Shoe Stretch Spray: The Best Solution for Leather Shoes


Shoe Stretch Spray is a liquid spray made with special ingredients that used to stretch all kinds of leather shoes. For your information, there are many kind of leathers that can be stretched by shoe stretchers spray. The types of leather used for making shoes can be a wide range such as; finish leather, pull-up leather, suede leather, nu-buck leather, and patent leather.

the best shoe stretch spray The BEST Shoe Stretch Spray on the Market Today!

Finish leather (full grain) is a type of leather which processed in its entirety without any change or modification on the original structure of the skin surface so the motive surface pores of the skin (grain) still look natural. While pull-up leather is the advanced process of finish leather. It is processed by withdrawn stretching the leather until the shoe maker get a thinner skin. In result, the leather will have slightly faded colors, so it has its own unique vintage look on the shoes. Other leather types are suede and nu-buck leather which have the same outer appearance. The difference is on the skin part be processed. If suede processes the inner part of the animal skin, on nu-buck leather, it processes the outer part of the skin. Suede leather has a softer texture than other leather types. The shoes made with suede leather material is generally more favored by young people. Also because it looks less formal so the shoes can be worn in casual events. However, the shortcoming of suede shoes is that they are easy to get dirty and will get color changed if they are exposed to water. Other weakness is the stitches that are more easily separated than the shoes made with nu-buck leather. Last but not least, patent leather is a skin type that is processed with a protective material such as acrylic coated so it looks shinier than other leathers.

Having problems with your shoes? Shoe stretch spray!

In some cases, people did not wear their leather shoes for long time and then the shoes became no longer fit for their feet, mostly the shoes became narrower than before. Also, sometimes people bought shoes with the wrong size so the shoes can not be worn. Finally, they find solutions to make the shoes wider. Using long wires which are usually used inside new shoes in store, and then keep them in a long night until in the morning, we wake up with hope the shoes will be a bit wider so that the owner can wear it again or using rubbing alcohol on the whole surface of the shoes. Unfortunately, people do not know that certain kind of alcohol which is not special made for shoes care found their leather shoes are wrinkle or broken. Well, we all know that leather is an expensive material both for clothes and shoes. Once it is broken, it can not be recycled to be a new one. So, be careful in caring for leather shoes. Do not even use any chemical substance that you do not know well. Even though your neighbors tell you that certain chemical substance or equipment can make your leather shoes shinier and wider. Overall, we have made the best shoe stretcher liquid spray for leather shoes care. Having narrower size leather shoes? Here it is the best solution ever without breaking your shoes…!

What is Shoe Stretcher Spray?

As it is explained above, shoe stretch spray is a liquid spray made with special chemical substances which are save for leather shoes, even for long period of using. It is a product which is basically used for stretching leather shoes from narrow to be wider in size. There are some benefits of using shoe stretcher spray for instance, you can totally save money in case of not buying new shoes because of the unfit size. Well, not many people know that there is a wonderful magic product to resize their shoes in a short time. They often try any efforts to make the shoes be fit again to their shoes for example they use a laundry softener , rubbing alcohol, and water mixture into one and then rubbed to the shoes. Otherwise, your special leather material shoes will be damaged. Okay these are the right steps to resize leather shoes. You just need to purchase this product soon anywhere you can get it. Make sure that it is special for leather material. Well, find the original one. Clean your shoes first with soft cloth before applying this product. Spray it from two centimeters far onto the surface well, not so little or not so much. Get long wires into the shoes which are as long as your feet size so that the shoes can be stretched to the length you want. /For more information, you can purchase it also in shoe stores or online store as well. Then, wait for about fifteen until twenty minutes. To be attentive when it is still on the process to stretch the shoes, not to dry it or put it under the sunlight. Just let it dry by itself. Also, do not contaminate them with water remind that leather is sensitive or easy to be broken when it is contaminated with water. For busy people, you can also keep it that way after sprayed for a night. This shoe stretcher spray will not leave mark or spot on your shoes. After twenty minutes or more, you should clean it with soft cloth, take out the long wires inside, then try to wear the shoes. If you feel that they are not still fit, spray it again onto the surface. Some kind of leather may need more amount of spray than other kinds. So just spray it all over again until the shoes are fit your feet. To sum up, shoe stretchers spray is the best product to resize leather shoes be wider than before in short time. Also, it relaxes leather shoes, dries fast, and suitable for all leather types. The good thing is that shoe stretch spray is available in neutral color which will not affect the color of your shoes.

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