How to fix too tight shoes? Fixing tight shoes is not a difficult task!


how to fix too tight shoes

How to fix too tight shoes? You seemed to be happy purchasing the pair of party shoes that you have been longing for so long. But to the horror you found out a night before the main event that the lovely shoes are actually too tight to fit your toes. Are you worried and frustrated with the whole situation and want to come out of it?

How to fix too tight shoes fast?

You have the dress ready, the accessories and everything and without this shoe you will not complete your fashion statement. You don’t have to spend the whole night crying out and banging your hand as there are certain tricks that can solve your problem.

How about using a hair dryer for stretching the tight shoes?

Do you know a hair dryer can actually help you in stretching a tight shoe and make it comfortable for you to wear it once again? All you need to do is put on your feet into the shoes wearing the thickest socks you have and heat the tight area with the hair dryer for around 20 to 30 seconds.

After you are done, you must remove the heat, but keep your feet on the shoes till the shoe cools down. Now you can try out wearing the shoes wearing once again and it will be surprising to find the result. If required, you can repeat the process, but make sure that you don’t hamper the glue bonds of the shoe with excessive heating. Now you should knowhow to fix too tight shoes.

Using the hair dryer seems to be the easiest and the simplest means to answer your query of how to fix too tight shoes.

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