What are Elevator Shoes? Get to know more about them!


 what are elevator shoes


So what are elevator shoes? These shoes are nothing different from the other normal shoes. They basically increase the height and makes us look a lot taller than we really are. These shoes look quite similar to other normal heel shoes. A heel on the outside adds to our original height.

What is different about them?

If everything is similar, then what is so unique about elevator shoes? The interesting feature is that this type of shoes has an invisible platform inside the shoes, which makes the person wearing the shoe about 3 inches taller than his actual height.

What are elevator shoes

What are Elevator Shoes? Specially made for men

The specialty about elevator shoes is that these are made for men, sometimes even women. These shoes are made with a lot of care. The main reason being, women, can easily make themselves look taller by wearing a nice heal, but it is not the same as men. Men should make sure that they are looking like the odd one out with an abnormal height.

The elevator shoes are made differently

Such elevator shoes are made a bit differently. The sides of such shoes are increased in order to accommodate the insole. Soles are provided in many shoes stitched or loose. Usually, shoes with stitched insole are a lot more comfortable than other shoes.

What are elevator shoes

Helps to boost confidence

There are many short men who suffer from a lack of confidence. For them, these shoes are a savior. The shoe invariably adds a few inches to your height thus boosting your confidence level as well. Thus, the above facts must have answered your question –“what are elevator shoes?”

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