Why must you use wooden shoe spreader?


wooden shoe spreader


Wooden shoe spreader can do a lot of miracles to your favorite pair of shoes. The wooden shoe tree is used for multiple purposes. It comes in a pair, and also as a single unit, in the shape of feet. The size can be adjusted, according to need. If you have an expensive leather shoe, then here are the reasons why you must use a wooden shoe stretcher.

Advantages of using wooden shoe spreader

  • Firstly, the leather shoes when kept unused, tends to shrink. When you insert a shoe tree, it can save your shoes from shrinking. Thus, it increases the lifetime of the shoes. It also avoids crease formation of the leather.
  • When you find, that leather shoe or boots have shrunken, then wooden shoe spreaders can be used to reshape it. You will have to put the shoe spreader then, apply a stretcher spray on the affected areas. After few minutes, you will see the difference.
  • When you wear leather shoes for a long time, then your feet may sweat. This increases internal heat, and there is a moisture build-up within. Which gives out a pungent smell. It becomes the home for bacteria, and you can develop a feet infection. A wooden shoe spreader can absorb the moisture and the pungent smell.
  • When you have to polish your shoe, then you need support. A wooden spread can act a beautiful support to do all these works.

In these ways, a wooden shoe stretcher can be beneficial for the extra life of your leather shoes.

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