Women’s Low Heel Shoe Stretcher LARGE


low heel shoe stretcherThis is the best low heel shoe stretcher I have ever used! Have used this on three pairs of shoes now, one being a pair of leather golf shoes and it’s worked just great. I must also add the fact that I did use a shoe spray stretcher inside the shoes before using the stretcher, left the stretcher in overnight on each shoe that needed stretching and I can now wear all three pairs of shoes comfortably. This will only stretch the width of your shoe, but that’s all I needed. It’s made very well, solid wood, NO plastic parts & does come with one metal bunion insert. I received this within a days of ordering and would definitely recommend it.

Women’s Low Heel Shoe Stretcher LARGE

by Rochester Shoe Tree Company

21VLV65mq9LThis hardwood low heel shoe stretcher stretches tight shoes for a perfect fit and includes inserts for extra spot stretching. The stretcher will return the comfort and fit to your favorite shoes. One stretcher works for right and left shoes. Also see Shoe Stretch Spray to use with the shoe stretcher to help make tight fitting shoes comfortable! Large fits women’s shoe sizes: 8.5 – 9.5.

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