. Is it not too sad when the beautiful pair of shoe which you just bought is a tad bit small to fit properly? Most of the time, the results are in sore feet and bunions on your feet.

Some of the devices come with plugs which can easily reach to areas in the shoes where it hurts the most. After reaching to that place, you can then stretch. Try it for yourself, this will definitely work.

Works best with leather

As an added information for all those who are thinking about using the shoe stretcher, if the size of your shoe is more than or equal to 2 sizes less than the perfect fit, the device will not work perfectly. This equipment only works to increase the size by a little bit. If such is the case, the only and best option would be to buy a brand new pair of shoes which fits you perfectly.

Now, you must also be aware of the fact that a good shoe stretcher only works on genuine quality shoes. Like suede and leather. The main reason being, these materials have some kind of an inbuilt strength which is enough to handle the shoe stretching device.

On the dark side, if you try the same on quality like vinyl, the shoe stretcher will not work perfectly. The end result would be a crack on the shoe.

Stretcher for men’s boots

As mentioned earlier, stretchers are available for different kinds of shoes. If you are worried about whether or not you will get the right kind of device, you should stop worrying. After going into the shop you just have to search for the right kind of stretcher and if you find it, your work is done. However, if you do not find it, you are sure to find the same in the next shop. This is a very common accessory, and you are bound to get it any shop.Shoe stretchers are available for both genders in different sizes and types, but you may ask wikihow for shoe stretching use.

Always take very good care of your shoes

Now, after reading the above facts, if you still think that you can do without the women’s shoe stretcher, then you are wrong. Men stretcher is available much more easily than women’s. The reason being, men, have a higher tendency of shrinking their shoes. They go out for work almost every day and thus, their shoes go through a lot. As a result, of which men need the shoe stretcher more than a woman does.

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