SIR Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip will be the Best Sneakers Ever!!


Why I think the Air Jordan 1 retro high zip will be the Best Sneakers for 2018. Okay, people let’s reminisce remember back in the day when used to watch the same movie over and over again? Well, I did that a lot to a nice handful of films. One of those movies was a movie called like Mike. And I swear to you I have seen that movie at least 47 times. It was heartwarming it was gut-wrenching it was funny it made me cry it had everything and it to be a great movie.

Why I want the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip so bad?

But let me tell you what the number one best part of that whole movie that changed my life forever was. When he was on the basketball court, and he looked down at his shoes and started tying his shoes, and he whispered the most iconic phrase of all time. Life changing stuff. He said, ” Make Me Like Mike.” It was he said that that made me want to get a pair of Jordans so fast so I can look down and talk to my shoes too.

I know deep down inside I still feel that dream inside myself. To get on the basketball court talk to my shoes and then suddenly I turn into MJ. Now I know what some of you guys may be thinking. So that’s a dead dream give it up, give it up. And even if you are correct, I’m still going to try my best, and the first step in trying my best is to invest in these beautiful Mica Green Air Jordan Retro high zip Ones. The Beige with bronze accent jordans been out for some time now, but I can’t wait to hold the Mica Green ones in my hand.

Jordan Nike Women’s Air 1 High Zip Basketball Shoe

Jordan Nike Women's Air 1 High Zip Basketball Shoe beige colorColor: Particle Beige/Mtlc Red Bronze


Rubber sole

The usual lace-up closure has been replaced with a distinct gold zipper to bring a touch of high fashion to these casual classics

Encapsulated Air-Sole units keep the heels secure and cushioned

Tumbled leather upper

Bronze hardware accents

Air Jordan 1 Retro High-top Zip Basketball Sneakers (Black Leather) Air Jordan One Retro High-top Zip Basketball Shoe (Black Leather)

Black leather with white rubber sole. A distinct gold zipper replaces the lace up feature to give it more class and casual look. Encapsulated Air-Sole units keep the heels secure and cushioned black leather upper with gold hardware accents.

Why I love the Suede Leather of the Air Jordan One Retro

Well, to be honest, I don’t think these shoes are necessary for be balling because they are made out of suede instead of the original lever leather that all the other shoes are in. So I guess it’s more of a dressy going out shoes and stuff like that but at the same time if I could choose one shoe to Revere if we live my dream it would be these right here.

Because one because they made out of suede they feel way more comfortable on the inside you put it in it’s like the perfect fit and its kind of like you put in clouds on your feet Hallelujah. It also has no strings so you can’t tie the shoe but what you can do is zip it up that’s why I said it’s more for a dressy then on the playground. But the craziest thing they did to this issue as they took off the swoop/Nike swoosh. So that leads me to think is it a true Jordan one without the swish I’m not sure I feel like it might be a Jordan 1.7 instead.

So if I was given this sneaker a rating, I think I would give it a solid 8.6. Because the sway is terrific the color scheme looks nice, the zipper, no shoe strings is a nice little touch. The Comfort levels of all-time high. Is there a this is 9.5 of 9.6 type of shoe, but what makes it at 8.66 instead of that it is missing the most iconic symbol that has ever been placed on the face of a sneaker. The shoes are still reasonable price at $150, and it’s still a high-quality Jordan if you were a one collector I will say that you can add the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zip to your collection and you can say that it is the only Jordan one that is missing the Nike check on the side. Oh, but don’t worry I’m sure it can still make you like Mike. God bless the ones.

Air-Jordan-1-High-Zip-Mica-Green-AQ3742-305-Release-Date Air Jordan One Retro High Zip
Release Date: May 18th, 2018
Color: Mica Green/Sail-Metallic Red Bronze

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