How to Deodorize Shoes? Making Them Smell Fresh Again?


Are your smelly shoes troubling you and your family? If so then come let’s have a glance at how to deodorize shoes with the best shoe deodorizer on the market. Now you might think what is this? Basically wearing shoes for a long time might allow your feet to produce sweat. Unfortunately, this might make your shoes weird to wear and move out in public. The smell of sweat being produced is too weird for anyone to bear. So if you don’t want yourself to be in that category then instantly make use shoe

The Best Natural Deodorizer Spray on the Market

A deodorizer is something that will help your shoes to cover up that weird smell faster. There is no need of suffering from those unwanted smell of your shoes. No more troubling yourself from washing them continuously. A perfect substitute is here for helping you out with those stinky shoes. Simply you just need to spray a shoe deodorizer in your shoes whenever you feel like they are stinking. This will not cost you more.

In fact, a brand new deodorizer has been brought in that could help you out very easily. You might be thinking what is that? So let’s find out here and see about the best shoe deodorizer that acts naturally over your shoes. Stinking of shoes is quite common in athletes rather than common people. Thus it gets quite necessary for athletes to cure this bad odor of their shoes in order to prevent any infection. For understanding, these lets have a look at this deodorizer.

The #1 Must-Have best shoe deodorizer spray:

A number of deodorizers are seen across markets that can be quite helpful for users. But all of them differ in their way of acting over your stinky shoes. Thus let’s have a look across some of those shoe sprays and find out how effective they are.

  • Natural best shoe deodorizer a foot deodorant

The major aim behind the development of this spray was to allow athletes to have stunk free shoes with natural techniques. This deodorizer contains some kind of antiperspirants and powders that can suitably act faster against the bacterial smell. This deodorizer protects your feet from any type of stinking smell and keeps them fresh without any odour. Thus the deodorant is meant for direct spray within your stinking shoes. In fact, this is ideal for athletes, runners, cyclists, etc. essential ingredients like the oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, etc. has made them reliable to use.


  • Vetro Power Footwear Protection (Shoe Spray)

In this category of shoe spray, Vetro has been another form of shoe deodorizer spray that can smartly cure stinking smell of your shoes. This has been an effective way out for your footwear in a nanotechnology format. Thus the invisible form of footwear cleaning agent with huge powers is here. Fortunately, this has been the best shoe deodorizer without any toxic matter and odour. If you apply this deodorizer spray for a single time, then you need not have to worry for about 12 to 18months.

  • Naturally Fresh, Foot Spray, Deodorant Crystal, 4 fl oz (120 ml)

Naturally, fresh foot spray has been designed for both men and women. Though the product is completely odourless but yet this turns out to be very effective in curing foot odour from your shoes. In fact, most of the cases, doctors to recommend them to athletes and others. This deodorizer spray acts as hypoallergenic and remains natural over user’s feet without leaving behind any kind of stain or reactions. So why to waste your money on some other products?

  • Set of 2 best shoe deodorizer Spray – Sweet Feet Spray

The major reason behind the development of this sweet feet spray was to cure bad feet odour easily of your shoes. This pack contains two different bottles with the variant feature. The pink one is beneficial for normal odour, but the black one would be reliable for shoes whose odour is too weird to smell. In fact, the enhancement of these sprays lasts for longer duration without any stinks. Affordable set to buy the low issue. This has been one of the easy products to work with.

Apart from all these products, even more, products exist which can be beneficial for curing even hard stinky smell without any type of extra costing. The only thing is that you certainly need to find the right one for your shoe. Though searching a perfect shoe spray for your shoe is tough but how to use them is also another point to the thought of. So now before moving on let’s find certain more ways other than sprays that can help to know how to remove those stinky smell.

How to deodorize shoes? 

Having a feat that stinks is terrible for any person. As this smell disturbs you so do to the outsiders. Unfortunately, this would bring in lots of embarrassment for you while you are in public. In fact, it may even hurdle your way by leading towards the huge social issue. Why gets your life be obstructed with these stinky smell? Get your socks rolled up and find ways out for attacking this smell. A number of ways exist that might though be costly but efficient enough for you to use. But here are a few ways that can naturally save your shoes from stinky smells.

Do it naturally with best shoe deodorizer:

  • By naturally here it means using low-cost materials for getting rid of the smell. Firstly try to look out for a reason behind this leading stinky smell. This may turn out to be any reason either for the worn outsole, insoles, etc. You can try keeping your shoes dry by putting them out in the sun. This will help you to kill those bacteria’s. Sometime insoles made of cedar wood can also prevent the smell from arising. If you are not workable with these tips then putting your shoes to the cold condition can even freshen up them.
  • If you possess to have a fabric softener, then you can even make them used for removing the stinky smell. You can place them just after using shoes so that they can cover up the rising smell by curing the moisture from rising up. Use of fresh lemon, orange peel off can also be fruitful for this freshening of smell from shoes. Lavender oil is another kind of freshening shoe method.
  • Sometimes chemicals can also be used in this act of smell removal from shoes. You can use an antibacterial powder for your shoes. Otherwise, make use of cream or lotion for your feet that might which will fight against fungal development. So all these ways are outstanding but depends on upon user what they wish to choose and make use of.

