Breaking In Climbing Shoes, Here Are A Few Ideas


Are you facing the issue in wearing your climbing shoes, then how about learning a few ways how to breaking in climbing shoes for enhancing great comfort? Now you might ask is it possible to get your climbing shoes stretched. Then, yes guys you have got it right. A way has been formulated out helping you with easy stretching of climbing shoes. But certainly, this will require certain things to be followed in a systematic manner. Now let’s find out what steps can be adopted for helping out with stretching of climbing shoes.

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A climbing shoe is somewhat a specialised form of footwear that has been designed especially for people to climb the rock. Typically these shoes are made closely fit such that you can feel great comfort. The sole of these climbing shoes is typically sticky and smooth with little padding. Thus using this will allow you with easy hiking. But among all this case if certainly your shoes turn out to be tight fitting, then this will trouble you throughout your way. So why to suffer your pain more and why not make use of processes that can stretch out shoes smartly.breaking in climbing shoes

Why is it necessary to stretch climbing shoes?

Often it is seen that climbing shoes generally comes in a range of closely packed shoes. But typically it may happen that they might get even tighter than they actually should be. If certainly, you are wearing this type of shoes then guys trust it you are going to face a lot of trouble. Hiking should be done when your feet’s feel relaxed and move smoothly. Wearing an extraordinary tight fitting climbing shoe will reduce your stamina.

Thus you would have to, unfortunately, adopt for an option for choosing to purchase a new shoe. Now rather than getting a new pair of shoes you could even get them stretched to your preferable size. This will save your lovable pair of shoes from being kept aside. Also, you will save your money. But for having this done, you probably require the stretching devices and other processes to be adopted.

Ways showing how to stretch climbing shoes:

  • You know that how smart you are across the toughest way of rock climbing. How could you afford any casualty just because of your foot pain being caused by the tight fitting shoes? Whatever be the condition you should be comfortable enough to move along your way smoothly. This can certainly be possible when your shoes are comfortable without any fusing. But the question is how could you get a comfortable shoe? Various ways have been put forward that could help you with easy breaking in climbing shoes.
  • Making a use of socks will help you get your shoes loosen up faster. After wearing socks, you can try out your shoes and have a watch. You will find that your shoes get perfectly fitted within your foot. This happens because of the space generated by the socks. In such a case you can even make use of any other fabric. Fabric that is capable enough to help you with stretching climbing shoes.
  • Another procedure could be making usage of blow dryers. Now you might think how could a blow dryer help you? Then do remember that blow dryers provide warm air which could be beneficial for your shoes. Next part is to allow this warm air of dryers to pass through the shoes. Performing this work for about a minute will allow the shoe areas to smartly stretch out without any trouble. In fact, this concept has been considered to be more effective at times.
  • Apart from the other two processes, you can even put the socks or other fabrics within your shoes such that they can get expanded or stretched over time. But certainly, it would happen only after you leave them for quite a longer duration. Fortunately, in some cases, it may also work faster within few minutes. After inserting, you would require twisting your shoes for better stretching.

Process for how to stretch climbing shoes:

  • The first and the foremost thing are to understand at which place your feet is facing difficulty. Which portion of your climbing shoe is troubling you with pain? Once this is recognised then, certainly it gets easier for you to move smoothly with your work. For most of the time, these shoes may not be seen with the wide ball for the foot. Whereas for some place, this may be smaller in size. Thus it requires a solution to be adopted like how to stretch climbing shoes.
  • Next is to search for a stretcher that can perform your task faster with positive results. At times many of the shops might provide you with this facility at times of purchase. But finding them at times may seem to be difficult. Certainly if in case your search turns out to be a waste then you can use rocks for stretching climbing shoes. But not all rocks can work you probably need to find a rounded rock that can easily squeeze into your shoes.
  • But allow the rock to dry up before you are using them for your shoes. As a wet rock might even make your shoes get a shrink. You can place the rock or any other stretcher inside the area where you think to be tight. Never jam your shoes inner portion to be stretched. The leather will be stretched but stretching them in excess might disturb you even more rather than resolving your issue.
  • After this stage, it is recommendable to leave those shoes along with the stretchers being inserted in them for over a longer duration. A leather shoe stretches out faster than any other material shoes. But this depends on upon the type of shoe that you need to stretch out. Usually, a normal shoe for climbing requires almost 18 to 24 hours for stretching out. So guys if you are thinking of increasing your shoe size rather than suffering its pain, then do it in just the right manner.

