SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Organizer


songmics bamboo 6 tier shoe rack entryway shoe shelf storage organizer ulbs26nApart from other materials at home shoe racks equally contributes towards cleanliness maintenance. It not only adds a décor to your home but turns out to be a perfect display for your shoes at your stores. A stylish shoe rack works aesthetically pleasant and quite function oriented. Here is a brand new model of SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Organizer ULBS26N for holding your shoes along with many other items like bags, baskets, etc. But basically here it is all about shoes rack that can be purchased. Before exploring let’s check what functionalities it features.

songmics bamboo 6 tier shoe rack entryway shoe shelf storage organizer ulbs26n One of the best Entryway Shoe Organizer

Main features:

  • This shoe rack from SONGMICS has been designed stunningly by bamboo that can be added décor piece to your homes.
  • Contains six tiers for easy holding of items with more spacing. Tiers are strong for your items.
  • Distance between the tiers in a vertical angle is approximately 6 ½” or rather say 16.5 cm that will not disturb your placed items.
  • Distance in between the last layer and floor is of 2 3/8” or 6cm for easy cleaning.
  • Dimension of this SONGMICS 6-Tier Shoe Rack Entryway Storage/Organizer is 108 x 67.5 x 25.8 cm along height, length and width.Tools required for assembling are added with SONGMICS.
  • Capacity varies depending upon number of people but can hold 18 to 24 adult shoes.
  • Approximate weight of the shoe rack weighs to 7.1 kg that makes it easy to move.


Keeping your shoes spread on floors seems to be quite untidy. This won’t make your character justified in front of your visitors. So why to embarrass yourself more? Why not think of purchasing a stylish and decent model shoe rack for holding your shoes. Although when you are getting an adjustable shoe rack in markets, then ignoring the opportunity could dishearten you later. Purchasing a SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Entryway Storage/Organizer allows you to enjoy with a great shoe display at home and stores with 6 tier racks. These racks are made to hold other items too like bags, toiletries, baskets, books, etc.

The 6-tier shoe rack is removable depending upon your shoe’s size. You can even separate them to create a 3-tier shoe rack. SONGMICS has been created to look slim such that you easily fit them on your doorway. Bamboo manufactured racks are strong enough to hold materials easily. It’s a good use of rack to hold plants, toiletries in your shower areas, storage shelf in your baby’s room for their baskets, a DVD rack, etc. The height of this rack won’t disrupt your other work at home so be relaxed from that point of view. In fact this shoe rack has the capability to withstand 18 to 24 pair of adult shoes at a time.


Though the product has fascinated the buyers with its outstanding style and 6 tiers rack system but yet some of the buyers felt this rack to be a bit uneasy to handle. It would be much better to use a shoe rack like SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer ULBS26N only if they could be tilt and stackable. Thus buyers prefer these types of model at times. So any type of lack in this model wouldn’t make customers happy. In fact being a bamboo material if shipping gets disturbed then simultaneously the product has to face the consequences, which would not make customers satisfy. But except this the product is definitely going to be praised by buyers as a décor for maintenance of your shoes.

Benefits of the product:

When it comes to cite some benefits then the page goes short. This high quality shoe rack with extensively high definition coloring and pretty look has attracted buyers. Keeping shoes scattered all around doesn’t makes your house look good. Thus in such a situation affording a rich standard shoe rack with 6 tier system is definitely a decoration benefit for your house. This SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer is sturdy and strong with excellent outer look. In fact purchasing them has been reasonable for you.

Manufacturers have designed these racks to be of multifunctional usage curved out from the bamboo frames. The six shelves of this shoe rack can be used to bear heavy weights and differs in vertical spacing as per the item size, which you are going to put on racks. There is no special way to follow while taking their care. Layers in this rack are removable and can be done at any time period that you desire to. Genuinely carrying of such large size rack gets a tough question at times. Here you get two handles, hollowed from inside for easy carrying. Round designs at corners protect it from scratches and are long lasting.

Customer Reviews:

Buyers genuinely praised this model of SONGMICS Bamboo 6-Tier Shoe Rack Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer to be pretty at look and easy to gather. They found this 6 tier racks to be a perfect for their small spacing at home. Some buyers even said these racks to be wobbled, but certainly this was just for wrong assistance. Buyers even said their kid, who has made their work reduced, could use these racks. Reasonable rates of shoe rack that has fit in the budgets of buyers with effective features.

Unlike previously fund racks for shoes, buyers certified this bamboo manufactured SONGMICS shoe racks to be stronger in quality and durability. In fact its capacity of holding shoes has been sufficient for good shoe racks identification. Shoe racks are always needed for your front doors to look good. Thus this classy style of shoe rack has satisfied the customers at every step of cleanliness and maintenance. So why are you wasting money on poor quality wooden shoe shelves now? This is high time for you to get this shoe rack reviewed and get to purchase them today.

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