What is the Best Two Way Shoe Stretcher?


If you are looking for the women’s two way shoe stretcher, then you should buy the premium stretcher. There are many stretchers which are made out of beech wood and metal which gives you strong feel and feedback.  The two way stretcher is the perfect when it comes to stretching the sidewalls of your shoe. It will transform your tight shoe into a comfortable one without any extra cost.

The best two way Shoe Stretcher for Men and WoFootfitter professional two way shoe stretchermen

What is the best professional two way shoe stretcher?

There are many two way shoe stretcher which claims to have high stretching abilities but in reality those stretchers are not that effective. You have to buy a high quality two way stretcher which can be used to stretch out the front and back as well as sides of the shoes for the women. The professional quality stretchers used to have three years of warranty. The best part is that you can use the stretcher for many shoes.

The extra bunion attachment which may not fit properly in two way shoe stretcher. You may use the shoe stretching liquid to get the best result along with two way stretcher. If you don’t have any professional shoe stretching liquid, then you may use the aerosols or normal alcohol.

People use a shoe stretcher to increase the size of the shoe. The tightness of the old shoes is a common problem for women that are why you need to use the women’s two way shoe stretcher which has special tools by which you can achieve a comfortable fit for your feet. The professional shoe stretcher also has plastic pods which have a better result. It is not recommended to use the shoe expander.

What are the qualities which make a two way shoe stretcher premium?

First of all, the shoe stretcher should have premium builds such as steel and high-quality material. Apart from that, it will have durability; the professional two way stretchers are made out of high-quality plastic. There are plastic relief pads which will help you to maximise the comfort and fit. The two way stretchers for women are bit different from the normal one. These are the following qualities which define a Premium two way stretcher.

  • It should come with at least two years of warranty.
  • It can be used to stretch the width as well as the length of the shoe.
  • The vital mechanics should be constructed by using the stainless steel.
  • It should have the ability to stretch the shoes overnight.
  • It may have the nickel plated finish.
  • There must be two stretchers for left and right shoe.
  • The vital part is instruction. It should have a comprehensive instruction to operate it.

How to get relief from the pain?

You may have favourite shoes, but which are tight that is why you need a pair of shoe stretcher. It will help you to get relief from the pain which comes from the tight shoes. It is quite helpful when it comes to adjustment of the width and length to have a better fit. You have to use two way stretchers to have the desired size and relief from pain.

There is many cheap two way shoe stretcher which is quite effective too. However, the entire stretcher may not have the high build quality, but it gets the job done.  If you are going to stretch out the leather shoes, then you have to apply lots of force. You have to purchase the right equipment to get the right amount of pressure. That is why you should buy the premium two way stretchers.

The two way stretchers are made out of sturdy wood and the mechanics are made out of metal for better durability and feedback. That is why it can be very effective when it comes to reshaping the shoe. There are pressure relief pods which can be used to kill those areas where you get bunions and corns. The two way stretchers can be used in 5 to 8 size shoes without any problem.

How to buy the adjustable two way shoe stretcher?

If you are looking for an adjustable shoe stretcher, then you should buy those shoe stretchers which can be used to kill the tightness and discomfort of the shoes. There are turning knobs by which you can increase and decrease the pressure of the stretcher. The sturdy steel is very useful for applying pressure in the shoe. There are two identical stretchers which can be used to stretch out the left and right shoes respectively.

If you are searching for a long lasting comfort, then you should use the professional shoe stretcher. There are many techniques by which you can stretch the shoes, but those are not reliable. It may take more than 24 hours to stretch the leather shoes. If the shoes are made out of synthetic leather, then you may not be able to stretch that much.

How to start with the two way shoe stretcher for the first time?

If you are going to operate the two way shoe stretcher for the first time, then you should remember few things before you start. It will save your shoes as well as your time if you follow the basic things. At first, you have to insert the stretcher inside the boot then you have to increase the pressure by turning the knob slowly to avoid any damage.

There are many reasons for which the shoes used to get smaller. However, the main reason is big feet that are why you don’t feel the high comfort while wearing the shoes. You have to tolerate the pain, tightness and bunions as well as discomfort of the small shoes. You can use the shoe stretcher to get a high level of comfort even from the same shoe. It can be used to expand the width and length simultaneously.

  • The shoe stretcher is used to expand the sides of the shoes. As a result, you can wear the shoes without any pain.
  • The two way stretchers are made of wood, plastic, metal and combination of these three materials.
  • It can be used to reshape the heels.
  • There is two independent shoe stretchers.
  • It can be used for any shoes of the women.

