What is the best shoes for walking? Here is the solution for you


best shoes for walkingBest shoes for walking, There are many varieties of shoes out in the market. People are confused which one to buy. Moreover, the advertisements made by the shoe companies make it more difficult. Most of the advertisements are fake they show different qualities of the shoe and make the shoe look attractive. But in real they don’t possess all the characters and qualities. People look for different shoes for a different purpose. So now it is very important to select the best shoes for the corresponding purpose. Now it has become very important to select the best walking shoes for walking out on the road.

Qualities to be considered: Best shoes for walking

You can get the best walking shoes from the market by simply searching on the internet. You can get every kind of information from the internet without asking others and falling in fake traps. The qualities that should be considered are given as follows:

  • Walking style: you must know the walking style of yours in order to buy the best shoes for walking.
  • Flexibility and support: Try out different shoes and know the flexibility. For female it will be good to select a shoe with a bit of heel and for men no heels.
  • Cushioning: you must see whether the shoe provides a good cushioning to your feet before buying any.
  • Waterproofing: the shoes must be waterproof. They must have the quality of waterproofing. Otherwise, the shoe will deteriorate very soon.
  • Shoe weight: you must select a light weighted shoe. The light weighted shoe is best for walking.

Types of shoes to be selected:

You must select the best type of shoe for your feet. There many companies which provide different types of shoes along with varieties of qualities. But some of the suggested shoes are as follows:

  • APL Techloom Pro.
  • Jordan Eclipse.
  • Nike Air Presto.
  • Adidas Pure boost 2.
  • Nike Flyknit Racer.


You must be aware of the advantages of the shoe you buy for your use. The advantages of the shoes provided above should also know as well. The shoes provided above are light weighted and are very attractive. They are also well cushioned. They are good for using in the rainy season too. Their waterproofing quality saves the feet from getting wet. Overall they are the best walking shoes.


Most of the above-provided shoes are costly to buy. They come with all the good qualities and in the same way, their price is also very high. Therefore, first of all, make a budget plan and then go for buying them. Tying lace is also a disadvantage because nowadays technology has improved to tie lace without manual work.


With the advent of new technology now there is new kind of shoes available in the market. The shoes can be used both for walking as well as running. They are equipped with advanced technology which can loosen and tighten by themselves. They even don’t use any kind of lace to tighten them. They automatically do everything on their own, and thus, they are the best shoes for walking.


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