Do you know how to stretch shoes which are too tight? We do!


 how to stretch shoes which are too tight

How to stretch shoes which are too tight? Often we end up buying the wrong size and later on regret it since it was a limited edition launch. What can be done in such situations? How to stretch shoes which are too tight for your toe? Are there any means to fit the tight shoes comfortably on you?

The good news is that your money doesn’t get wasted and you can actually make use of certain tricks right at your home to stretch the shoes and make it according to the size of your toes. The best part is that you actually don’t have to spend a single penny for stretching your tight foot-wear.

How to stretch shoes which are too tight? Wear the shoes till it fits!

The very first thing that you can execute is wearing the shoes around the shoes for hours so that your toes get used to the size and shape of the shoes. This might take two to three days to see the difference. But in case you are short of time there are other methods as well.

Using hair dryer

Put on a thick sock, wear the shoes and heat the areas that need to be stretched with the help of a hair dryer for around 30 seconds. Whether you believe it or not, but this is one method that actually shows results within minutes. You have to make sure that you are not overheating it.

Other alternatives

Stuffing the shoes with oatmeal and potatoes are also two results oriented procedures. Freezing the tight shoes is also applicable as when the water freezes the leather of the shoes also expands and thereby the tight shoes are no longer uncomfortable.

So the above mentioned are some of the ways that clearly show how to stretch boots which are too tight.

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