How to Stretch Leather Heels without any Damage?


how to stretch leather heelsIf you have a closet full of shoes that you can not wear cau’z you have to squeeze your feet in. Especially after pregnancy your feet expanded and almost everything you owned all of a sudden was too tight. If you have been holding on to your heels collection because you would have to replace almost every shoe and that would cost so much money. If you don’t know how to stretch leather heels, you should get a shoe stretcher. This is the best way to stretch your heels.

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There are many techniques by which you can stretch any leather heel shoes without any problem. These techniques are not that effective when you compare the same with the stretchers. There are many high-quality stretchers in the market.

How to stretch leather heels by the heat?

The heat can expand the things the same applies for the leather heels also. You have to heat the leather shoe with the hair drier then you have to insert something in the boot to make it stretch. When the boot becomes cold, it will take the new shape. You have to keep it for until it comes to normal.

  • You may use potatoes inside the shoes.
  • You can use ice bags.

How to make the heels comfortable?

You may have to suffer from the shoes daily as well as constantly. There are no other ways to wear the shoes without stretching. You may apply professional boot stretching spray over the boots to make the task little easier for the professional boot stretcher. After that, you have to insert the shoe stretcher and maintain the comfort level.

If you want to drain out the moisture, then you can keep a silica bag inside the shoes for quick drying. There are silica gels in the bags that can absorb the moisture from the shoes. You should not throw the silica bags because it is very useful for the shoes when you don’t know how to stretch leather heels.

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