What is good for smelly shoes?

Smelly shoes are not suitable liked by all people. Thus this is a sign of negative personality. So why to waste your impression behind these smelly shoes? Thus it is good to protect from smelly shoes. But what is good for them? Basically, bacteria’s formulate where there is a lack of cleanliness. Thus regular cleaning of shoes might help you to prevent stinky smell up to a great extent. Even you can also wash your foots regularly after sweat development.

Make use of talcum powder in maximum amount for preventing your feet’s from sweating. You can also use an antibacterial soap, wearing clean socks, clean leather shoes, etc. for getting rid of these smell. Sometimes suppose even after using all these shoes remain in the same condition, then probably you can sprinkle some teaspoons of a chemical named bicarbonate in your shoe. Let the soda be sprinkled commonly across the entire shoe and leave them overnight for faster reactions of natural shoe deodorizer.

Shoe deodorizer diy:

This problem of smelly shoes has been quite long, but this certainly cannot stop people from wearing their favourite shoes. But certainly, sometimes this turns out to be a great issue. In fact, these days rise of smelly shoes has tremendously been increasing because of synthetic fabrics day by day. From now onwards no more crying for your worst smell from feet’s. The world of diy has brought in numerous ways for helping you with. Let’s have a look here and check out ways for diy.

  • In this test of how to use odor spray for shoes to deodorize shoes you can make use of organic diy shoe fresheners. Natural solutions act faster than anything else. A combination of baking soda, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, leaves from a mint tree, cotton balls, etc. are the part of natural DIY solutions.
  • Baking soda has been considered to be the faster mode of home remedy against stinky shoe smell. This happens because of baking sodas feature of absorbing odour faster.
  • Black tea can even help in refreshing your shoes. Spraying black tea in some case has proved too much more effective than any other method.

These all is definitely required for preserving shoes. Shoes play a very crucial role in human’s lifestyle and fashion. In the case of stinky smell, one cannot stand proudly and confidently within a crowd. So people are bound to follow various procedures of getting rid of the smell. The shoe deodorizer diy has been one of those steps.

You may ask, How do I deodorise my shoes?

It is common to visualise shoes sweating in shoes which lack ventilation. Thus in that case rise of smell is too common. In this environment usually the bacteria’s are prompt to grow. Unfortunately, they only produce those stinking smell after being rotten. But this certainly can be corrected if you follow the article how to deodorize shoes.

Here are possible steps narrating the same.

  • Socks are the most effective means of deodorising shoe smells. Most of the socks are absorbents which help by absorbing moisture to a great extent.
  • Never wear the same pair of shoes on a regular basis. This will increase the level of bacterial development more instead of cure them.
  • Try washing your shoes sometimes if they are washable.
  • Use a deodorizer that is found nearby you in groceries, shoe stores, pharmacies, etc. Spreading them inside the soles would reduce stinking.
  • Store the shoes in a cool place for killing bacteria’s. But if trying for leather shoes then do it carefully.
  • Put dryer sheets inside shoes for freshening your shoes.
  • Dust of charcoal can also prove effective mode of deodorizer for shoe stink.

How to deodorize leather shoes:

If you possess a leather shoe, then do remember they require a number of cares than any other shoes. Try to sue leather shoes that are breathable. Unlike synthetic material shoes, leather shoes are more sophisticated in absorbing sweat faster. Thus this will be prone to more casualties of rising stinky smell from shoes. But now the question is how to tackle them. This could be done either by adopting normal ways of stink removal or manmade ways. So let’s get to know those ways.

  • You can make another stinky material being placed outside that smells good and fresh.
  • For leather material shoes you can also use a product named Kiwi Honor Guard. After adding this, you can wrap your shoes in the wrapper and keep them away.
  • For leather shoes, Steris hoe UV Shoe Sanitizer can be sued for killing 99.9% bacteria’s that too within 45 minutes.
  • Keeping your feet’s soaked with petroleum jelly could also prevent leather shoes from stinking with the best spray deodorizer.

Summary about best shoe deodorizer:

Hopefully, all these points would be clear enough to make you realise how effective it is for your shoes to get smell free. Stinky shoes are terrible for one to wear for a longer duration. This may either cause infection or disturb others. Over the years this stinky smell shoes issues are quite common among all. So even after having a rough idea, why are you all wasting your money by thinking so far? Get started and find out your preferred way of handling stinky shoes smell from among the best shoe deodorizer sprays, methods and techniques.

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