How to buy the two way shoe stretcher?                       

When it comes to purchasing of the two way shoe stretcher, then you should look at the online as well as retail stores. There are many adjustable shoe stretchers which can be used on any shoes. You should look at the shipping and other sales policy before purchasing the stretcher. Most of the shoe stretcher can be very effective on the leather shoes while the synthetic leather shoes remain less effective.

If you want to get relief from the different types of foot problems caused by the tight shoes, then you have to use the shoe stretcher. By using a two way stretcher, you can increase the overall size of the shoes along with width and length of the shoes. It will help you to get rid of the foot related problem and small shoe. The women’s two way shoe stretcher may not have the best fit for the men.

There are many stretchers which have the versatility that means you can use the same stretcher for left and right shoes. There is cast aluminium and steel threaded metal rod along with wood construction in the complimentary corns. It is the new design which is very effective when it comes to widening the shoes with less effort. The modern stretcher is very useful when it comes to stretching any particular area.

How to use a stretcher?

At first, you have to set the stretcher inside the shoe properly then you have to lock the position. After that, you may rotate the metal rod clockwise to increase the pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease the pressure. If you want to get the best result, then you have to leave it for overnight. If you apply some professional shoe stretching spray, then there will be a maximum stretch.

The two way shoe stretcher is the outstanding product because it is very easy to use. Apart from that it also comes with adjustable head. There are two different stretchers for left and right shoes respectively. You can use the shoe for different shoes without any problem. It will not create any problem for high heel or flat shoes. After stretching the boots, it will feel much more comfortable than before.

  • It may take more than 24 hours for a permanent stretch in the shoe.
  • You can increase up to 1 inch in size by using the stretcher.
  • There are four additional pressure pods which can be used to stretch out any particular area.
  • The two way stretchers used to open two different sides that are how it applies force.
  • It can be used in shoes for men also.
  • Women can use the same up to 11 sized shoes.

How to stretch your shoes using the two way shoe stretcher?

By using the shoe stretcher, you can wear any shoes which used to have lots of problems previously. You may have a new pair of shoes which are small that is why you cannot wear the same. The two way shoe stretcher can bring a big smile on your face because it will be a new pair as soon as you use the shoe. You should follow the instructions to know the procedures of stretching.

The premium shoe stretcher comes with perfect fittings for any shoes from 5 to 10. There are three different plugs for additional press for the special area. You don’t have to go to the shoemaker for the stretching part of your old shoes. It may take few hours to stretch your old shoes. You may use the professional stretching spray which will bring the best result.

Why should you be careful at the time of stretching using the stretcher?

You have to be careful when applying pressure via the handle because too much pressure can damage the leather and stitch. You don’t have to wear the tight shoes after dipping the same into hot water when you have professional two way stretcher. You have to insert the stretcher in the shoes; then you have to set the dial for stretching. You may use the pop-in plugs to stretch the tight spots.

Things to be considered before you buy a two way shoe stretcher

There is more than one factor which needs to be considered before you by a stretcher online or offline. The stretches should be strong enough to stand against the shoes. It should have the strength to push the two sides of the shoe simultaneously for even stretching on both sides. You may consider the following qualities before you buy one for yourself.

  • It should able to handle any boot either small or big.
  • The construction should be made out of wood or other durable materials.
  • It should have two different pressure relief plugs.
  • Strong handles bars.

It may take more than a day or two days. You should leave the stretcher inside the boot to make it permanent. You may have to try the stretcher for multiple times for better result. It is always recommended not to apply too much pressure at the start because the stitches can be damaged easily that is why you should try the stretcher for a short time.

  • There is professional stretching spray along with the two way shoe stretcher which is bundled within.
  • The spray can be used to make the leather soft.
  • It is very helpful when it comes to the stretching part.
  • There are multiple pressure points in the two way stretcher.

There are many people who know the pain of blisters, bunions, corns and tight shoes that are why they have found an alternative way to wear the same shoes without such problems. By using the two way stretcher they have achieved a custom fit of their shoes. It takes gentle care of the leather that is why there are fewer chances of damage. It helps you to get extra comfort on your old shoes.

If you want to maintain the shape and size of the shoe, then you have to use the stretcher regularly. The pressure can be adjusted by using the knob on the handle. If the boots feel tight, then you have to use the stretcher again. If you want to stretch the heel shoes, then you have to use the best two way shoe stretcher.

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