How aluminum woman shoe stretcher can be helpful?




Aluminum woman shoe stretcher has replaced the age old wooden shoe stretcher. They have a fine finish and lasts longer than wooden shoe stretcher. They are very easy to use and are highly adjustable.aluminum woman shoe stretcher

Features of aluminum woman shoe stretcher

  • The entire body of the stretcher is made out of aluminium. They are light, very easy to carry and store.
  • They are mostly silver in colour, which looks very classy.
  • It can be used to stretch a shoe from .5 to 1 cm.
  • It can stretch the shoe in both ways that are both width and length.
  • It is seen that, when leather shoes neither are nor used for a long duration, then it tends to shrink. Crease formation also occurs in the outer body, which eventually results in degradation of the material. Aluminium shoe stretchers not only, stretches the shoes, but also, keep it in shape when not in use.
  • It generally comes in a single unit and can be used for both feet. It can be also used by both men and women.

What are the different types of aluminium shoe stretcher?

There is different shoe stretcher for a different purpose. The size can be adjustable from 36-41. The regular stretcher can increase the width. While the 2-way stretcher can increase both the length and width. They are only applicable for male leather shoes and women flat shoes. The stretcher for high boots comes with a long handle. It can adjust the length.

Thus, an aluminum woman boot stretcher can solve the problem of small shoes, crowded feet and many more.

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