NakeFit adhesive foot pads makes walking more fun on any surface!


NakeFit adhesive foot padsFlip flops, what is that? You go to some places, where you have to be barefooted. When you are enjoying yourself in nature, you have to take the minimal amount of things with you, so that you can enjoy the raw form of nature to its fullest. There are places, where wearing shoes become burden. While the Flip flops are on your feet, it creates the restriction to certain things. Being barefooted helps you to enjoy in a break-free way, and you do not have to worry about your shoes getting slipped from your feet, or getting damaged. 

When you are in a situation like this, and you think only a miracle can get you out of this situation, you can trust the latest innovation. The nakefit adhesive soles have been discovered keeping this problem in mind. This is the best thing you can get when your shoe is troubling you. 

NakeFit adhesive foot pads-What is this about?

This is something that is never even heard before. The nakefit adhesive feet pad look like a sticker of a shape of your feet. There is an adhesive side, and there is a side which will be outside to protect your feet. This is made out of the simple formula, but it is going to be a vital part of your life. Once you start using this, you will become an addicted to it. This will make you feel comfortable when you want to go barefoot.

This little thing is like the sticker, and it comes in many different colors. You can choose pink, black or blue, according to your styling sense and personality. If you are someone, which is environment conscious, then you will not have to worry, as this is environment-friendly. This is harmless to the animals too. So, if you have the pet in your house, you will not have to be extra careful around them regarding this thing.

Curiosity and Satisfaction

Whenever a new product comes on the market, it becomes the center of curiosity of people, and this is normal. As the curiosity will build up, the question of expectations and satisfaction will follow. If you are learning about this new product, then you must have made the assumption about how it will work. Expecting certain things from a new product are normal, and you have to read the reviews or try out on our own to see whether it meet your expectation or not.

For a product, thin like that, you may not have such big expectation, but the innovators of nakefit adhesive soles make sure that the people who will buy this would be awestruck by the efficiency of it. There are many things this product can do, rather than just sticking your feet.

NakeFit stick on soles

There are certain facilities you expect from a new product. There are many claims, and you need to try it out to make sure that whether the claims are valid or not. This product is made to sustain different kinds of surfaces.


Natures gives you many beautiful places, where there are full of rocks. The places are good to look at. These places are situated beside the water body. The water makes the rock plain, and slippery. When you go near the water, you Preferably wear rubber sandals.

The rubber sandals are good for water, but this has a drawback at the same time. The rubber surface cannot get a rip when you walk on the slippery land. There is a chance that you might fall.

But with the help of the nakefit adhesive soles, you will not face this problem. This thing has grip, which allows it to stick to the surface, and balance your feet. Even if the surface is rough, it will not hurt your feet. You can easily walk on the rocks, without taking any risk.


When the summer comes, everybody likes the beach. The water and the sunshine are there to make your day a perfect one. While you are on the beach, it is useless to wear any footwear for two reasons. The first one would be, the water can damage your shoes. The second one is the sand itself. The harsh particles can hurt you, and you would not want that while you are there to have fun.

The sand has the tendency to heat up quite quickly, and it becomes impossible to stand on that. But when you are at the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is the sand. If you want to have some fun at the beach and forget about the heat and the sand, then nakefit adhesive soles are the right product for you.

You just need to stick it under your foot, and you can forget about the heat and all the coarse particles that might hurt you. You can stay on the beach, standing on the heated sand for hours. You can skip those rubber sandals of yours, which might get lost in the water. Moreover, those sandals do not provide you with a uniform tan; you will always find the shoe pattern on your feet, which is not pretty. 

Staying in the sun will not affect the glue, which helps the nakefit adhesive soles to be stuck under your feet. It will come out when you want it to. It will not irritate your skin, and the nakefit are so thin, that you will not even feel if something is under the feet.

   NakeFit Anti-slip and Waterproof

One of the most attractive facts about the nakefit adhesive soles is its waterproof ability. When you are barefooted, and you go near the pool area, there is a chance that y might slip down and hurt you. When the kids play the water area, this is the one thing to be concerned about.

