Wooden Shoes/Clogs: The new cool for your feet


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Wooden shoes of clogs are shoes which are completely made from wood. It is very popular traditional Dutch footwear. In the past, it was worn by all, but now it is used by mainly the labor in factories and in fields. But now- a-days, clogs seems to be a fashion wear. Many dance forms involve the dancers to wear clogs. This is because, they make a peculiar sound when it strike floor or against each other.

The shape of these wooden shoes varies from culture to culture. But, the most famous is the Dutch Clogs, which still remains as a true symbol of Holland. The Dutch clog is better known as Klompen while the French clog is known as Sabots. Which the invention of leather and rubber as materials for shoe making, these clogs became less popular. So, it is worn by the working class just for the protection purpose.

What are the types of clogs?

Previously clog was totally made from wood. Now, a combination of wood, leather, cloth and other is done, to make it look more attractive. The main types of clogs are as follows

Wooden upper: They are made by scooping out, wood from a block of wood, in the shape of your foot. The whole foot wooden shoe is a type of wooden upper. It is made in such a way that your whole foot is covered under it. While in half open type, some part of your feet get exposed to the air. It may have straps of other material.

Wooden soled clogs: The main feature of it, which is different from the above, is that only the sole of the shoes is made out of wood. It can have leather as an upper covering. Cloths, rubber, places and other things can be used to decorate the upper. It comes in a variety of colors. The English clog is the best example of the solid wooden clog. They remain still very popular.

Overshoes: These types of clogs are not seen anymore. It is better known as pattern style clogs. They are completely made of wood and have straps, so that it can be worn over another shoe, for protection.

Here are some of our favorite modern clogs they all received 4.2 stars our of 5 or better in our customer reviews

Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog

clogs wooden shoes example 1These clogs are crafted with an all natural wool felt upper that is finished off with a decorative ribbon for visual interest. The Haflinger GZ Classics are warm, comfortable, all natural, unisex clogs. The GZ Classic Grizzly Clog from Haflinger is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed casual shoe made for everyday comfort. It has many features to promote the health and proper alignment of your feet. This clog has a contoured heel seat, a wool-felt inside lining for moisture absorption, a cork-latex foot-bed with arch support, a rocker heel, and a roomy toe box with a toe bar. The outsole is non-skid for greater stability indoors and out. Not to be forgotten is the 100-percent wool felt upper which keeps you feet at an ideal temperature in warm or cold weather. READ MORE…


crocs clogs example 1crocs Unisex Blitzen II Luxe Lined Clog



Manmade sole

Slip-on clog with Croslite upper featuring fleece lining at fold-over collar



nurse shoes clogs example 1Natural Uniform Comfortable Lightweight Nurse Nursing Slip Clogs

Lightweight, flexible and comfortable

Great for nurses and other medical professionals

8 colors to choose from



Dansko Women’s Stapled Clog

clogs shoes exampl 2This iconic clog is part of Dansko Stapled Clog collection that offers all-day comfort and support. Resting on top of a durable PU outsole that provides overall traction, this beautiful clog features a protective TPU heel counter that allows the heel to move up and down freely while providing lateral stability for maximized ease. READ MORE…



Manmade sole

7 styles and colors to choose from

Heel measures approximately 1.75″

Platform measures approximately 0.75″

Full grain leather upper

Breathable open-cell PU foam foot-bed


clogs sandals example 1Marited Anti Cellulite Medical Slimming Sandals Clogs Shoes Natural Wood and Leather

Anti cellulite sandals are fast becoming one of the newest trend-setting ways of reducing cellulite. These sandals for women are designed in such a way that they puts pressure on various sections of foot and leg. This way, most of the muscles that are ignored when you walk are utilized to their fullest by moving the center of gravity. The unique shape of the sole tips the foot back, allowing the heel to sit lower than the toes – stimulating the muscles on the back of the legs. By wearing Anti-Cellulite Clogs the shape of the sole stimulates the muscles of the lower limbs and aids the correction of posture. READ MORE…



How they are manufactured?

The wooden clogs are made from one of these three types of wood, the European willow or tulip popular or yellow popular. These woods are very dense, so they form the best heat and water resistant wooden shoes. In earlier days, they are made totally by manual process. An uneven shape was cut out from a block of wood, and then the shape of the shoe is carved on the piece. Then they are hung up vertically done with the help of clamps. Finally, interior wood is scooped out with some tool. There were many workers, who used the same process for making these clogs. Ultimately, the shoes were varnished and painted. The process looks very long time. And obviously, the shoes were not perfect. The advent of the machine, made the process simple and fast.

The modern method of manufacturing clogs is very much different from the traditional way. A willow tree is a feel, and then logs are made out it. The logs are made free from the barks. Then they are put into a machine, where they are cut in equal rectangular blocks. The size of the block depends on the size of shoe. There is a chart, which describes accurate size pf the block for each and every size of shoe. After this process, the blocks are loaded in shaper machine.

As the name indicates, it cuts out the shape of the shoes. This machine is also known as the duplicator. For each size of the shoe there is a reference, known as the vinyl shoe. The machine just acts like a Xerox machine. There is a pointer there which moves along the reference shoe. This movement is locked and copied by other pointer, thus transferring the same pattern on the wooden block. There are two cutting tools attached to the head of the pointer. There are two cutting pointers which rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise. Thus making a shoe for right foot and another for the left, of the same size, simultaneously. The whole system runs electrically. This saving effort and time. You can very well imagine, the perfection of this process.

Then the interior of wooden shoes is traced out. It is done by dual action borer machine. The operation is more or less similar to the previous one. There is three prong of this machine. The central prong is the tracer while the other two are inserted into the right and left feet shoe. There are sharp cutters associated with the right and left prongs. The prongs scoop out the wood but leave about 1 cm of material inside it for further processing.

For the ultimate shaping, shoes are placed in a refined machine. There are cutters, which smoothens out the interior of the shoes, giving it the perfect finish. Then the shoes are just left out idle to dry, for six weeks. Hot air is circulated through the chamber, containing these shoes. Hot air draws out moisture, making the wood harder. Finally, the shoes are sanded manually. They are the final product. The wood is decorated with painted, varnished and dried again.

What are the benefits of wearing wooden shoes?

Firstly, as it is made out of wood, the shoes are very hard. Thus, it protects your feet from muddy fields, sand, snow, sharp objects or falling objects. Many farmers, labors, or other workers have no alternative than wearing wooden shoes.

Wood is a natural material; it is suitable for all skin types. It doesn’t cause any itches, blisters or rashes in your feet.

Wood is a porous material. It has trapped air inside those millions of minute pores. Thus, wooden shoes keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

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