Once after you have attempted all your ways for stretching climbing shoes then you should try them out to see how much stretching has been done and whether that shoe fits your foot perfectly or not. If in case it lacks something then you can perfectly add them to get the original shape and pattern of your shoes for carrying them with you while moving to hiking. You should follow these procedures in a right manner to avoid any negligence.

Stretchers for you to solve how to stretch climbing shoes:

Apart from following the various natural processes for stretching out your climbing shoes, you would-would think whether there is any man-made process that can reduce your work and help you out with this stretching of the shoes. Then yes this could be done with certain fabulous products like the wooden shoe stretcher, use of a spray, etc. Now you might think how they could help being so small. Then guys let’s have a look and find out how to stretch climbing shoes.

Shoe stretchers are used basically for the width of the climbing shoes. But they seem to be incomplete without the use of a spray. A spray works faster with the shoe stretcher. Now you might raise questions that why a spray? Basically, these sprays are quite workable at the leather material as they soften them up. In fact, it makes the shoes stretchable in a better manner. So if you want a perfect fitting for climbing or hiking then using a spray is the best option for you.

Other ways that can help in stretching climbing shoes:

Methods are wide to get your shoes stretched, but it depends on upon you which process you are accepting and performing them. Even more, ways are there for you to look how to breaking in climbing shoes. Let’s have a glance and know so that you can do that for yourself.

  • The best way to get your tight fitting climbing shoes loosen up is to wear those pair of shoes frequently such that your feet’s can make them suitably fit into. Let your toes go deep inside the shoes to search for their perfect location. This will help your feet to hold on their exact position and supporting you while climbing high. This will make you feel free from pain and allow your shoes to be stretched perfectly.
  • You can even adopt a method by folding them into a ball shape and the wrap them up with a rope. You might be surprised to see them how useful this method is for your climbing shoes. Unlike other long time taking a procedure, these are the best one to use for. It will make your shoes quite closer to your size such that it fits in without any pain but is closely packed for supporting through climbing rocks and helping to make the grip.
  • Some other methods like wetting your shoes with water and wearing those shoes until they dry up. You can even make use of plastic bags contained with water. You can put them in the freezer to get turned into ice. Later this will expand your shoes length and width both from all sides. Using these techniques is recommendable as they are simpler with positive results.

Is it necessary to breaking in climbing shoes?

If this is your question whether stretching climbing shoes is necessary for you or not then guys trust it this is really needed for maintaining your feet’s comfort level. Hiking is done with great comfort especially for your feet’s as if they face pain then you won’t be able to move ahead further. Thus you require a comfort shoe that will not make you feel pain in your feet’s.

But if certainly, you possess to have shoes that are no more fitting in your feet, and then you can either throw them or just choose to purchase a new pair. But if you are thinking of getting a new pair then no need of doing so. You can stretch them out and use your own previous designed shoes which used to be your favourite at times. Finding similarly patterned shoes again is difficult thus stretching idea is a beneficial one for those people and you could be the one who can enjoy its benefits too.

Then for what are you waiting for. Let’s get started and move on to purchase a pair of climbing shoes that can support your feet closely and help you climb. A stretcher recreates the foot holds a position such that your fingers can hold the rocks smoothly while climbing. Climbing shoes are also made of rubber or some other fabric that can easily be stretched. These points are definitely going to clear your points why you should get a stretcher for stretching climbing shoes.


Climbing shoes are typically separate from other types of shoes, and thus they need special treatment too. In fact, the designing of these climbing shoes are done to fit in your feet’s perfectly. 0They feature you by supporting while climbing rocks. In order to get the perfect shape, you should choose a naturally shaped shoe. But in case if any pair of climbing shoes that are been bought are not supportable for your feet’s then, in that case, you won’t feel comfortable while walking.

Thus the use of climbing shoes is worthy for leather shoes. As leather, oriented shoes are worth to confirm your feet’s. But in case if a synthetic shoe is used to stretch then it won’t change much in its shape. So it has been well recommended to choose the best fit for your feet. If not then do make usage of stretchers that are suitably workable for your shoes and can stretch them up to the length and width which your feet’s prefer to be comfortable in.

Before you make a purchase for your shoes get to know the stretching climbing shoes that will make your feet’s feel comfortable and let you climb comfortably.

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