The pool areas are, slippery, and kids do not care about that. You cannot possibly run after them all the time. The slippers you provide them can also get wet, and that makes it slippery, and your kids might face a mishap any time.

When you are in a situation like this, you can try out these nakefit adhesive soles. This is not a slipper, or any other rubbery shoes, which will b a problem for the play time. The kids want to be able to play freely, and this product is the exact thing they want. It will not be a restriction in their play times. They will not even feel that something is under their feet. There are small gripping points in the product. It will help to hold the feet on the ground firmly. This will reduce the chances of falling.

Besides that, when you are using the public pool, you will meet various people in there, and you will not be sure that the ground you are walking on, will be clean, especially when the kids are playing over there. You might stumble upon something that might be painful for you. But when you wear the nakefit you can walk on this ground freely, and you will not have to worry about your feet getting hurt by any small thing.

The nakefit adhesive feet pads are waterproof. If you think that the glue will wear off as soon as you start swimming, then you can be assured that it will not happen. The glue is made with waterproof particles in it. So, you can swim as much as you like, and this product will still be stuck beneath your feet. This will even help you out when you get out of that pool, and our feet are slippery. It will help to hold your feet on the ground. This can be the best buy for the people who spend time beside the water area.

     Sustaining in the spa:

When the workload is high, and you want to pamper yourself, you want to go to the spa. This place will always help you to rejuvenate yourself. This will be your own time, and you deserve all the pampering sessions. But when you enter the spa session, especially the sauna area, you will feel the warmth, which might be good for your body. You have to be barefooted all the time, and you may have to walk some distance like this. If you think that you need the protection for your feet, and you cannot take any risk by walking barefoot, then this product is for you.

You may worry, as the temperature is high inside the room that might affect the glue. But, the glue of nakefit adhesive soles is made out of strong ingredients that it will not wear off, or melt when the surrounding is hot. You can wear it, and it will not come out of your feet. You will not even notice that it is stuck on your feet, and you will not feel uncomfortable. You can wear it as long as you want.

Nakefit-stick-on-soles The Glue

When you notice that it is the glue that made the nakefit adhesive soles stuck beneath your feet, you might get worried about it. There are glues which are made out of harmful chemicals, and that can cause skin problems. So, worrying about the glue is normal, especially when, then the product is immovable under your feet for a very long time. The glue is strong, and that might cause the elevation of curiosity among the users and the potential buyers. You should know every detail of the product before you purchase. In this way, you can stay safe by looking if the ingredients have something you are allergic to. 

As the information goes, the company has various claims. The friendly glue of nakefit adhesive soles is one of them. The glue is made out of harmless chemicals, and organic products. It will not affect your feet. You will not face any trouble because of it, as this is tested. Your skin will be as it was before putting those on your body.

The pricing is low, so you can buy them, and test them yourself. If you realize that the glue is for you, then you can continue buying the product, as mentioned earlier that once you start using it, you will grow a habit of wearing it. You will not have to worry about glues, as it will not harm you in any way. 

The package

When you order the nakefit adhesive soles, you will notice that it comes in a package. The package will contain few things. You will get a set of five pairs of the sole, which is the pretty good deal considering the price. 

There are three colors of nakefit available in the market, and you will get all of them in the same package. If you buy once package, this will be able to provide for your whole family. The package will also come with instruction. If you are the first time user, then this will help you a lot. You might get confused about how to use the stuff if you do not have any previous experience, but with the help of the instructions that come in written with the package, you will be able to disclose the method. But you have to make sure that you follow them carefully, and if you have minor kids at home, make sure you guide them as well.

Why should you buy nakefit adhesive feet pads?

