Shoe and foot care are the wear to protect foot



 Shoe and foot care

Shoe and foot care are one for the other. To keep your foot in a proper care, one has to wear the shoes. The shoes are the compulsory wear that provides comfort to a person while he or she is walking or running otherwise the foot gets swollen and it may get injured at any time which is dangerous leading to a blood clot or even severe bleeding.

Purpose of shoe and foot care

There are vital purposes for the foot care and for the shoe to the foot. The purposes are innumerable, and few of these purposes are listed below:

  • The foot care and the shoe act as the vital protection between the hard and tough soil and the stone with the human skin or the fleshy part of the foot.
  • This fleshy part when to get exposed to such hard and tough rocks they tend to crack or get cut because of the body weight and the person may get a severe injury, therefore, foot care, and the shoe is very much essential.
  • Persons working in the scorching may tend to burn their feet, but the presence of the foot care and the shoe prevents such damages and allows them to work comfortable.


Today there are a number of poor people at the sides of the roads or at the footpath that is unable to afford the shoe and foot care for them are tolerating lots of pain.

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