Long Shoe Horn-No More Bending Over!



Long Shoe HornI would have gave this long shoe horn a thousand stars if amazon allowed me to. This little thing is a MUST-HAVE and a life saver if you are elderly or just had a back surgery. The handle is long enough to be use is easily while sitting or standing.

Long Shoe Horn – Great for Shoes & Boots

Last Christmas I have bought this for a relative as a gift. I already had one that I use every day, I have difficulties bending or stooping down, this allows me to get my shoes on with no problems. If needed you can sit and put them on, even when you go on vacation you can take it along in your suitcase. It is simple but sturdy.

I have also got the grabber tool kit for my dad, these are quintessential for any folks going through physical therapy or the elderly. Just the essentials. And they are made very well. It’s also great for “height-challenged” people who need a little reach in picking up things or taking items out of upper cupboards. Love this grabbing device! The kit also offers a fancy long shoe horn that is flexible and a device to help with buttoning clothes. The grabber tool joins in the middle, but does not secure with a screw or anything, in case you want to fold it and put it away, you can easily separate the two tubes and fold it in half. The grabber has grippers on them, but you can use the suction cups too.

fancy-long-shoe-horn-and-grabber-kitArthritis Aids and Back Problems Aid Tools Kit – Reacher Grabber Reaching Aid, Long Shoe Horn & Button Hook – Daily Living Dressing Aids

You will be VERY happy with this purchase, and I highly recommend this item to anyone looking, and you can’t beat the price.

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