Techniques on how to stretch leather boots


how to stretch leather boots

Do you know how to stretch leather boots fast? Sometimes it may happen that a leather boot is very much uncomfortable on your feet but you can  use them without any worries by knowing and applying the proper technique of stretching your boots. If a person knows how to stretch leather boots they can use any kind of leather boots that is uncomfortable for their feet or have got shrunken in due course of time.

So if one has got the idea of stretching leather boots he can use any kind uncomfortable leather shoes instead of throwing them away. There are different kinds of techniques related to the stretching of leather boots and if anyone who wants to do it should learn this technique nicely before applying them. Stretching of leather boots actually helps in perfect fitting in one’s feet.

The use of a boot stretcher is the best way on how to stretch boots

With devices like the best shoe stretchers and shoe stretcher sprays, it’s easier than ever to expand leather shoes and boots from the comfort of your own home. Doing this can help you to save money, provide superior comfort, and get the most out of your shoes.

Other steps on how to stretch boots

The use of the best boot stretcher for the job is always best.

One can fill water in bags and keep them in the boots and then keep the same boot in the freezer so that the water gets completely frozen and so that it can help in stretching of the leather boots.

Sometimes it may happen that the even after stretching these leather boots may get shrunken so one should keep a shoe tree in it to maintain the shape required after stretching.

One should also keep silica packets within the leather boots after stretching because silica helps in absorbing any kind of moistures which eventually prevents shrinking of shoes after they are being stretched.

Different ways of stretching of leather boots

From the above-mentioned steps of how to stretch leather boots using household techniques there are also different for stretching of leather boots. One can go to the market or any shoe shop and buy spraying liquids and use them for stretching of their leather boots or they can also go to any cobblers or shoe shops for cutting their shoes according to their feet’s size and shape. The different ways how one wants to stretch their leather boots depends on themselves according to their wish.

Advantages & Disadvantages of different stretching techniques

  • In the case of the household technique of how to stretch leather boots is that it can be done easily without spending money though it takes time and also a little bit of effort.
  • In the case of using spraying liquids for stretching of leather boots one has to go to a shoe shop or in the market to find the spraying liquid and buy them with money but in this method the time consumed for stretching of the leather boots is much less.
  • In the case of stretching of leather boots by going to a professional cobbler one has to pay the cobbler for shaping and sizing his boots according to his requirements. But here in this process the cobbler can make the leather boots fitting perfectly in the person’s feet after working on their boots for some time.

Why do people need to stretch their leather boots?

People should know how to stretch leather boots so that they can do it in their times of need so their feet gets perfectly fit into the boots so that they get the ultimate comfort and pleasure while walking.

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    • Hey Carl, thanks for your question. The footfitter for dress, hiking and work boots will work perfect… and also remember to purchase a spray stretcher as well for gentle but fast stretching.. your feet will thank you…


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