  • Whenever new product launches, and it gets famous, the main question revolves around you is the necessity of buying this. This is quite common, as you will spend your money on it, you have to know whether it is good for you or not. The nakefit adhesive soles will also help you to understand whether the product is worth the hype. How will you know if you should buy this product? The answer lies in the feature. If you know the features, you will understand the product, and you will make your mind about purchasing it. Here are the key features for you:
  • As discussed earlier, the adhesive soles are anti-slip you can wear it under your foot, and it will help your feet to stay on the ground, and this is a pretty good reason to buy it. If you work somewhere very slippery, or you go somewhere which has the fungal area, then you know the chance of the place become slippery is high. This might cause an accident, and you can prevent it by wearing these soles.
  • If you are someone, who works near the pool area, or any water area, then this might be a good option for your everyday use. This will help your feet to stay protected, while you can be barefooted, concentrating on your job only.
  • One of the key features of nakefit is it is protective, as it protects your feet. When you kids are playing around, and you cannot possibly keep your eye on them, this product comes n handy. Make your kids wear it, and they can walk and run on any surface they want. You will not have to worry about the anymore.
  • If you are someone, who lives in the hot and humid area or works in a place like that, then you might want to keep your feet protected. This product will help you do that, and it will not get damaged during your work. The nakefit adhesive soles have heat resistant tools in it, and it will protect your feet from the heat. This helps you walk and run on the hot surface, and you will not even feel uncomfortable.
  • If you are looking for the reason to buy this, then one of the most prominent yet most welcomed reasons is its comfort. It makes you feel so comfortable, that you will not feel anything under your feet, whereas, it will protect you from the hot and rough surface. You will not feel that you are wearing anything, and this is the strong reason enough to buy this product.
  • When you learn that it is the glue that makes the nakefit stick to your feet, then you might think about how strong it will be. The glue is strong, but it will not be a pain when you take it off. It is super easy to put on, and it is trouble-free to take it off.
  • For the people who are the lovers of color, this product will not disappoint you. These things come in different shades of colors. You can choose, pink, blue or black. So, pick the one, whichever you think will match up with your personality.
  • When you are going on a vacation, then you need to pack a lot of things. The flip-flops are must, if you are going to enjoy the summer. But these will take a chunk of the space in your bag. The nakefit adhesive foot soles will take a tiny place, and you can fill your bag with other stuff. With this, you can skip your flip-flops, and enjoy the nature with the feel of barefoot.
  • One of the most attractive features of this is it prevents cuts. When you have kids in your house, then you will know how painful it is to step on their toys by accident. Same goes to kids. While playing, they forget about everything in the world and step on something that might harm them. If you want yourself and your kids to be protected, then you can use this product, as this is cut resistant.
  • These are the decent enough reasons to try out this product. This will not harm you anyway, but this will change your life for good, and with this price range, it is worth the try.

NakeFit Pricing and Availability

When you learn about this product, you have to make sure that you gather all the information you can about nakefit adhesive soles. This will help you to make yourself determined whether you want to invest your money in this product or not.

When you are confident about buying this product, then you have to make the Internet you best friend. When you have the search engine at your disposal, you will not have to worry about anything. You can easily get the official website of nakefit adhesive soles from there, and you can see, whether you order from there.

There are other shopping portals, which are famous in your area. If you have any personal favorite of yours, then you can think about searching for the nakefit adhesive feet soles in there. You will get the product and the reviews.

NakeFit stick on foot pads-Checking the Reviews

Trying out the new product is exciting, but while you are at it, you have to do something for your good. When the internet is at your disposal, you can use it to check the reviews. The people who use the product at first, put the reviews on the internet, so that, people can learn a lot about it, and determine whether the nakefit adhesive soles are suitable for them or not.

If you are in a dilemma to buy that product, you can wait for the reviews to come up. In this way, you will be able to gather some more knowledge about the product and make yourself confirmed about purchasing. When you try the nakefit adhesive soles, you can write your review about it, explaining your experience. This will help a lot of customers, who are in a quandary, whether to invest their money on it or not.

The policy

When you are trying out the product, you get all excited, and it is understandable. You can use their official website to order the product, and you will know that the product you will get is genuine. Or our can use your trusted shopping portal, where you can use coupons, and get to know more things. It does no matter from wherever you buy; there will always be policies available for the buyers. You need to need them apparently, before ordering. This will help you to understand about the company and will save you if you get a damaged product or if you want to return for some reason. This is why it is important that you spend some time reading about the policies of nakefit adhesive feet pads for your future.

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