The wooden shoe stretcher the naturally obtained product


The wooden shoe stretcher is the special kinds of a stretcher which is purely made from the wood. The shoe stretchers of the wood are very much tough and hard. It is also durable and does not get much wear and tear. The wooden stretcher is sometimes quite costly depending upon the wood from which it is being prepared.

How wooden shoe stretcher is prepared?

The wooden stretcher for the shoes are prepared in the several techniques, and the techniques should be appropriate in order to provide the better shape size and attractive look to the shoes with which it will be attached. The procedures for the preparation of the shoe stretcher are as follows:

  • First of all the appropriate wood is selected for the development of the stretcher.
  • Then the wood is properly dressed so as to get the shine and proper flexibility out of the wood.
  • Then the polishing is done with proper coating and with required procedures.
  • It is then taken for the decoration and for the maintenance.
  • And then according to the requirement of the shoes, it is modified.

In this way the stretchers are obtained from the wood and the main drawback is that it is non-resistant to fire.


Presently the demands for the naturally obtained shoe stretchers are very much in demand across the world. Though the wooden shoe stretcher is costly, still the demand is for its utility.

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